NEWARK — Documents obtained from the Licking County Probate/Juvenile Court suggest an end to the civil rights lawsuit filed by the Dennis family against suspended Mount Vernon Middle School science teacher John Freshwater may be in sight.



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14 Responses to “Settlement signed by both parties in civil lawsuit”

  1. mabel weller

    Absolutely! Those of you hiding behind ridiculous fictional names will be found out on the ‘fictional’ day of judgement. As I have said before , I would rather live as though there is a god and find out there isn’t, than live as there is no god and find out there is. Call me whatever you like, make fun of my faith, it does not matter to me. As a matter of fact , Jesus said we would be mocked for our belief. It is a badge of honor to serve and defend him. I bid all of you farewell. It’s senseless and a waste of time to argue.

  2. mabel weller

    My sympathies are with you and all others have taken delight in the suffering of this man. P.S. payed is spelled paid and all of this hatred and bitterness is a detrimate to your health.

  3. mabel weller

    Yep, proudly so . It’s amazing to me how all of you “pots” are calling the kettle black. Kind of like the political ads on TV by the liberals. They have no achievements to run on, so they use personal attacks. They’re not working for them either. Nuff said. Ta ta!

  4. mabel weller

    I totally disagree with your “theory”. I am not going to continue in this futile debate. I do send my regrets.

  5. RBH

    Mabel, in science “theory” means a well-corroborated explanation of a class of phenomena that has been extensively tested in laboratory and field and that has passed those tests. It does not mean “guess” or “conjecture.” It’s the strongest term one can use for an explanation in science. Theories explain sets of facts. Think about the germ “theory” of disease, the heliocentric “theory” of the solar system, and the atomic “theory” of matter. That’s the sense in which evolution is a “theory.” It’s not a guess, but (contrary to what Answers in Genesis or your pastor might falsely claim) the modern theory of biological evolution is a powerfully corroborated scientific explanation of the diversity of life on earth.

  6. Hieronymus Fortesque Lickspittle

    All things good Mabel? Injecting ancient primitive superstition into a science class?? You call that good?

  7. Ralph

    Sorry Mabel Weller, John didn’t get “caught up in the middle” of anything. He brought this all on himself (with the help of bad counsel.) But, you go girl for another 60 years with your kind of thinking. Apparently you’ve made it this far with your “head in the sand.”

  8. David

    Not only is your comment cryptic but it doesn’t have much substance to add to the conversation.

    But in trying to sort out your thoughts – John Freshwater had 38 days to put on a defense in an administrative hearing.

    The actual federal case never really got off the ground.

    If you’re unhappy about how John Freshwater was treated in the media well, I don’t know what to tell you. John Freshwater ran to Fox News first. He left local media out of the dialogue. Dave Daubenmire got the media circus started so that tells you right there, how things were going to pan out.

    Most of the things published about John Freshwater were of public documentation. Anyone interviewed added credence to what was already documented as fact.

    If you’re unhappy about his treatment, talk it over with John Freshwater.

  9. M Baker

    Mirian St. Jean, I don’t think they have to pull his teaching certificate. His teaching career is probably over unless he finds to a church based school that will hire him. Even though the school board’s insurance company payed for the settlement, Freshwater payed dearly and probably is now deeply in debt. Also, the Dennis family probably wouldn’t have seen a dime from Freshwater if the courts ruled against him. I also doubt Hamilton, his attorney, made out from this case. Considering all the time he spent on this case, and the loss of other potential paying clients he would have had if it wasn’t working on this case. But, he too could have minimized his loses by explaining to Freshwater he was likely to lose the case and refused to go forward and recommended to Freshwater that he find another attorney. I just wonder how much Freshwater’s chuch and its members lost supporting him, money that could have gone to support families in need during this depression. Considering everything, the one’s who tried to press their religion on others payed in the end, but not enough in my opinion and I have no sympathy for them.

  10. mabel weller

    I wanted to reply to M Bakers last comment. She or he said they graduated over 40 years ago , etc., well I graduated over 60 years ago and we never heard of evolution being taught as factual. It still is just a theory . With the rest of her hateful and slanderous comments, it proved to me and others she or he demeans , that this boils down to politics and we conservatives are the boogy men. I’ve got news for M B, our numbers are growing because of the fiasco of her ,or his, chosen party. Poor John, got caught up in the middle of their hatred for all things good.

  11. Miriam St. Jean

    I guess they finally figured out that their “lying for jesus” strategy wasn’t working

    too bad that strategy cost the community almost a million bucks

    I hope they revoke his teaching license.


    The silver lining is that no other teacher will dare to pull the same crap Freshwater did.

  12. Charley Horse

    How about that. Freshwater intentionally harms a student and doesn’t pay a dime.
    Doesn’t even apologize. Kind of late for an apology, anyway.
    Don’t forget, he and his attorney insisted that the student he burned be identified.
    That caused some threats against the family. They moved out of town because of
    the threats, etc.