NEW CASTLE — Tensions have been rising to a high pitch recently between representatives of New Beginnings Ministries in Warsaw and the adult entertainment club The Fox Hole in New Castle.



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16 Responses to “New Castle residents say church is going too far”

  1. my2centsworth

    Sam… now go do a “you tube” on how people hide behind false religion as a cover-up. The pedophiles, the wife beaters, incest fathers, the cheaters who have “regulars” at the girlie bars, the preachers who use the parishioner’s money to fill their own pockets, & ones who use violence to get their way.

    If that church doesn’t like the strippers, they should go somewhere else. That’s what Jesus did. He fled to another location. He didn’t stay & fight.

    I never get my nose into topics like this, but………it burns me up to see people automatically believe what the church people say….. I KNOW how those people are.

  2. miriam st. jean

    hey sam

    why don’t you do an article about the men that are acting like “pigs,” rather on focussing on the women who are simply trying to make a living…………legally…………..and in a way that’s none of your, nor the kooks at that church’s business….

    just wondering

  3. Sam Stickle

    A student reporter for the Kenyon Collegian, Hannah Curran, wrote an interesting article a few years ago about the Foxhole. She provides details about what being a stripper is like for these ladies:

    I […] ask the girls how working at the Foxhole has changed their opinion of men.

    The answer is immediate and vehement. “Men are pigs!” seethes Natalia. “They don’t see anything in you but coochie and boobs. The same guys come in, asking for the same things, and I keep telling them no-it’s like they’re not thinking with their heads. We know that’s not what drives them.”

    None of the girls are presently in serious relationships, although two of them are in the midst of messy divorces.

    (See the article, “The Foxhole: Go for the pie, stay for the pole dancing.”)

  4. miriam st. jean

    sam, sam, sam, sam, sam

    The fruitcakes at the church aren’t protesting a revised code violation.

    They’re trying to impose their own “moral” (and I use the term loosely) standards on others.

    Ya’ll need to get over yourselves, worry about your own lives, and stop sticking your noses into others’.

    Good grief.

  5. Sam Stickle

    Just as a clarification to my previous comment, I do not believe that the Mount Vernon News “badgers” anyone.

  6. Jeff

    Religion has been the root of more evil, killing and bloodshed than anything else in our world. Religious people are in denial about this.

  7. my2centsworth

    Sam…….. why dont you take your camera now, & get the holy rollers in their act?
    I dont back the girls in the what they do in a bar like that,….I’m pretty sure most of them have kids, & should be at home at an hour like that.

    BUT….. on the other hand, religion has always been the back bone to wars, riots, prejudices, & opinions.

    Those self righteous hipocrites are big time troublemakers. I’m sure when the time comes, & violence breaks out, it will be initiated by the religious people, not the loose women.

  8. Sam Stickle

    Debbie Henthorn said, “The law only says that nudity must cease. It doesn’t say anything about closing the doors.”

    Actually the law does state that businesses such as the Foxhole must close at midnight.
    Ohio Revised Code states:

    “No sexually oriented business shall be or remain open for business between 12:00 midnight and 6:00 a.m. on any day, except that a sexually oriented business that holds a liquor permit pursuant to Chapter 4303. of the Revised Code may remain open until the hour specified in that permit if it does not conduct, offer, or allow sexually oriented entertainment activity in which the performers appear nude.”

    ( see )

    The Foxhole does not have a liquor permit.

    Debbie Henthorn said, “I understand that your brand of religion asks you to witness your beliefs to others and to attempt to bring them to your side. Witnessing is not the same as intimidation and badgering.”

    Regardless of what you perceive my religious beliefs to be, the Foxhole is in violation of ORC 2907.40 (b).

    I didn’t badger anyone anymore than the Mount Vernon News reporter did who wrote the story upon which we are commenting.

  9. Jacob

    You went inside, Sam? Yeah, I’ll BET you went in for documentary purposes. Likely story.

  10. Debbie Henthorn

    Sam – did you go inside to find out if, in fact, the club was breaking the law? Did you pay the cover charge, go inside the Fox Hole and see first hand what was going on? Or, did you stand outside, videotaping and assuming you knew what was going on.

    The law only says that nudity must cease. It doesn’t say anything about closing the doors. If that were so, every single bar in Ohio would close at midnight. Just because the doors are open after midnight and music is playing does not mean they are breaking the law. Unless, of course, you paid the cover charge and actually entered the club and saw them breaking the law.

    I will admit that I haven’t been to the Foxhole since the law was passed. But I will ask you, Sam – do you live in New Castle? What damage is the Foxhole – a legal business in the State of Ohio – doing to YOUR life?

    I understand that your brand of religion asks you to witness your beliefs to others and to attempt to bring them to your side. Witnessing is not the same as intimidation and badgering.

  11. Sam Stickle

    After reading several articles last week about the Foxhole, I decided to stop in at the place and see what was going on first-hand.

    I’ve posted a video on YouTube that you might be interested in: “Foxhole manager to cops: ‘I plead the fifth.’”

    Ohio Revised Code requires that “adult cabaret” businesses such as the Foxhole be closed after midnight.

    A Sheriff’s deputy asked the Foxhole manager on duty, in the early hours Saturday morning, if the place was open.

    “I plead the fifth,” the manager replied.

  12. don p

    first i would like to say religion is man made its there for good believers and fanatics like new beginnings ministries.they need to look at themselves acting like idiots. religion is there for these idiots to have something to believe in and feel like they have purpose. what it comes down to is this:: if you dont like it dont go there,if you dont like whats on tv change the channel,maybe they just need to worry about themselves a little bit more.they are so convinced that they are right even sending the wrong message to their kids is right. you nevver heard about the club before they started all this. i dont go to a strip club because its my choice and i have better ways to waste my money than to give it away to a stripper or a church. life is about choices weather right or wrong its still your choice. And religion or a specific church has no place in governing what anyone else does with their lives or bussiness.when churches need to pay taxes like every other bussiness should we start picketing churches when their pastors live in luxury because its tax free money hes spending? our society is just pathetic!

  13. M Baker

    The New Beginings Church has no business dictating to others their interpetation of what is moral, just like we have no business dictating to them our moral beliefs. Churches like this gives all religions a bad name, particularly those on the far right. Their actions cross the boundries and interfer with individual rights when they push their religious morals onto others. Our Founding Fathers created a nation founded on the principle of religious freedom for all, and dispite what the far right tries to state without providing proof or documentation, this country was not born a Christian nation. Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Constitution made that clear in his recorded letters, and in fact questioned at times whether a supreme being even existed.

    Freshman no doubt would feel right at home in this church, and I’m sure they feel he was absolutely correct in what he did and can see no wrong in his actions. It is because their narrow-minded and selfrighteous view that creates this type of behavior and interfers with the individual rights and the religious freedoms of others.

  14. jt

    the only time you hear of the fox hole is when the holy-rollers show up.
    they truly need to find something better to do. the taking pictures/ license plates online ordeal should stop too. that is how someone will get hurt. if i don’t want my picture taken i would tell you. if you persist, i’ll admit it, i’m probably breaking something of yours along with the camera. you have NO business taking anyones picture uninvited. don’t give any constitutional rights BS when you’re going to use it like blackmail. who works there or patrons the place is no-ones business except the fox holes.
    this is simple, keep your nose out of it because it isn’t your business.

  15. Rosie

    There are 9 long, country miles between these two towns. One would think New Beginnings could find a cause within their own community.

    Do they not realize that no one ever argued anyone into the Kingdom of God?