MOUNT VERNON — Leadership from the Community Mental Health and Recovery Board of Licking and Knox Counties did not describe an encouraging future for mental health services in Knox County for the Knox County Commissioners on Thursday morning.



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7 Responses to “Future looks bleak for mental health services”

  1. bill

    well alumni you are usually false.

    You criticize obama for taking a family vacation. not sure how that comes into play in a local issue, but you seem hell bent on making every problem in Knox County out to be his fault.

    You have yet to offer one idea to help solve one problem that has been brought up in any of these forums. and while you are not the only one, you write constantly on this forums and consistently offer up mis information.

    You claim no party allegiance, but your rants come straight from the glenn beck playbook.

    You are unable to conceive your own thought therefore you steal becks rants and claim them as your own.

  2. Alumni

    Oh really David, you sound like the man himself. “BOO HOO, BOO HOO, you can’t criticize me or my policies or my administration or the congress. That’s not fair. I’m going to take my toys and go home”. I stated before. If my claims are false,I will print a public apology and retraction. I am waitng David.

  3. David

    I get the public forum with healthy debate, but you make “everything” out to be Obama’s fault. If a sidewalk is being replaced, you hit up Obama.

    I’d like to get into the debate kitchen, if I didn’t see a blatant misinformed attack as the first post on every discussion. Your comments seemingly taint any discussion with negativity.

  4. Alumni

    Dear David, This is called a public forum with healthy debate, compliments of the Mount Vernon News(THANK YOU MVN) It’s what makes this country great and I choose not to keep my brain suspended in fairyland about the sick priorities in our nations leadership. As the old adage goes David: If you can’t stand the heat,stay out of the kitchen.

  5. David

    What does Obama have to do with county funding? Space I can see, that he can earmark money for these programs, but you just seem to run around on this blog and post negative comments about everything. I’ve not read one positive comment from you. I can’t imagine being that pessimistic about everything.

    As for the original issue of a bleak future for mental health services, I think if they can find ways to make things more efficient and by teaming up with other mental health agencies, they can find ways of doing more. A good plan is like a good boat. It’ll weather the storm for better days.

  6. Alumni

    …..and of course cowardice,complicity and silence from our Commisioners too.

  7. Alumni

    Well Ohioans, Your Obama man and his family spent how many millions on their vacation and demopublican party junkets this summer? Got hope ? Got change we can believe in ? Got stimulis ? Got reinvestment ?
    So much for help from the silver spoon in his mouth Zack Space.
    (p.s.—I have no party affiliations. ha ha ha!)