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8 Responses to “What did you think of the Constitution lecture series?”

  1. Thomas

    The majority of Tea Party patriots know that the deficit comes from the unconstitution and privately owned Federal Reserve Monetary system and its taxes and printing costs. The Federal Reserve System is no more part of the government than the privately owned Federal Express shipping company. I could change my name to Federal Thomas and still wouldn’t be part of the government. The constitution clearly states the no one shall coin or print our money except ourselves. Reducing taxes and reduced spending are not tea party solutions to the debt. Restoring the constitutional method of supplying currency is the answer for Tea Party patriots.

  2. Thomas

    Any lecture series that allows the general population of Mount Vernon and Knox County to become enlightened of what their rights are, is a rare occurance and should be treasured for its stark patriotic direction in a time of high treason and corruption of elected servants.

  3. Thomas

    Sorry to bust your bubble too. But most tea party patriots do not look for reduced taxes or spending as an answer for the national debt. Most tea party patriots understand that the national debt is derived from the unconstitutional, privately owned, Federal Reserve System. The Tea Party answer is to end the Federal Reserve System and restore the constitutional method of our own coining and printing of money.

  4. Kez

    I like how people look way too deep into this stuff. What is so wrong with educated lawyers speaking on these issues? Some might say the Constitution is not upheld every day, but I am pretty sure they and many others are trying their hardest to do whats best for this country. Sadly people from our small town can complain about these people not doing what should be done, but it’s the people who complain who aren’t doing anything to make this a better place. These issues are very important to every American citizen. Not too many people get the chance to go to college, or take a law course. This lecture series gives a chance to those hard working American’s to be educated. The most important thing to come out of this series is not to force a certain viewpoint on anyone, but simply to get the individual thinking about these issues.

  5. Sue Brown

    I attended every lecture and found them excellent. It was a profound relief, in this age of puffery and bluster, to have constitutional law objectively explained by certified professionals who actually know what they’re talking about.

  6. M Baker

    Sounds like a couple of cynical people commenting on the Constitution and our government. If you can give examples of what you see as wrong you might convince me and probably others of your point, but just to make broad statements doesn’t. Be specific in your statements and don’t sound like the Tea Parties who are long on complaints, but short on solutions. If we would do everything they would like, we would no longer be a country that could defend ourself from other countries or even from ourselves. Reduced taxes and reduced spending are not solutions for our national debt. One cancells out the other.

  7. jason

    sorry to burst your bubble of what you thought america was… but not much has changed. People have always looked out for their own interests. ever since john adams appointed john marshall to the supreme court in a last minute move before thomas jefferson took office. John adams tried to stack the court with judges that would benefit his political agenda.

    this has been going on for generations. and will continue, the only difference is that now we are all aware of this because of 24 hour news.

  8. John Q. Public

    I just wish that they really believed in what they were saying. In practice everyone of these attorney’s know that the Constitution is not always upheld…even though they want us to believe this. I know from practical experience that the Constitution is not always upheld. Sorry to say, but politics play a huge part in whom wins or loses. We used to be a nation of laws, no longer, now it’s about personal interests. I’m not angry, just disappointed in our attorney’s, state judges, and federal judges. They may gain financially, however, where will their grandchildren be as a result of these unjust judicial decisions?