MOUNT VERNON — Knox County Sheriff David Barber talked to the media this afternoon, requesting continued help from the community to fill in the timeline of the activities which unfolded last Wednesday when 13-year-old Sarah Maynard was abducted from her Apple Valley home.



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7 Responses to “New information added into missing persons timeline”

  1. NYC Guy

    I hate to say this but the least desired ending is probably going to be the outcome here. That said, I hope there is at least closure for the families. It makes me think of little Somer Thompson and how close she came to never being found, were it not for a quick thinking detective. I hope law enforcement checked landfills and trash receptacles while they still had a chance.

  2. a friend of the missing

    The 3 vehicles are not missing, they are being examined.
    The sheriff has asked for any tips whether anybody had seen these vehicles last week and if, where!!!

  3. SE

    Since when are there 3 missing vehicles? I didn’t think they were looking for any vehicles – they were looking for the missing people. They just found those vehicles during the search and investigated them to make sure they weren’t connected to this case in any way.

  4. Gracie Hudgins

    There are 3 missing vehicles. It is my understanding the neighbor was a friend of this guy and his girlfriend and her child. She pulled back after he choked his girlfriend. I really do think he could have been that stupid to be hanging out so close to the crime scene. People who commit these sort of crimes are known to revisit the scene. There is something definitely wrong with him.

  5. christy

    I live out of state now so when I was watching my local 11pm news and hear>>>>>>>>>>Ohio>>>Knox County>>>>Mt. Vernon>>>and this story.. I’m a little taken back because I grew up around there..It still hits close to home in my heart.

    I know everything possible is being done to find those who are missing…thank you to the Knox County Sheriff’s Dept and to all involved… it seems like it’s taking a long time, but there is a lot of country out there to cover..”Someone” needs to confess where, what and why. I, as a mother and a grandmother could not bear the thought of losing a child or grandchild..therefore, .I thank God that Sarah is safe, I pray for her, her brother, her mother, Stefanie..and for all of their families and friends . . All of this is so senseless, who does this to other people….I don’t understand the thought process that makes a person do things so horrific..It’s a very selfish act. Whatever the punishment is for the guilty will remove a psycho from the streets ..but it won’t make everything better or bring back the past and make things normal again..only time can heal hearts after those responsible are brought to justice.

  6. thughunter

    it seems to me that hoffman was waiting by her truck to make sure it was found to throw the investigation off from where the three missing bodies really are!. he cant be that stupid to hang out close by the crime scene. i feel he has planted things around that area to throw them off!. the dogs have picked up nothing!.

    why were they looking for a car in foundation park ?, is there a missing vehicle?, if so why not check out smalls sand and gravel pits in howard, oh., as well as the apple valley lake?., if not why not look for a empty house in the area of the abductions?.

    i know stefanie sprang and she was a good person and when i see the little boys face along with his mother it upsets me so bad i cant sleep at night wondering where they could be!. i feel when a person such as hoffman has been caught with the daughter, has lost all his rights and should be injected with something that would make him speak the truth!.

    dont hate your neighbor get to know them and look out for each other!, with all the sick minded people out there anymore it pays to watch out for each other!.

    PRAYRING, there found alive, and for the grief the families are going thru.