HOWARD — "What do you want for your kids?" That's what East Knox Superintendent Matt Caputo wanted to know during the Community Conversation meeting held Thursday at East Knox Middle School, and only two parents were there to answer the question.



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9 Responses to “Two attend meeting at East Knox”

  1. josh

    This school is like our gov. give me give me give me take take take. It will not be long before u see a lot of our kids shifting to the online free schools.

  2. c'mon

    It’s not a matter of not caring. It’s a matter of being taxed to death. I’d bet your school district’s tax rate is far lower than that of East Knox’s. Trust me, it’s already sky high and out of step. Kids or not, it’s time to put the brakes on.

    As for Mr. Caputo’s sense of urgency:
    “There was a sense of urgency as the need for the levy was discussed further. Caputo said the district has already cut staff and programs. ‚ÄúWith less staff,‚Äù he said, ‚Äúpeople are all doing more.‚Äù

    High School Principal Ryan Gallwitz gave one example. He said math teacher William Humphrey teaches several periods of math classes, and also serves as the instructor for the Chinese Culture elective class. [Humphrey is certified in both math and social studies.]”

    Poor poor Principal Gallwitz, actually having to fill a whole day (like the rest of us).

  3. Maxine

    FACT: The East Knox community had MORE attendees at a meeting last year trying to “oust” our former football coach than we had attend a community meeting regarding the financial future of our school district. Wake up parents!

  4. lynn brown

    Hello! Codi When did you graduate? Getting a education is more important then socializing and sports. If the student goes to School to socialize and play sport where is that to take them when they get out into the real world. No where. They aren’t going to get a job on playing sports or socializing so who then is going to pay the taxes? Watch up and grow up.

  5. Codi

    Haha when did you graduate high school????? 30 + years ago? Grades don’t mean crap to the average high schooler. They go to socialize. Tell that to the football or basketball player who no longer has a reason to stay elligable to play. Why should he get good grades anymore? You punished him for it by taking what he loves most about school away. Sounds brilliant. There is already a drug probelm in this county. Lets add fuel to the fire by taking away what they LOVE about school and telling them here focus on studying. Bahaha. Sounds more like wishful thinking to me. Keep on dreaming honey.

  6. Codi

    Ha way to go. Only two parents showed up? That is disgusting. My son will NEVER attend East Knox. Seems like a community that does not care about the furture of their children. That or all the old people with kids out of high school need to move out of there. People paid the levys when their kids were in school. Just because everyone is broke doesn’t mean you should cut back on one of the most important expenses. A proper school experience is the foundation to a good life. All the people in that area I am going to laugh when I read the law reports and see all of you crying because your houses were broken into or your cars from all the bored high school students running wild because they dont have any extra activities to attend after school. Could you imagine and school with no football team… The halls would lack school spirit and pride. High school sports are what keep communties and people together. Take that away and what will your children have. A poor excuse for a high school education. Pathetic.

  7. hughie boggs

    arent property taxes supposed to help fund schools?and doesnt the state and federal goverments help support schools? in another part of the county wasnt the promise of lower property taxes the reason that a schools tax was passed? i dont know who it was that said “only a fool raises their own taxes” but i have to agree with them……..

  8. EK Alum

    A lot of parents don’t have any concern for the school district because the school district has always been focused on sports. You never hear about the great things FCCLA or other clubs are doing. I am glad that Mr. Caputo is trying to turn things around and I hope he succeeds. East Knox just needs a strong leader to really make things right.

    I did not know of this meeting and I think that a monthly newsletter needs to go out to really notify parents. Other school districts have weekly “Good Friday” newsletters that go out to parents to notify them of meetings, events, games, weekly student achievements that keep parents informed and show them the good things that the school is doing.

    East Knox has to remember that no one wants to help if they aren’t positively encouraged. The kids and parents need encouraged to do great things. The kids need to know they will be rewarded if they TOGETHER as a school get good grades. Happy kids, Happy parents.