Food issues should be reported to health dept.

October 7, 2010

MOUNT VERNON — We generally do not think about the safety or integrity of the food we eat whether it’s the food we buy or food we eat in restaurants. But with the thousands of meals prepared daily, especially in the fast-food restaurants, it is inevitable something will happen to shake our confidence in the safety of the food we eat.

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12 Responses to “Do you worry about food safety when you go out to eat? Why?”

  1. Worried

    I am always worried about the food in restaurants. Years ago, you could get a great meal and not have to worry about how you would feel after your meal. Now, I am always thinking about how my family is going to feel after eating all of the preservatives and chemicals they put on the food. Someone, especially after eating salad, always has a stomach ache.

  2. Diana

    We eat out at least three times a week, and have never gotten sick over the food (sometimes the prices)….90% of time we eat in Mount Vernon….if we worried, we would eat at home.

  3. Kez

    I will refuse to eat at certain places around town because I have seen things crawling out of my food. It amazes me that some restaurants do not replace utensils that are dirty to the naked eye.

  4. Kez

    I tend to worry less about what happens to the food, and more on what is actually in the food. You can not go out to eat anywhere and still eat healthy. You know you will be feeling what you eat for the rest of the week. I know too many people who work in food service who have told me so many disgusting stories. Many of the places I refuse to eat at because of what I was told. Some places I refuse to eat at solely because of the way it looks. I will never eat at Southside anymore after seeing flies crawl out of my food and onto the table. The coffee mugs and silverware don’t even look like they have ever been washed. If there’s visible coffee stains on ALL of your coffee mugs, why won’t you replace them? I would rather eat at Pigpen’s house than Southside Diner.

  5. sj2000

    went to Subway on Coshocton Ave. this week. The kid behind the counter watched a knat fly around and on the paper she was preparing my sub on and attempted to wrap my sandwich up with the bug i it…probably because she didn’t want me to see there was a bug around it to start with. Once I pointed out there was one, she proceeded to swat it away, and wrapped my sandwich up anyways. I would have preferred a new sandwich, but chances are if I got one, the knat had been landing all over whatever food was behind the counter anyways. YUCK! The bottom line is that when your paid minimum wage, you really don’t care most of the time what the person behind the counter eats, as long as you have your job and get to go home healthy yourself. My sandwich went in the trash and I ate my chips for lunch.

  6. kmd

    Have you ever seen what goes on in kitchens???? I saw first hand. Way to many nasty people preparing your food. And when you walk into a restuarant, how many workers do you meet@ the door with a cig in their hand. To me if you let your employers smoke where costomers can see them what else are they allow them to do. Think about it!

  7. ccrider

    I don’t trust restaurants at all. I have found pubic hairs as well scalp hair in my food. I have found flies in my food. Then there is the unknown. I once walked into a fast food restaurant here in town, and this employee there kept saying that he/she’s been sick. I eat at home.

  8. Karen

    I once worked as a waitress at a nice resturant in Columbus. A patron flagged me down and showed me her salad. It had a catepiller in it. I apologized, and took the salad away. The manager told me to remove the catepiller, move the salad around, put a little fresh on top and give it back to her. I refused. I dumped her salad in the trash, and opened a new bag of salad. I fixed a new salad and took it over and apologized again. The patron was someone who frequented the restaurant and brought her friends. I wanted to make sure that she was taken care of. The salad came in large bags, pre-washed so that all you have to do is put on disposable gloves and away you go. How was anyone to know that the catepillar was in the bag of lettece? I was fired for not serving the same salad back to her. My rule of thumb has always been if you would not eat it, don’t serve it to someone else.

  9. my2centsworth

    As much as I love chinese food…. I wonder what really goes on behind those closed doors.
    Almost every place that gets fined or closed is chinese restaurants.
    I havent ate at one for a LONG time.
    I’d love to, but just dont trust them.

  10. Dolores Heilman

    I wonder how well the employees wash their hands or if food is served, especially salad greens and food in cold dishes, after being dropped on the floor.