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11 Responses to “Should daylight savings time be eliminated? Why or why not?”

  1. nancy

    It should be eliminated… Only the government would cut a foot off the bottom of a blanket and sew it to the top of the blanket, and then tell us the blanket was longer!

  2. Tammy

    From my understanding back in the day, DST was to benefit the farmers. But, most families are not farming for a living any more. (Yes, I know there are alot of farm families, but not like in the earlie 1900’s) So why can’t we just leave the time alone and let it be. I see no beneficial reason for the time to be changed.

  3. Tony

    Note to the spelling and grammar wizards of the “News”: it’s Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings. This isn’t a midday Macy’s sale we’re talking about here,

  4. momma

    not sure why we need to do it at all just messes up your sleep and dont see where it benifits any kind of savings at alland it was just one week later in the fall use to be last sat in its the first sat in nov.not sure really there either what a week does.lets just leave it one way or the other stop the changes

  5. MoMo

    Daylight savings time should be eliminated. Agree with the above that it just causes confusion twice a year and really doesn’t contribute to energy savings and such. I agree with the concerns about school kids walking to school in the dark for a good share of the year. There’s been an initiative to have kids walk and bike to school for the exercise, but it doesn’t make much sense when they are walking or biking in the dark. Do away with DST and start school later in the day, such that even on the shortest day of the year, they are still walking in the light. In January, according to a sunrise calendar the sun will not rise until 7:53. My son has to be at the bus stop at 7 a.m.

  6. Kim

    For what ever reason I sleep better when we fall back. Let nature’s take its course and let our bodies adjust naturally. A few other states don’t do it and its not killing them. So I guess don’t forget to turn yuor clock back tonight..

  7. Greg

    Yes, DSL should be eliminated because it is a shell game with no real energy savings. Any daylight saved on one end of the clock is lost on the other end of the clock. Total daylight doesn’t actually change, only our sleeping patterns. More importantly, traffic accidents have been shown to increase each year when we are forced to change our clocks, because this artificial change effects sleeping patterns.

  8. mike

    Yes, It maybe nice to have an extra hour of light during summer. Bringing night time early to an already shortened time of daylight, during a dreary time of the year isn’t all that great either!

  9. Squirrely

    I definitely would like to see the end of Daylight Savings Time. Let’s just let nature take its course on the daylight, and adjust! I hate the changes twice each year!

  10. venice durbin

    It really concerns me to see small children walking to school in the dark.In this day and age we need top really be more concerned about safety than anything else. In the past we have always moved the clocks back ealrier like in October.Who made this decision to make it later in the November?We need to be smarter.