MOUNT VERNON — "Kids Count" is the theme for the series of town meetings being held by the Mount Vernon City School District to inform the community about the Nov. 2 operating levy.



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9 Responses to “School officials discuss levy at town meeting”

  1. Tim

    Levy for the kids, are you kidding me?
    Over $1,000 paid to Haschak’s out-of-town attorney to draw up a confidentiality agreement so the board would never have to tell us why they gave him a leave of absence so he could be paid$150,000 for 18 months of NOT working.
    No matter where you stand on Freshwater, paying $800,000 to out-of-town attorneys with no limit on a cost-benefit analysis (good grief, pay an in-town attorney so at least he/she buys a house and they can tax it to death – it would be a BIG house)
    Paying $30,000 – $50,000 over the recent past for out-of-town attorneys to contest each constituent who goes before the auditor to question their house valuation.
    Its not for the Kids, its for the attorneys.
    Its also not for the kids, its for the union teachers – who are overpaid compared to their fellow citizens who support them. The average teacher in Mt. Vernon makes $52,000 per year for 9 months of work and during those 9 months, he/she gets 3 weeks of paid vacation and over a week of paid, accrued, sick-time. They retire after 30 -35 years of work (at age 52 -57) with 70% – 90% of their last year’s pay – FOR LIFE, with health insurance thrown in. This is grossly out of line with the private sector and taxpayers are beginning to notice.

  2. MD

    What about the people that don’t have children in the school system? We homeschool (our choice) and I don’t use any resources from the city schools. Why do I have to continue to pay more and more for something I don’t use? We barely have $$ left at the end of the month. If they raise our taxes even more…I don’t know how my family will make it. :-( I know the city schools need more funding, but maybe they need to find another way. No…I don’t have an answer and I know pay to play isn’t popular. But I lived in Southern Ohio where many students have to pay to play sports. It was a way that the school could cut costs in one area and put it to use where it is needed more. Maybe that needs to be an option? Just a thought.

  3. jason

    Fine replace the board. but dont take away an education that these children deserve. VOTE YES!!!!!

  4. Tim

    Town meeting, ha, it was a rally for the levy, complete with a totalitarian-like use of the children, singing for the levy. Everything from that point was tainted.

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, haschack.

    Defeat the levy. Replace the board.


    Voting on a school levy is obsurd to begin with; of course people are going to vote ‘no’ when given a choice. People are too selfish to vote ‘yes’ if it doesn’t benefit them; however, someone had to vote ‘yes’ and sacrified of themselves for us to received our education.
    Doesn’t everyone benefit when our schools succeed?
    Isn’t fourteen years a long time for anyone to go without an increase in funding.
    Why wouldn’t the school use its students to promote the levy? Aren’t they the reason for the levy?
    Hell ya I’ve voting ‘yes’. What kind of future will our kids have if we don’t?

  6. rcci jonas

    I’m voting NO. Theyuse th ekids ever time they want more money. But they really help the kids

  7. Kathy

    I was at the meeting and agree about the kids singing. Those kids have no idea what it takes for their parents to keep a roof over their heads and food in their belly. I will be voting no.

  8. Jacob

    I’m voting for the levy. But hauling in elementary schools to sing a pro-levy song is kind of creepy, don’t you think? Did these kids really have any idea what they were singing?