Glenn Beck, the man behind Saturday’s rally at the site of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech, has built an empire around his own voice that grew exponentially with his move to Fox News Channel and President Barack Obama’s election to the White House.



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16 Responses to “The Beck Empire”

  1. John White


    No, liberals didn’t give us the Civil Rights Act. Liberals opposed it (including LBJ). Johnson only signed it because it would have been political suicide not to. Also, liberalism PROLONGED the Great Depression. FDR’s big-government, nanny state, big spending policies turned what should have been a only deep recession into what it became. Only the wartime economy is what brought us out of it. Remember, there was a depression in 1920. It was the unleashing of the private sector by Presidents Harding and Coolidge that brought us out of that one relatively quickly.

    As far as your question of where were these people (the Tea Partiers and Beck) when Bush was in office? They were there, standing up to President Bush once he started to “abandon free-market principles to save the free market.” Bush lowered taxes, which helped spur the economy, But then, like you said, he started spending (like a liberal) which helped start the economic downturn that President Obama is continuing.

    Liberals don’t like it much when their strawman arguments get shot down, and that’s understandable. But, just because you keep repeating that Beck and the Tea Parties didn’t stand up to George Bush doesn’t make it true. They did. It just so happens that Bush didn’t start acting like a progressive until late in his presidency, so the Tea Party movement didn’t really have time to get going until President Obama took office. And you can rest assured that had the 2008 election gone differently, they would be standing up against President McCain, as well, because John McCain is nothing more than a donkey in elephant’s clothing, a tax-and-spend, big government liberal.

    And one more thing. Deregulation is a good thing. Let the people decide what the best products and services are. You and I know a whole heck of a lot better than the folks in Washington how to run our own lives.

  2. John C. Davidson

    What we see here is some very uniformed people that don’t seem to understand what has gone on down in Washington and who made changes that essentually made it possible to allow Congress to rob the money from the SS program. Who was the first president to actually propose the civil rights act that LBJ and Byrd opposed before it became so popular, they recanted and took credit for Dwight’s proposal. There was a time when the will of the people did count in this country. Right now, neither party seems to care what the people think.

  3. liberalism is a mental disorder

    Lmao liberals like the late robert byrd? Just how many hours did he filibuster the act? The clean air act you say and just how much is that still costing or more like bankrupting companies for example Ford, Gm, and Dodge, Not to mention the almost the entire petroleum infrastructure and you cry about jobs going oversees! Medicare , social security even the post office are broke, have been broke and will always be broke. I wonder why? It couldnt be government control could it? They all are controlled by or impeded by the govenment which you so desire. Liberals have done nothing but destroy the firewalls that the founders put in place to protect the people of this great nation. You might not know what those firewalls are. Its called the constitution. The clean air act is a total fraud you have to be kidding me you really belive this crap huh. Its so stupid I shouldnt even explain it but I will because of you disadvantage ( liberalism). Incase you didnt know the major gases they want to so ” control” these days are water vapor and co2. Without water vapor it won’t rain and without Co2 no plant life will grow. If you did drop these levels a little what would that do? Would crops and trees grow slower without the food? Would rainfall be decreased? Is that common sense? The epa has become the 4th branch of the government and there is no greater threat to manufacturing in america than the epa. Do you not know that japan just went through this happy go spendy period in the 90’s and that it resulted in what they call the lost decade. NO country has ever prospered under liberalism EVER and thats a fact. Beck was 100% correct in his gathering last weekend. If he makes money in his ventures good for him . When did making money become so evil? To quote a real leader ” If it doesnt pick my pocket or break my leg then so be it.” (Thomas jefferson) This country had been degraded over time people are divided on every front imaginable and it is truly sad. We the people have failed ourselves and our founders. People have a choice of listening to him or not. “Natural law” which this country was founded upon has all but been destroyed. Edmund Burke ,John locke (natural law) and Adam Smith (free market) have been replaced by carl marx and saul alinsky. Milton friedman’s tried and true ecomomics have been replaced by the erronous ideas of John Maynard Keynes. History tells the story. How many times must we go through the same ordeals before we learn? Another jefferson quote ” the tree of liberty must be fed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike” I do belive we are overdue!

  4. bill

    Well… some may think that liberalism is a disorder. But liberals gave us the Clean water act, Clean air act, Civil Rights, social security, medicare. Liberals also saved us after the Great depression.

    What have conservatives done? they are the reasons we needed all of those things.

  5. Alumni

    Joshua, This blog is the greatest thing since sliced bread. CARRY ON!!!!

  6. liberalism is a mental disorder

    “The problem we face right now is that the government isnt spending enough” Yes it is a mental disorder people. Just one question when the bill comes for the money we owe how do we pay? I know you will want to say we will just borrow more to pay it but please dont and please dont use ” the money will be there when we need it ( social security). To all the mothers and fathers out there please keep up the fight against drugs if you get my drift.

  7. bill

    @ John White

    If you think that Obama is doing things that are “un american” like Glenn thinks. Where were you during the Bush administration? Why wasn’t there a large ground swell of people against what bush did in cutting taxes and raising spending? Bush trashed the constitution when it came to civil liberties.

    By all means all I am not saying that I agree with everything Obama is doing. But Glenn and Rush have dumbed down the conversation so far that there is now so much misinformation being spewed by tea baggers that I can not take them seriously.

    If you want the TARP money back. then fine. Remember it was passed under the Bush administration. Not the Obama administration. The reason that we are in this economic situation is because of the tax policies and deregulation of the bush,clinton and reagan era’s. (notice i am blaming clinton as well… because his continuation of the reagan deregulation allowed for the massive boom and bust of fanny mea and freddy mac)

    From the time of the great depression to 1980. there were no massive depressions, or recessions. The regulation that was put into place during that time period allowed for the longest period of growth in our nations history. From the early 1800’s through 1930 our country would see a massive boom and bust every 15-25 years. ending in the roaring 20’s and ending with the great depression.

    The problem we face right now is that the government isnt spending enough. We need to spend more. During the great depression the massive government spending wasnt enough to pull us out of the depression. it wasnt till WWII started that the massive amount of defense spending pulled us completely out of the depression. We no longer have the manufacturing infrastructure to pull of out of this recession.

    So we need to rebuild our countries roads, bridges, city grids ect ect ect. Whatever we can do to put people back to work.

    You may disagree with my ideology. thats fine. But our government is looking out for their countries best interest. (atleast they should be). where as companies look at their bottom line. If you think any of the companies care about the community as a whole you are mistaken. if you think that glenn or rush care about anything but their ratings. you are dumber than i thought.

  8. John White

    Liberal/”Progressive” memes:
    *Tea Parties are racist
    *People who disagree with President Obama only do so because he’s black
    *Fox News only gives one side of the story
    *Glenn Beck and other conservative commentators don’t really believe what they say, and only say it to make money

    The Tea Parties have nothing to do with race. Blacks, whites, browns, yellows and reds are all members of the various Tea Party groups. They encourage immigration from all parts of the world, but want people to come here legally and contribute to making America great, as LEGAL immigrants of ALL races always have. They are outraged with government intrusion in the private sector that began in the early 20th Century under Presidents Roosevelt, Wilson and Roosevelt, but recently ramped up toward the end of President BUSH’s 2nd term, and has gone farther than ever in the first year and a half of Barack Obama’s presidency. They stand against the federal government’s takeover of industry (GM and Chrysler), heath care/insurance, education (only Uncle Sam can give school loans now), and media (the proposed “fairness doctrine”). And by the way, could it be that the reason the Tea Party is about 80% white is that America is about 80% white? Seems to be an accurate cross-section of America to me.

    People disagree with President Obama because they feel he’s wrong, not because he’s black (he’s also white, but facts don’t mean anything to race-baters, and race DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING TO CONSERVATIVES). Those who stand against him do so because he embraces higher taxes for all (despite his rhetoric) and the redistribution of wealth. They oppose him because he feels the need to apologize for America to every nation he thinks we’ve wronged over the years. He believes the myth of American Imperialism, and rejects the fact of American Exceptionalism. Are there those that oppose him because of the color of his skin? Yes, but those people are on the extreme fringe and do no represent the Tea Party or conservatives. Remember, there are people that SUPPORT him only because of his color as well.

    Fox News became the first major news outlet to actually give both sides of the issues when it began broadcasting in the mid-90’s. The “mainstream” media had, for so long, only given the news through the prism of the Left, that when a network came along that gave the views of the Left AND the Right, it seemed like they were a GOP mouthpiece. Think of it like this: if you go to the gym and spend 10 minutes in the sauna at 160 degrees, when you come out into the locker room, it’s going to feel like it’s freezing, when in all actuality it’s neither hot nor cold. It’s somewhere in the middle. When Fox will have two people on to debate an issue, one is from the Left, and one is from the Right. Whereas CNN and (especially) MSNBC will generally have one from the Left, and one from not-quite-as-Left-as-the-first-person.

    Glenn Beck does indeed believe what he says. He believes that America is great, and that the color of one’s skin does not matter one bit. He believes that you and I should have the right to determine our own destiny, and that government should only exist in the limited way that the Founding Fathers set it up. Whether you agree with these principles, or whether you agree with President Obama and the Left that government is the answer to all of life’s woes, you cannot question Beck’s motives. Most of his radio affiliates nearly canceled his show (which would have cost him millions of dollars) five or six years ago when he began really speaking out again Big Government, when President Bush started abandoning his conservative principles and started spending like the proverbial drunken sailor.

    If you disagree with Beck or the Tea Parties, then don’t resort to the level of the Keith Olbermanns or Ed Schultzs or Rachel Maddows of the world by name-calling and talking down to people. Give an alternative view and try to win the debate, rather than simply denigrating those you disagree with.

  9. Jacob

    Well, Bill Clinton was born Bill Blythe, and Gerald Ford was born Leslie King. Your point?

  10. Joshua Morrison

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  11. Justin

    Dumbed down? Even discussing this faux-patriot or his babble is a sure sign of being “dumbed down”.

  12. M Baker

    Barry Soetoro is peanuts compared to what the Kock brothers contribute to their conservative causes, such as the Tea Party. Beck is nothing more than someone cashing in on the Tea Party and others by telling them what they want to hear, especially since we had a black President elected and all the racist are outraged by it. Fox News contributes to this negitive attmosphere by only giving the part of the news they want their Conservative listeners to hear, and leaving out such information as their contribution of one million dollars to the Republican Govenors Assn., or anything negitive on Palin. Their slogan of “Fair and Balanced” is just the opposite, but most of their listeners only listen to Fox and are unaware of what the other half of the story is.

  13. Alumni

    Sorry, it’s Obama, not O’bama. But wait, I’m still wrong. Is’nt it Barry Soetoro?

  14. Alumni

    All retoric, all smoke, no action. Compare the both the O’bama, Clinton, Bush, Carter, Regan, Nixon, Johnson cabinets and appointees. Read Carroll Quigleys “Tragedy and Hope”. Find out how you’re dumbed down.