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42 Responses to “How do you feel about building a mosque near Ground Zero?”

  1. Joshua Morrison

    The offending comment has been removed and the discussion is closed.

  2. Kez

    Very good point. This topic was meant to generate religious discrimination. Not as an educational board to spark discussion. Comments are monitored? I’m sure about that….

    To me it seems that the Mount Vernon News created this topic, knowing these types of discriminatory remarks would be made about a religion other than the norm, without monitoring the comments at all.

    Comments like:
    Moslems, you folks are in MY country.
    You can feel free to protest but don’t defy this country MY ancestors created in the name of God.

    How can you state (more than twice now) on your website that comments are monitored by the editors? Shame on you Mount Vernon News. Shame on you for promoting this type of discrimination.

  3. John Q. Public

    I just wonder… if it is built and sometime in the future catches on fire, I wonder how long it will take the fire department to arrive.

  4. Just saying......

    I wonder what would happen if a “Church” were to be built in the muslim communities where “our” soldiers are dying for ‘THEIR’ freedom??????

  5. Joshua Morrison

    Decisions as to whether content violates any Posting Rule will be made by in its discretion after we have actual notice of such posting.

    To quote Pirates of the Caribbean, our posting policy “is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules.”

    A debate about religious discrimination is different than out and out religious discrimination. Discussing religious discrimination isn’t promoting religious discrimination.

    If anything this debate has provided a platform for the awareness of religious discrimination.

    Thank you for your comment and I hope this clarifies any of your concerns.

  6. pb

    I’m just curious… the posting guidelines say that no comments discriminating religion are allowed, yet it seems to me that this entire debate is about religious discrimination… I want some answer from the site admin!

  7. PEB

    Seems my2centsworth can’t come up with even one cents worth on the subject at hand. By the way the correct spelling of uh is uh not uhhh.

  8. Athiest

    tc, your comments caused more pain to me than I would feel if I were a christian opposing the mosque. This is not your God’s country. This first amendment states that we can believe what we want. It’s not your gods country. It’s not the Muslims gods country. It’s a piece of land that biased, hateful, and ungrateful people inhabit. They have as much land to build what they want on land they own as you do to build a house on any of your property. They have basic rights. I am disgusted by comments by full-of-them-self christians, and I am disgusted that this is even an issue. Long live freedom of religion… even if it appears it is long gone.

  9. Janice

    As a former New Yorker with alot of family still in New York, if they build it…. may it burn in hell. If they want to build that is fine, fine a better place. My brother-in-law is an NYC officer and had to work the mourge, no one should ever have to go threw that.

  10. Carol Contreras

    Just because the majority of us are not Muslim does not automatically make that religion “less worthy” of a place of worship or fellowship. I say they should be allowed to build it where they want. If they have the money and the desire to build, then go forward with it. People who want a Catholic Church, etc. don’t want to be told no, so why should the Muslim place not exist? Remember, the Catholic Church didn’t exactly step up and resist the Nazis when their turn in history came. So just because so many people are NOT put them all in the same barrel as those who choose to be terrorists, like the Nazis were.

  11. Kez

    Oh, and what is that, 3 blocks away? Wow, we are just fishing for stuff to make us look even more arrogant of a country now.

  12. Kez

    This entire debate is ridiculous. Freedom of Regligion. It is a foundation of our rights as Americans. There should be no if’s and’s or but’s. It is a shame Americans feel that this should not be built. I am saddened to be a part of such a narrow minded, arrogant country. For years people have said not to let the actions of few change your perceptions of a whole. All of a sudden its about a religion and everyone denies that whole idea. I’m thinking its time we start becoming the Americans that we should be. We live in a free country. Why only make it free for one religion?

  13. billy

    Let them build it as long as they are required to put runway lights on the side of it from top to bottom. That would just make it easier to find.

  14. sky king

    Bull, they have been praying in there for over a year. What about the Greek Church that just wants to rebuild its church and cant get a permit.

  15. Squirrely

    It could be considered a ‘freedom’ in this country, but it’s just poor common sense–especially hurtful to anyone who lost someone at Ground Zero. And, hurting people is not a freedom in this country.

  16. MR

    My heart swells with pride to be an American at the thought of an Islamic community center (it’s not a mosque, people….) being built so close to Ground Zero. It is so much more American to fight for our citizen’s rights for religious freedom than it is to lose American lives to protect a company’s oil interests. Building that center is America at its best.

  17. Diana

    I would ask them, ‘Why’….did they want to build there before the 9/11 attack?

  18. Jason

    I think we should let them build it and when they are all finished we should fly a plane into it and watch it crumble and burn to the ground.

  19. Heather

    I truly believe everyone has a right to their opinion. BUT, I also believe that a country has to come together at some point or time before we become a lost nation. Why can’t this building represent all AMERICAN religions? Why can’t it be a beginning place for ALL to come together and forgive? (I am not against any religion unless their belief is to kill for whatever reason). Why can’t I stand beside an Islamic American and pray silently while they do the same? How wonderful would it be for the American soldiers to come home and know their sacrifices were not for nothing? What if they found peace instead of hate. I think we concentrate on who we are offending more then who we are getting along with. If peaceful events were broadcasted like so many destructive offensive events then maybe peace would become the “IT” thing to do instead of violence. I think as a nation we need to reconsider what is important to us. How to stay free and productive, how to bring every nationality of Americans together. I have a nephew who is going to the Airforce in October. I want him to know while he is willing to give his life for peace I am willing to do whatever it takes to work with my neighbors, community and others around the world so he can come home to it. I read all the comments above and thought about how ignorant or selfish some others seemed when another didn’t agree with their comment. It’s sad that a person would be made fun of because of their spelling or belief. That is a WONDERFUL EXAMPLE that all of us Americans need to work on understanding and listening.

  20. bill

    again. many muslims died on 9/11. they worked in both towers, they were apart of the FDNY and NYPD.

    Just because an extremist group is apart of an organization doesnt mean we should lump all of the folks who belong to that organization into the same group. Just look at the christians. republicans, democrats ect ect ect….

  21. rob h

    so the islams come over and and fly planes into the world trade center and for them to do that we let them build a worship station right around the corner of the world trade center , thats like getting kicked in the teeth

  22. Brent

    I dont believe that this move is right for many reasons. Yes, we have lost thousands of american soldiers in the war on terror including one of my friends. BUT, the main reason for my belief is that we as a country remember exactly where we were that day. We watched firefighters, police, security guards and civilians die right on national TV, OUR people! Building this “worship building” near such a sacred area seems to be like an invisable slap in the face to all of FDNY, NYPD, and the families of those that were lost. The build is out of my control, al I can do is throw words on my opinion and to be honest I wouldnt be suprised if it gets built there anyway. It just shows how far this “country” has strayed away from the title of “The United States of America”, and thats sad.

  23. bob

    what is the matter with you people, everyone is from somewhere if anyone has the right to complain it would the american-indians we took everything from them and gave nothing back, we built malls in this state not far from there buriel ground where was that written in our constitution peb

  24. bill

    Our soldiers died so that ALL americans can enjoy the freedom of religion. Not just the ones that we are comfortable with. Muslim americans have been fighting along side everyone else in the middle east. Lets not cheapen their sacrifice.

  25. PHIL

    I wish all persons who think they know what is good for this country, would put as much of their effort into helping fix the problems ,facing us all,jobs,taxes,out of controle goverment spending,sending millions to other countries that we will in up fighting sometime in the future.Who made us the policeman of the world? It is time we thought more about our own than every one else that refuse to help themselves, one day in the distant future we keep giving WE are going need the help then see who steps up or on us to help.
    Maybe we should limit our politicians power to vote for their raises ,an health care, if they want to help ,take 25% pay cut from the top, an only recieve social security an what they can save to live on inretirement, maybe if they had to get along on what they have said is enough they would help in finding a health plain that is fair to all. PEPOLE are getting fed up with the crap we all want to see our GOVERNMENT return to what our forefathers came up with ,” FOR THE PEPOLE AN BY THE PEPOLE” not just the privilaged few in power. wish I could take a vacation when ever .

  26. David

    To be fair, we’ve been building ground zeros right next to mosques in Iraq since 2003.

  27. Venus Vassar

    America, the land of the free. Our soldiers couragesously gave their lives so that we the American people can hopefully enjoy the legacy of the freedom our founding Fathers established our country on.
    There is no doubt that 9/11 drastically changed the foundation of our American heritage. It was as if a professional thief stole a treasured and precious jewel from a well gaurded museum!
    What was the jewel? The TRUST that all our country was founded on was secure, and that what our founding fathers lived and died for was treasured, appreciated and protected.
    Who was the thief? Ironically, FREEDOM. The freedom that was and is continously abused. Indeed, not the freedom that our Founding Fathers proclaimed!
    I am a simple person, no political degrees or staight A’s in American History or Civics. These are just the simple thoughts of an American citizen.
    The mosque would be a constant reminder that our legacy as Americans was stolen! That all who died because of the events of 9/11, including the soliders who courageously gave thier lives and the heart beat of each family who lost a loved one was neglected, ignored and belittled. The whole Idea imparts within me such a profound empty feeling. It appears as if everything in our American History books – from the span of time our legacy of American History began to the last breath of our solider who gave his life for our freedom – was nothing but a void waste. Truthfully my heart aches at the thought of the mosque being constructed in this location. I know the heart of many Americans are hurting as mine!
    My questions now are, who is going to fight for the authentic freedom our country was founded on? How many generations will witiness the legacy of our American freedom continue to be neglected and abused?

  28. bill

    I am truly not sure why people are against this Community Center (not a mosque).

    In 5 months once the media stops pushing this story will any of us care? probably not.

    I was just in NYC last weekend and walked around ground zero. My friend and I found where this community center is being built. We both said the same thing. As a tourist you would have to go way out of your way to find it. As a local NYC resident. once it is completed you probably wouldnt know it was there unless you cared.

    Unfortunately this has become a national issue when in fact it should be a local issue. Most people in NYC dont care if this ‘Mosque” is built. It was a vocal minority that turned this into a national issue. Then fox news and the conservative midwest turned this into a political issue.

    In 5 years will you remember or care if there is a community center/mosque built around ground zero? and how does this effect our life?

    the answer to both of those questions is NO, and it doesnt.

  29. Daniel

    Tihs is jsut as bad as fcaebook, wehn popele feel teyh hvae to cirtciize and/or crocret ohtres spllenig wihle not adding any vlaue to the psot tpioc at hnad.

    I realized in an earlier post that I spelled about as “abount.” OOPs minor miskey error… get over it and stick to the post topic.

  30. my2centsworth

    PEB… uhhh…. you should also learn to spell.
    “wherever” is spelled as one word, not two.
    “therefore” is spelled as one word, not two.

    Now don’t you feel dumb?

  31. john

    Funny thing, I agree with your statement up until you turned it into a obama campaign. Look it isnt just fox news that should be included into your statement you need to add msnbc and cnn to that as well.

  32. Rose

    I agree with you. However it might be construed, not all Muslims are terrorists. Not all religious people, including Christians, obey the laws of morality and governments. There are religious wars all over the world, some don’t get press time. The media does slant the news and is more editorial than accurate. Many people don’t care what the details are, they spend more time on speculation and spins than accuracy. TV lead-ins are so sensationalized. Instead of a statement, the lead-ins are stupid questions, ex. “Will the weekend be a washout?” when weather will actually be clear. I have digressed from the topic of the article on the trade center area and possible nearby Mosque. It’s just more “not in my neighborhood”. I am a Christian. I have suffered losses, but so have others in so many ways. We’ve all had loved ones pass. I respect peoples’ losses. There is no closure (I hate that word!). However, there are many who should be honored who aren’t. I don’t forget what happened at ground zero. I don’t forget what happened to my Native American Indian ancestors either.

  33. Daniel

    In response to M. Baker abount negative reports on Sarah Palin, or for any conservative at that, just watch all the other news channels. There is only 1 news channel that the liberal media does not have their claws into and that is Fox news.

    As far as the mosque is concerned, there are many other areas in NY City where this building can be put up. But they chose Ground Zero. Why? It is like putting their flag up and saying, “Look what we have done!” What did we do when we first landed on the moon? We put up our flag as a sign of defeating the others as the first to be on the moon. This is showing that same symbolism of defeat.
    However, I believe there should be a trade off. The muslims can build their mosque at Ground Zero and allow the Jews to build a Synagogue and the Christians to build their Churches in Mecca, without violence. The day that muslims agree to that, then they can build their mosque.

  34. RickB

    First, I think the choice of location for the center is not a very good one. That said, I don’t think we can start to limit our freedoms. The extremists that promote terrorism are not true muslims, but simply thugs and criminals hiding under the cloak of religion. To start limiting the freedoms of one religion would be a victory for these criminals. We can’t afford to start losing our rights because of a relatively small group that would take any victory as vindication of their extremist propaganda.

  35. Jacob

    I have no problem with it. But please note that this community center (not a “mosque,” as you incorrectly state on here) has no funding, no architect, no engineer, and no design. It’s just an idea.

  36. PEB

    Before you can discuss whether or not Muslims have any rights. You first should learn how to spell the word. I can see by M Baker’s post. You are a hard nosed liberal. Seems to me you could care less whether this Mosque is really built where the Muslims want to put it or not. Your only concern is to bash Fox News and the Republicans. Personally I have learned not to trust either the left or right, because we have been crapped on by both sides.

    Freedom of religion gives you the right to practice your religion. No where in the constitution does it say you have a right to build a church or mosque where ever you damn well please. By letting this mosque be built near where over 3,000 people was MURDERED by RADICAL MUSLIMS is disgusting. Very few Muslims have ever came out and said what the RADICAL MUSLIMS did was wrong. And there fore one must presume that they agree with the murdering RADICALS. Even your beloved Harry Reid has spoken against putting the mosque near ground zero. Doesn’t that make him a traitor to his party? One could also say that those who support the building of this mosque near ground zero is in favor of what the Terrorists did on 9-11. Build the mosque and slap the families of those who died on that day in the face. It’s not whether or not anyone has the right to put up a mosque in this spot. It’s whether or not it’s the moral thing to do.

  37. M Baker

    Our Constitution gives all Americans the freedom of religion and these American Muslam have the same rights as we all religions. Having that freedon, we have the right to practice where we want and how we want to practice our religion. Fox News generated this even after Fox said in a broadcast in 2006 that they had no problem with it, and now suddenly they want to turn it into an issue that they can gin up for themselves to capture more viewers and use it to take the focus away from much more important issues such as the economy or job creation. What FOX has ignored to state is that these peacefull Muslams have the same religious rights as anyother religion in this country and to try to force them out is to go against our Constitution. Fox News is a far right orgaanization that severly slants the news, or leaves out news if the news doesn’t go along with their message. Next time you look at Fox, see if you ever see anything reported that is negitive of Sarah Palin or if they have reported their giving 1 million dollars to the Republican Govenors Association. Their goal is to slant the new and generate as much negitive press they can muster to counter Obama, even if what they report is not accurate. Fox is not a news organization, it is a soap box for the Republicans and to state they are “Fair and Balanced” is a joke.