HOWARD — Tuesday is the date of a special election which may affect the financial future of the East Knox School District.



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10 Responses to “Tuesday big for EK, voters”

  1. Maxine

    Rosie…there are currently 125 properties JUST in Howard Township with an appraised valued between $70,000 and $80,000. All information is available at Remember, a mil is based on your ASSESSED value, NOT your market value.

  2. Rosie

    Maxine: Where are those $80,000 homes located? No too many left around here. And that’s still a pretty hefty raise in taxes.

  3. Rosie

    My daughter lives in Dublin, and they are moving because they can no longer afford the outrageous property taxes to support their school system, and it’s happening everywhere. People are losing their jobs; this is not a good time to ask for a raise in taxes. The last levy raised my taxes $800 per year. Maybe Julie’s home value went down, but mine did not. With rising costs and taxes everywhere, I absolutely cannot afford any more. Everybody who wants your money says the same thing: It will only cost a few cents a day. I came from a sales background and understand breaking down a cost to its lowest common denominator to make it sound affordable.

    When my kids were in school, we DID volunteer quite heavily.

    Again, ASK THEM ABOUT THEIR BENEFITS PACKAGE. BTW, we did not see any signs posted about the levy this time. Why is that?

  4. Maxine

    Jim….See attached information on how to calculate a “mil” on your current taxed value of your home. The key is you are taxed on your ASSESSED value, not your market value!!

    1. The Knox County Auditor has an appraised value of your house. This value is very close to what your house would sell for in the current market.
    2. You only pay taxes on the ASSESSED value which is 35% of the APPRAISED value of your property.
    3. A mil is 1/10th of 1% or .001
    4. Residential homes qualify for a 12.5% reduction from the state and many senior citizens qualify for even more of a reduction under the Homestead Act.

    So if you own a home that is appraised at $100,000, you will only pay the 4.97 mils on $35,000 (assessed value). The calculation looks like this: $35,000 x .00497=173.95. Then after the 12.5% rollback ($173.95 x .125) of $21.74 the total increase in taxes for a 100,000 home is $152.21.

    If you own an $80,000 home: 80,000 x .35= $28,000 (assessed value); $28,000x .00497=$139.16 per year minus the 12.5% rollback of $17.02 for a grand total increase of $122.14 per year on a house that is appraised for $80,000.

    You can find your ASSESSED value online at, or call in to the auditor’s office and they will be able to help you find this information.

  5. Joshua Morrison

    Taken from the Public Notice section of the Mount Vernon News, on July 30

    Providing for the Emergency Requirements Tax being an Additional Tax at a rate not exceeding 4.97 mills for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to $0.497 for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for five years.

  6. Jim Lovra

    I am amazed that this paper would not check their facts before they present false information in an article dealing with such an important issue as this. Anyone who reads the actual ballot for this proposed levy will note that the language in the ballot specifically states that passage of this levy will put a cost of 49.57 cents per 100 hundred dollars in property taxes. In my limited math skills, that equates to 495.70 for a home costing 100,000 dollars. How does anyone come up with the figures mentioned in this articule? This levy is wrong on many levels, not the least of which is the false information and back door politicing that appears to be prevalent in a time when we can least afford more taxes. VOTE NO!!!

  7. Pam

    Good schools tied to home values, really Julie? Take a look at Dublin, Worthington, or New Albany, thye’ve lost home values just as everyone else has. Good schools = high home values is what I would consider to be a school district driven old wives tale! lol Please vote “no” tomorrow. Our financial well being is at stake.

  8. liberalism is a mental disorder

    I cant wait to help out my community and fellow tax payer by cancelling out someones yes vote!

  9. Julie

    I have children that attend East Knox schools and although they have their problems which hopefully will be addressed by new administration, I have to say that there is nothing elaborate about the “new campus”. EK simply built a much needed middle school which is actually very modest in comparison to some schools in other districts. What residents must remember is that the quality of the school directly affects the value of our homes. Nobody wants to buy a house in a failing school district. If you cannot afford $12.66 per month (which, let’s face it, everyone can at 42 cents per day), I am certain that you cannot afford the thousands of dollars of decline in your home value and the rise in crime for children with nothing better to do. With the last value assessment conducted by the County Auditor, most everyone’s home values went done resulting in less property tax. So, the very little that EK is asking for just to stay afloat is reasonable. The huge hurtle that EK faces is that a large percentage of resident, aka Apple Valley, have no connection to the school. Many retire to “the lake” and have no concern for the school or the children that attend there. This is the real shame. If you want less taxes, then volunteer some of your free time to helping the children and teachers at the school. There in lies the real solution to the problems. Is that not what we are all put here for? To help each other! Stop complaining and start volunteering. Our children would benefit in a huge way from the experiences of our older residence. Pour some of that in to our children and make EK the best school district in the county! You will benefit greatly, not only personally, but economically.

  10. Rosie

    EK is at it again! They banged away for YEARS to get an elaborate new campus that raised our taxes enormously. Now they need a levy to operate it? Shoulda thought of that when ya built it!

    A lot of the people who got the last tax increase don’t even live here (Apple Valley) and had absolutely no say in the decision. Contrary to popular belief, not everybody who lives out here is rich. $152 per year is way more than I can afford.

    The first thing EK will cut is services that hurt the kids‚Äìbusing, sports programs (that lead to scholarships), etc. because they know it will get the parents‚Äô attention; that’s the same as blackmail! When was the last time you heard of an administrator taking a pay cut? Also, ASK THEM ABOUT THEIR BENEFITS PACKAGE.

    When excatly DOES no mean no?