COLUMBUS — The U.S. District Court on Friday ruled on motions in the civil case filed by John Freshwater and his wife, Nancy, against the Mount Vernon Board of Education, et al.



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7 Responses to “Sanctions awarded”

  1. Central OH resident

    “Freshwater will still be able to make decent money once he goes on the Christian right wing martyr circuit.”

    For every Rod Parsley who makes it big, there are dozens of Dunfees and Daubenmires who are barely scraping by …..especially in the current economy. Please believe me, Daub and Dunfee truly are just barely scraping by. They may not want you to know that, but their wives whine about it. From what I’ve seen, Freshwater has no charisma. His speaking skills, which might be good in a classroom, don’t seem to lend themselves to a public speaking career. Remember, it was Daubenmire who wrote Freshwater’s speech and pushed Freshwater out onto the stage at that first Freshwater support rally in Mount Vernon.

  2. Miriam St. Jean

    @Hieronymus Fortesque Lickspittle – you suggest Freshwater might make money on the xian martyr circuit? Have you ever seen him interviewed on television? Not a chance………….His “ace in the hole” was R. Kelley, who proved to be more of a nutcase than he is

    I do feel sorry for his wife and kids……………but him? this “lying for jesus” stuff? this arrogant fundamentalist “I’m above the laws of man” attitude? karma’s coming back to hit him where it hurts

    as for R. Kelley? I honestly don’t believe he’ll still be practicing law two years after all lawsuits have come to a conclusion – not only is he incompetent, he threw his own client under the bus numerous times to cover his own tail end…………

    I’ll just be glad when this is over, and the dust clears – without either of the desperate duo having any more influence on our community whatsoever ever again………

  3. Hieronymus Fortesque Lickspittle

    Miriam St. Jean – I hope you are right, but Freshwater will still be able to make decent money once he goes on the Christian right wing martyr circuit. Maybe he’ll be able to pay back Hamilton.

  4. Charley Horse

    Election of new school board is coming up. A true travesty of
    justice would be that a board in favor of Freshwater’s reinstatement
    with back pay be elected.
    The taxpayers have paid dearly for justice. Time for the lawsuits to be
    dropped or settled in the Board’s and victims favor.
    Question every candidate to be sure that they will NOT support Freshwater.

    Freshwater never did the job he was paid to do for 20 years and never would.
    Imagine, a science teacher brainwashing his students to distrust science.

  5. ralph

    I’m glad to see that the pressure continues to be applied from all of Freshwater’s/Hamilton’s shenanigans. It’s about time!!!!!!!!

  6. M Baker

    Yes, Miriam St. John, you have a taker. The judge’s ruling in this case makes a lot of sense. I’m glad he came to the conclusion that he did, and see it as the only reasonable ruling he could have possibly make, under the circumstances. Now, maybe Freshwater and his attorney will start playing by the rules. I do hope that Hamilton gets brought up before the Ohio Supreme Court for his actions of not obeying a court order. His excuse of not having enough time and being spread too thin was rediculous.

  7. Miriam St. Jean

    Am willing to bet that Freshwater’s Attorney is brought up before the Ohio Supreme Court Disciplinary Council for his egregious behaviors once these lawsuits reach their conclusions. Do I have any takers?