HOWARD — On Tuesday, residents in the East Knox Local School District soundly rejected a proposed property tax levy to help pay for the operation of the school district.



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14 Responses to “Voters soundly reject East Knox levy”

  1. Poz

    For the record – the teachers did take a “pay cut” as you call it. If you look at the financial reports for the district (public record) the teacher’s salaries are not the root of all evil, in fact, the percentage paid to teachers falls well below what the state recommends.

  2. Mark

    The threats have already started about raising the cost of sports. I don’t care. I don’t send my kid to school to play sports I send them there for an education. Looks to me like the schools have plenty of cash if they can continually afford to waste it on special elections. Learn how to budget like everyone else and quit using the taxpayers as an ATM. NO now and NO again in November.

  3. sky king

    The B.O.E. in this area need to understand that our properties are not ATM’s for them. Let the teacher unions take a pay cut.

  4. Julie

    I do not buy, for one minute, this complaint that people cannot afford the addition $150 – 200 per YEAR to support the schools. Just read the Apple Cider Press and read about all the trip and adventures these people can afford but they cannot afford to do for our kids what was so freely done for them and their children. Just come to Apple Valley Lake any weekend and see all the boats on the lake and people partying. The cost for one weekend of gas in the boat is all the school district is asking for. The cost of one less Pizza a month is all the district is asking for. HOW SELFISH! SHAME ON YOU! Now will you volunteer any of your free retirement time to help these kids – probably not. Too busy fishing, quilting, gardening. Oh well – when your car is stolen, your house broke into, your boat vandalized – then you got your monies worth. Thank you for telling all the kids in the EK district that they simply do not matter. They hear you loud and clear!

  5. momof3

    I have to say that this is a levy that it is a hard sell and I feel that the district made no effort to sell it at all…that disappoints me. I made a show of taking my kids with me to see me vote yes for their education and future. For all of the short sighted retired people out there…your property values just tanked. You are actually far poorer today than you were before you cast your no vote. It is very hard to sell a home in a school district that is making extereme cuts in all areas. Nobody won Tuesday night…we all come out far worse off and the children will suffer the most.

  6. EK Parent

    How sad. Do parents not realize that paying for their childrens’ sports will cost MORE than the tax??? That aside, imagine how much the little ones will hate going to school when there is no more gym, art, music etc. How about the teachers losing jobs and going on unemployment that will increase their state taxes????

  7. Fred

    I am an EK graduate, and have lived in this area my whole life. I have witnessed ups and downs in our economic times, and our school system here at East Knox. We have great kids, and great parents. We have banded together before for our school needs, and we WILL do it again! We CAN and WILL get through this! Once a Bulldog….ALWAYS a Bulldog!

  8. martha bush

    I say the people have spoken, no no no you can put it back on in November but the same struggling, financially strapped people are going to say NO again, 79% that should tell you it has no chance in hell to ever pass so you better save the money it takes to put it on the ballot. You better learn to budget the money you have cause the people no longer can afford it, we don’t have the money and will not, we don’t get raises but everything is sky high and utilities and our taxes now are way way high and we can barely make ends meet and feed our families why in the hell you think we will vote to give you money none of us have is a big fat joke, so NO NO NO how many times do we have to say it before you realize you are dead before you even try it again, NEVEr read my lips Never will we pass that levy.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Rosie

    The vote was a resounding 79% against this levy. People are out of work and struggling. My neighbor has three kids and a husband who left her for another woman. She’s working full time, trying to keep up with her bills. She does NOT go to Starbucks. She has no Internet or TV. She doesn’t subscribe to any newspapers or magazines. Where do you suggest she come up with the extra money for THIS levy when the Federal Government is getting set to raise our taxes yet again?

    T Mickley, throwing money at a school system does not make teachers any better. Either they can teach or they cannot. I’m still waiting for someone to address the benefits package at EK.

    You can put that thing on the ballot in November; we’ll be waiting for you once again to tell you we won’t just vote NO–It’s Hell No!

  10. Alumni

    Beware sheeple. The public fool system will try to fleece you again in November.

  11. T Mickley

    It is very unfortunate that the voters in our community don’t see the need to educate our children. They are only looking at the short term… is tight…. What is going to happen 20 years down the road when our children are trying to get jobs, but yet they lack the proper education and training to get the jobs? The answer for them at that time will be that it is easier for them to be granted public assistance than to try to pursue education, which, ultimately it will come back to the constituents to pay for the public assistance funding. By voting no to school levies we are telling our children that we don’t feel an education is important enough for us to invest our hard earned monies. I hear many people say that computer classes etc. are not necessary. That could not be further from the truth. It would actually be cheaper financially for children in schools to have their own lap tops with workbooks and reference materials than for schools to buy books for each type of class. Also, by using technology, the children will have the most up to date material available at their fingertips. Another argument I keep hearing is the fact that a voter’s income hasn’t went up, so why should the pay more taxes. Well, I can say I have had 5 years of a pay freeze and also had a reduction in pay iin the last 12 years, however I still believe it is important to vote yes for our kids. Instead of going to starbucks for a cup of coffee several times a week, why not save that money and put it towards our children, our future?

  12. a mother

    What I want to know is why Ohio Connections Academy (free fully-accredited online school) provided by the same public school system can offer free tickets for field trips, “Free textbooks, materials, and computer equipment (including a subsidy for Internet service) needed to participate in a dynamic online learning environment”, teachers and support staff, while our kids have to forgo ALL field trips (which usually require copay anyway), and a variety of other items and teaching and supporting staff???
    We had to buy our own laptops, pay for our own internet.

    Did anyboduy of these retired people look at the list of reductions?