MOUNT VERNON — A dog owned by Joanna Bidwell, 60, Howard, was euthanized Monday following injuries sustained after being left inside a vehicle Sunday while Bidwell shopped at a local retail store with her sister.



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17 Responses to “Dog euthanized”

  1. my2centsworth

    I see people all the time pull in to wal- mart or Kroger, yacking their mouth off on the phone.
    They jump out, still talking, while the little kids run behind trying to keep up….never noticed by mom. Its as if mom’s friend on the phone is more important!

    So just imagine how unimportant a dog would be. Its a matter of responsibility! Before you jump out to hit the sales, think about what needs to be done first. My dog, or child, am I parked right, did I steal a handicapped spot, dont forget to lock up,ect.

    This is so upsetting.
    Hopefully her AC at home w/ break down, furnace breaks this winter, AEP shuts off power(cant even use fans), & AC in car stops.
    Now thats justice!

  2. M.J.

    When I read this in the paper I was just sick to think anyone could be so selfish, thoughtless, and stupid! Obviously they have no common sense or brains. My heart went out to these two poor innocent dogs. Who I’m sure only wanted to love and be loved.
    There is no excuse for the stupidity of these two women! I just hope justice is done for the sake of the poor dogs that had to suffer, and one died. These women and this animal cruelty act needs to be reported to the US Humane Society and ASPCA so the can have this on record also, and use these two women and what they did to show what stupidly and thoughtlessness can do to poor innocent animals.
    How many times do you hear of an animal rescuing a drowsing youngest or saving a family that’s house is on fire! A dog is one of the most loyal friends you will ever find, and certainly never deserves to be treated like these two poor dogs were. Kathy Moore should have her dog taken away while the poor thing still has a chance. From the report, that they were paged 8 times and did not come out, and showed no emotion when they did come out, should be enough proof that they neither one should ever be allowed to have dogs again. I know Ohio has one of the most lenient animal cruelly laws, but I hope these two get the maximum that can be give to them. And I hope anytime anyone see an animal in a car like this, they too will please call the police right away!
    “A man’s Best Friend is his Dog”
    This cliché’ originated in the 1870 case Burden v. Hornsby in Warrensburg, Missouri, when Charles Burden’s dog Old Drum, was shot by his brother-in-law (and neighbor) Leonidas Hornsby. Burden sued for damages (and won), his lawyer’s speech included the line. “The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have is this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog.”
    Thank you, M.J.

  3. ok

    You can check the status of their case at the municipal court’s website.
    Looks like they are due in court on 8-24 at 9:30am. I hope they get the maximum punishment. It’s one thing to be stupid and irresponsible, but to completely ignore the announcements inside the store telling them there was an emergency, well that is another thing…

  4. bdub

    Shame on u people ! If it was a crime to have lack of common sence 99% of u that posted comments would be a criminal ! I’m sure these dogs we’re loved and probably better taken care of than most of your CHILDREN , while u sit @ the comp all day w/ your blackberry in one hand and your other on a keyboard . Do YOU know where your children are and what their doing? Doubt it if your in front of the comp screen all day LOL?

  5. thoughts?

    i was there when it happened, and as soon as those dogs came out of the car my heart broke for both of them. It was instant knowing that the one dog was not going to make it.when the ladys came out of the store the other people in the parking lot jsut started yelling and cussing at her and all she said was “yea i know im stupid”. What could be more important in a store when you are being paged multiple times to come out to your vehicle but never moving?And when they did come out and the other people removed the dogs from the car they both just stood there and watched other people try to save and make their dogs comfortable. They didnt even look sad or upset in the least. it wasnt until the police showed up that the one sat with the dog and started petting it. How cruel can a person be to a pet or an animal.

    I do give kudoos to all the people that did take their time and helped the animals to the best of their ability trying to make them comfortable and to cool them off. We need more people in this world that care as much as these people did. It showed alot about them. Cuz how many other people seen the dogs in the car without the windows cracked even the slightest and just walked away thinking not my problem?

    And to think that it happened on a Sunday. How many of those people that just walked away from the dogs just got out of church???? Words for thought.

  6. dog lover

    i was there and witnessed it all. they paged the woman 8 times in wal mart and she ignored it. then finally came out and was not concerned at all.. as if she was trying to kill the dogs. she should be locked in jail forever. the sight of seeing thoses

  7. Manticore

    babies can fall asleep and be forgotten, There have been all kinds of studies about people simply forgetting they’re there, for whatever various reasons. It’s a phenomenon that spans all levels of society. It’s sad it’s like this, but it happens.
    Dogs though, I’ve never had dogs that would lay down in a car and fall asleep, not while it was moving and not with a dog buddy to play with. So they had to have made the conscious decision to leave the dogs in the car. Probably with the window cracked, because that makes it all ok, right…? RIGHT?

    yea, no.

  8. Julie Leasure

    I’m so glad that someone called the police about this. I was shopping Fri morning early, wasn’t that hot yet, but humid. I had been in the store and when I came out someone had parked close enough to me that I could hear a dog barking. All 4 windows were done, but not so it could get out. I spoke to the poor dog and told it that I was sorry it was owner was so stupid not to have left him at home. I was unsure what to do, but evidently that dog made it unlike the 2 that suffered on Sunday and the one had to be put to sleep. Our animals are our family members. If it is too hot for us to sit out in a car and wait for someone, then it’s too hot for them. Use the brains that you were born with. I hope they get punished good for what they did, not just a slap on the wrist like they do with most dui and drug offenses. And Colleen…….they are not beasts. They are supposed to be your beloved pets and treated as such.

  9. Just Plain Jim

    Not so long ago, in separate incidents in southern ans southwestern Ohio, two women left their babies in their closed vehicles for a long time on a hot day.

    Two deaths.

    Zero criminal charges.

    Both had advanced degrees, but not in thermodynamics.

  10. Jeff

    The reason why we need laws and law enforcement……many are incapable of self control and/or self discipline.

  11. Carrie R

    Yes – the STUPIDITY of these women is unbelievable! And, Kathy Moore should NOT have been given her dog back. Hopefully they both learned their lessons.

  12. Tina Furnis

    Aren’t you two a little old to be so stupid?? How about we lock you in a car?

  13. lmn

    There is a website that advocates against this problem.
    When we see a dog locked in a car, we check the time, give the owner 5-10 minutes (depending on the condition of the dog or heat of the day) and then we have an announcement made in the store for the owner. When they come out, we give them a flier from this website that “explains” why they should not leave their dog in a hot car. They are never pleased to get caught but they need the info. I haven’t had to contact the police yet but I would be more than willing to do it if necessary. In the summer the KCHS should do PSA’s using local media (print./radio) reminding dog owners not to leave dogs in cars.They can get all the info they need from this website. This was a tragic outcome but thank goodness people got involved.

  14. Fred

    I would be very interested to know if these dogs were properly licensed and vaccinated. If leaving them in a hot vehicle unattended while shopping is any indication, I doubt they were. Sometimes people spend so much time worrying about what other people are doing, they don’t take care of their own business. Too bad.

  15. Karen

    I am so glad to see some action was taken on behalf of those poor dogs. How cruel to leave an animal in a car in this extreme heat! I’m heart broken to hear the one dog had to be put down. What a shame!! Makes no sense to me.

  16. Colleen Milligan

    How many times do people need to be told do not leave animals in a vehicle in the heat. These poor beasts paid the price of the stupidity of these women.