MOUNT VERNON — According to the 2009-10 school year report cards, Mount Vernon City Schools are effective, or better.



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16 Responses to “MV schools receive 'effective' grade”

  1. jason

    so why is everyone railing on the teachers? as you just stated the parents in this town suck at life. The system in which the teachers are trying to teach is broken. and yet the only people who get blamed is the teachers.

    While I know many teachers who also suck at life and should not be given the opportunity to teach sign language to a blind person, most teachers are great people trying to survive in a broken system. Remember these folks are trying to keep their jobs just like the rest of us.

  2. Alumni

    When you research the reason and history behind our progressive education system, then you will know why this is happening.

  3. JRE

    As further evidence of the complicated format:

    Danville Schools are rated “excellent”
    met 16 of 26 indicators
    performance index score of 92.3

    MVCS are rated “effective”
    met 23 of 26 indicators
    performance index score of 96.9

  4. JRE

    If you read carefully, you’ll see that the HS met 12 or 12 indicators and had an overall index score of 98.6. Despite that, they are ranked “continuous improvement” due to low income and students with disabilities not meeting the criteria of adequate yearly progress. Yet Dan Emmett had a index score of 96.1 was “excellent”.

    These rankings are more complicated than a simple pass/fail and does not translate to an A-F grading scale.

  5. miriam st. jean

    @jason – what do you do when the parents themselves don’t have high school degrees, don’t care about education, think minimum wage jobs are something to strive for and are just glad to get rid of their kids when they turn 18?

    When teachers “teach to the test” (which I find appalling), and the students only receive a rating of “effective” – we know the system is broken. I am afraid for the futures of our young people. Very, very afraid. Be it due to parental apathy, or teachers who just try to find the easiest way to hype the test scores in order to ensure federal funding.

  6. jason

    Not once on here has any of the blame been put on the parents of these kids who cant read, write or add.

    Comparing private school teaching to public school teaching is like comparing apples to oranges. They are two completely different animals.

    At the middle and high school ages teachers are only with kids for an hour a day. To blame the teachers because the kids arent studying and are playing xbox or whatever is placing the blame on the wrong person.

    while i will agree that several teachers.. well suck. and they should be replaced. it doesnt mean that we should lump all teachers into the same category.

    The problems with are educational system can not and should not be blamed only on one part of the system. Parents are no longer involved with kids, parents are pushing their kids to be the next michael jordan, Arod ect. teachers are trying to teach to a test because that is how the schools get more money.

    There is more than one problem with educational system. Until parents start doing their part, we cant expect teachers to be miracle workers for every kid that comes through the educational system.

  7. Private School Teacher

    I find It hard to belive that Mt. Vernon Schools’ teaching is “effective” when we receive junior high students from there who clearly can’t add or subtract, let alone multiply or divide. The ones we got from there last year couldn’t read. I’m sure that’s not true of all of the students, but some are overlooked. Does “no child left behind” mean that we pass them on to the next level whether they’re ready or not? I believe that sets them up for failure. We have our work cut out for us.

  8. Alumni

    Good grief! When I was a student in the MTV system, 5 out of 10(50%)was an “F”—-period. This is all administrative voodoo.

  9. Miriam St. Jean

    @ERIK – I missed it – guess I was too disgusted with the rate of “effective” to thoroughly read the entire article.


    I’m not impressed whatsoever with the “effective” rating, given that teachers “teach to the test” – because they utilize that teaching method, the rating should have been off the charts. It wasn’t.

    Everyone should be concerned.

  10. Joshua Morrison

    District report cards show the progress districts have made based on four measures of performance.
    How a district report card is determined:

    The combination of the four measures is the basis for assigning state designations to districts, buildings and community schools.
    The six designations are
    • Excellent with Distinction
    • Excellent
    • Effective
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Academic Watch
    • Academic Emergency

    To meet a test indicator for grades 3-8 and 10, at least 75% of students tested must score proficient or higher on that test. Other indicator requirements are: 11th grade Ohio Graduation Test, 85%; Attendance Rate, 93%; Graduation Rate, 90%.

  11. Alumni

    Sorry, “there” not “their” and “?” As you can see, spelling and punctuation were problems for me.

  12. Alumni

    Please,would someone out their help me with this one?
    On a school grade point scale of: 4.00 A
    3.00 B
    2.00 C
    1.00 D

    Just exactly where does “effective” fall