HOWARD — "We will be out of money by the end of the 2011-12 school year," East Knox superintendent Matt Caputo said at Wednesday's school board meeting.



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20 Responses to “EK schools will be out of money by 2012”

  1. JoeB

    In this economy there should be no stone throwing about ‘no’ votes for a school levy. Education of our children emcompasses more than just the 3 R’s. We, as a community, are charged with ‘educating’ our children in how to survive and thrive in this life, and that includes showing good financial sense, especially in times of crisis. Would that I could take a vaction, buy a fancy car, etc. We’d all love to have the little extras in life. And, we’d love to shower our children with them. However, they need to learn that when the basics are all that can be covered….that’s all they are going to get. Perhaps this little exercise in 3-votes-down on East Knox levies has FINALLY emphasized to the school board and administrators that we in the community mean N-O, when we vote NO!
    I am having to cut down, pare back – DO WITHOUT! It is rough, but I will survive; and, I have learned there are many extras I do not need. I will save more, spend less – and prepare for future disasters, like what we are all experiencing in one form or another with our economy. We are learning our lesson. Isn’t it time to pass this on to our children for their ‘education’ BEFORE the same thing happens to them???
    Please, if you are a parent of a student, do not blame me for my NO vote. I have to eat, too. If you are a teacher, again, do not blame me for my NO vote. I have been directly affected by downsizing in this economy. I just DON’T have any more to give!

  2. Lynn Slone

    My husband and I live on a budget and we have to live within the budget no matter what. Our retirement nor our Social Security income will get a raise in 2011. However, our health insurance premiums are going up 13% (thanks to Obamacare) and our prescription co-pays are increasing. BUT, we have to ADJUST. I fully expect the school district to do the same.

  3. Lynn Slone

    East Knox MUST cut expenses to fit their budget. We taxpayers cannot afford to pay more into the school district no matter the outcome.

    I reviewed the financial statements and spoke to the school treasurer who very kindly answered all my questions. However, the line item descriptions on the FS are so vague it is difficult to understand completely. I’m told the descriptions are mandated by OH and not EK.

    The MTV News article lists extracurricular classes and NON-MANDATORY classes will be affected because the levy failed. Why in the name of common sense have they not already been cancelled?

    Our community can afford to do only so much for the school system. Expenses must be reduced!

  4. c'mon

    How can the county tax office “easily calculate that figure”??? How would Knox Co. know exactly? Do you voluntarily send them your W2 so they can have it on file? I don’t. What access do they have to IRS info?

    If the levy campaign “did communicate that estimate to the public”, please inform us. How much?

    I agree with the original poster. 1% was just downright greedy.

  5. Chris Wolford

    I am taxpayer, property owner(East Knox District) and live on a budget, a budget that my husband and I can afford. When we run out of money or come up short we don’t run to our neighbors and ask if they can support our shortfall, because of poor management of funds, we just learn to do without and cut back even more. What made me disappointed and to vote down the tax levy this last time, is that East Knox made sure that every senior or 18 year old was registered to vote, how many of those that did register will be living and paying taxes in the school district? How many of those same students understand what a budget is and how to live on one? I am not accusing or being critical of their intelligence, but do they really know how the tax would have effected their parents income and property tax? When the levy failed in August, it was reported in the paper and right beside that same article East Knox was anxious and happy to inform the hiring of a new principal. Pay freezes for teachers, pay cuts, what do teachers think is happening to our seniors, they too are taking a cut, look what is happening to their Social Security Checks and for some this is their only means of income. So to take from that generation who did without and did live on budgets is an insult to their intelligence.
    Ms. Poz, I will not bash you or any other teacher whether it be in East Knox and you are not the only teacher that has purchased supplies out of your own pocket and won’t be the last. There are bright students in all states and counties and will continue as long as their is life, so the guilt trip not going to happen.

    East Knox Administration and Board please take a long look at your financials, and when you present them to the taxpayers you need to account for each and every penny.

  6. Mrs. Smith

    Your letter is filled with fallacies and misinformation – not to say, ignorance. But ignoring all that, let me focus on one easily answered question: “Do you really know how much 1% of each person’s income adds up to?” Yes, the county tax office can easily calculate that figure, and the levy campaign did communicate that estimate to the public. Pay attention to people who know what they are talking about – and ignore the ranters who know nothing!

  7. EK parent

    I cannot speak for the average home-schooled child, but the online schools are a different story, for example:

    “- Hardware and Connectivity
    … Ohio Connections Academy families will also receive the following:
    One desktop computer and monitor per student
    One color printer per household: The HP Color Deskjet printer comes with one ink cartridge…
    Subsidy for Internet service: Each eligible household will receive $50.85 while actively enrolled at the time of disbursement….”

    We had to buy used or refurbished computers, the amount and type of homework simply requires nowadays to have a PC at home.

    “…OCA conducts dozens of field trips each year that bring classroom lessons to life …
    We provide all-school trips that allow families with multiple students enrolled to participate as a family group…”

    EK already cancelled ALL field trips!

    Look it up online, it is all detailed. I wonder where all that money comes from!!!???

    also, public schools are required by law to provide and pay for certain services, that private schools do not have to bother with, e.g. handicapped children or certain social services.

    Good schools are a long term investment into our future, if we do not have good schools and good students long term, we will all have to pay for it. Our whole country will eventuyally suffer from it.
    The better the education of these children, the better their incomes to pay for YOUR retirement!!!

  8. Julie

    well Poz,
    No one doubts you’re a good teacher. But if you have to pay for something out of your pocket, hold a fund raiser or deduct it on your taxes as a business expense.

    What everyone does know is East Knox wastes money.

    Why is there a large flat screen tv in the middle school hallway? Also is the air conditioning still running in the middle school because no one knows how to turn it off??? Is the school district still paying a company $8000 – 12000 dollars to take pictures of school equipment for the insurance company? These types of expenses add up and are wasteful and I haven’t even scratched the surface.

    If my electric bill is too high in the summer, I turn off my air conditioner. I don’t keep running it and then turn to my employers and tell them I need more money.

    EK lost the income tax levy because they asked for WAY TOO much money. Do you really know how much 1% of each persons income adds up to? Neither does East Knox!!! It’s a whole lot of money. More money than the school needs. More money for the school to waste.

    John Marschhausen got his new middle school built. He said there would be plenty of money to build and operate the school. Now we all know he lied. And not only did he lie, he bailed out on East Knox and went to another district.

    I will NEVER vote yes on an East Knox school levy.

    No amount of money will make the kids learn any faster or better. Home schooled children have NOTHING. No fancy gym, no fancy football field, no big screen tv in the hallway scrolling the announcements, and they are all smarter than children who attend public school.

    Everyone needs to search Youtube for the documentary called “Stupid in America” and watch it.
    It’s an eye opener. It gives plenty of examples of how schools waste money.

  9. Crystal

    Does EK have ‘pay to play’? Maybe all extracurriculars should have a fee attached. I know it’s not fair to kids from lower income families, but that is how Mount Vernon has done things for years.Tax payer money should be spent on quality education and building upkeep (though with new buildings there shouldnt be too much to worry about). I have a feeling Danville and East Knox will have to merge sometime in the future just to keep doors open.

  10. RebeccaCook

    I love how we can all complain and blame yet, when given the opportunity, the community shut the school down and told the kids “NO we don’t care enough about you.” So many kids were hurt by how the voters voted. Tons of the students wrote on facebook how they literally felt neglected by their community and are scared for their education.

    East Knox did not serve me well at my time spent there, BUT, with a new superintendent East Knox is trying to make a HUGE change for the better. If you want change and you want things to be better, you have to make an effort instead of sitting on your computer and crying about it.

    All in all, lets try to build the community up instead of tear it down.

  11. Poz

    An elementary classroom would need a sound amplifier because there may be a student with profound hearing loss. I teach at the high school and we have portable systems that we share for our hearing disabled students.

    Our cuts have been deep, and our students are going to suffer. Colleges are going to wonder why our kids are not participating in National Honor Society, or Quiz Bowl, or other academic extra curricular activities. Students are going to be overlooked for scholarships because of lack of opportunities, if you don’t believe me, speak to our counselor. We have lost students because we cannot offer the academics they need.

    I would welcome any of you into my classroom. I teach history, and my textbooks were published when Bill Clinton was president. In two years, the books will be older than my students. I was named a Master Teacher by the State of Ohio in 2009 (EK has three of 3,000 in the state!), have my masters and have taught for more than 10 years, and make thousands less than other teachers in the state. I buy my own supplies for my classroom and provide notebooks and school supplies to my students throughout the year, all out of my own pocket. The EK teachers have taken a pay freeze for the last two years, and I, along with many of my fellow teachers, took a pay cut this year.

    Please do not bash me, come and talk to me, sit through a class and see what it is that we do. I love my job, and my students. EK has some of the brightest and best students in, not only Knox County, but the state. My former students are fighting on the battle field, teaching in classrooms, becoming doctors, engineers and raising children. I have former students who still talk about lessons and activities that we did, and college kids who email me and let me know that they are using the material I taught them. I have cried at their funerals and held their newborns.

    If you want to learn some history, enjoy a day with some wonderful kids and get to know me, call our office and let them know that “Poz” has invited you to her class.

  12. bob

    i dont care we all have money problems thanks to george w bush maybe he can help with the money from his dumb book

  13. wehi

    Whine! Whine!

    CUT, CUT and Cut just like we do. We don’t make the money the school officals do or have the benefits.
    Yea Jacob pass the income tax like Danville and see what happens to your home values.
    Ask anyone that lives in Danville what happen to their home value because of the income tax.
    Cut sports andany other extra cut wages and benefits and see how much money the School would have.

  14. maddie

    Excuse me! How do you justify taking more money from only those who have jobs to fund the school? This kind of BS has got to STOP. I am sick and tired of carrying everyone in society on my back. BTW cutting one million in two years is not drastic cuts. The district reports that so the people who do not realize what a small percentage of EKs budget one million is will think they’d better give them more money to help out. All school districts need to face the fact that the entire world is hanging on by a thread. THERE IS NO MONEY!! I hope Kasisch doe make the changes to schools he’s talking about, they need someone to take a tough stance on their money wasting ways.

  15. Jacob

    Learn B4, reread my post. Did I blame John Kasich for the current problem anywhere in my post? No. I was, however, pointing out that if things are bad for East Knox now, wait until Kasich scraps Stickland’s school funding model. Strickland’s model addressed inequities in the school funding system, and scrapping it will require an even greater share of the burden for funding school districts to be placed on local property owners. Just wait.

  16. Sue Brown


    I’ll keep an open mind.

    Somebody explain to me why an elementary classroom needs a P.A. system (last paragraph).

  17. Learn B4U gripe

    I don’t understand how you can blame John Kasich for EK’s funding dilema. He isn’t even in control yet and EK has been in financial trouble for a couple years according to the time they’ve been asking for more money. They should persue the income tax funding that they tried the time before last and keep pursuing it until they actually win because that is the most fair way to fund the school, NOT by trying to raise all their money on property taxes and make our taxes so high that we cannot afford to keep our homes. There are too many of us stuck on fixed incomes without any hope of making anymore money. The school may need the money, but you cannot keep getting it from people that simply DON’T have anymore to give anyone. We live in a modest house, drive one OLD car, cannot afford vacations, don’t smoke or drink….can’t afford to, and basically just barely exist. Please pursue the income tax for funding EK schools!!

  18. Jacob

    Is this before or after the draconian cuts to come from worst governor-to-be John Kasich?