One week after Tina Herrmann’s vehicle was found outside Gambier, the bodies of Herrmann, 32, her 11-year-old son, Kody Maynard and friend, Stephanie Sprang, 41, were found today near Kokosing Reservoir, Knox County Sheriff David Barber confirmed this evening just after 5 p.m.



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19 Responses to “Bodies recovered”

  1. mom of 6

    i feel sad for the family and friends of those who have been taken from them for sarah and her family stay close she will need u now more than never she needs all the support she can get hope she is well and doin good and the family helps her put him away for a long time or he gets death i pray and think of her everday

  2. my2centsworth

    But on the other hand, he might fare very well in prison. The place is full of his kind..other killers, nuts of all kinds, not fit to be in the public population. He will make new friends who see things his way, many who have dismembered bodies also, & view good moral people as the crazies. When tensions run high, they all fight each other with handmade prison weapons.
    In the prison system, the worse criminals are looked up to instead of down. The little scared ones might even come to him for protection because he has already earned his reputation of being violent.
    I really hate this whole terrible situation! All mt vernon does though. Even though we see these things on news everyday, its very upsetting when it happens right here in our own backyards.Then it becomes a reality.

  3. Jean

    This is horrible. I am sure this guy won’t make it long in jail or prison. Remember Jeffrey Dahmer?

  4. Uncle Sam

    What becomes of this scumbag is pretty much going to take him out of the population — dead or alive — forever. He is a sociopath IMHO. He can’t feel remorse and therefore, is immune to punishment. No amount of justice will bring back those we have lost as a community.

    Our focus as a community needs to be Sarah and her family and friends.

    God bless us all.

  5. Joshua Morrison

    Benefit accounts set up for families
    Benefit accounts have been set up for families of Tina Herrmann, Sarah Maynard, Kody Maynard and Stephanie Sprang.

    Community members wishing to contribute to these funds can do so at the following financial institutions:

    Killbuck Savings Bank — both families.

    Woodforest National Bank — Sprang and her kids.

    Fifth Third Bank — Maynard children.

  6. Pete St.Jean

    Has any local bank or whatever started a FUND to contribute to the welfare and education of poor little Sarah? We all need to help her and those caring for her with finances as well as continued prayers.

  7. Jessica

    This whole thing has me scared! I am afraid to let my kids walk to school (across the street)…I always knew there were a lot of very sick troubled people in this world but WOW! to hit so close to home. I am not sure if Sarah will ever recover and be normal again! We dont even know all the details and what he did to her…I am thinking about homeschooling my kids now. I want them as close to me as possible! I also am getting more locks and alarms…How sad it is when we cant trust our own neighbors?

  8. Larry

    When a person is convicted of murder, they must forfeit their life, and I don’t mean a lifetime in prison either. Any thing else would be less then just and it must be done expediently, for the sake of the families involved, the safety of the public, and to put fear in the hearts of others who might be tempted to commit the same crime. I am disgusted with judges and lawmakers who have a warped sense of justice and think it beneath themselves to execute a murderer, when in fact, it is their God-given responsibility to do so and to do so speedily, not 10-20 years after the fact. The criminal did not spare the life of the victim and so neither should their life be spared. We cannot understand the depths of human depravity but we must deal with it’s sickening actions with much courage!

  9. Griffith

    This is the saddest thing that i think has happened since my five years of living in the knox county. Sarah is a brave little girl and i feel horrible that she has to live without her mother and her little brother. Not only that, but he did it with her right there. He’s a very cold hearted and mean person. I could never imagin waking up without my mother or brothers. He deserves the worst and he should suffer so hes put threw the pain that the families and Sarah are going threw. Sarah is my hero because she kept fighting and was brave. Such a sad loss. My prayers and thoughts are with Sarah and everyone going threw the heart ache of this tragic ending.

  10. jj

    His real punishment will come after death, He will get whats coming to him when he gets to Gods court, Meanwhile he will be someones boytoy in prison

  11. Doug Jacobs

    my family and wish to extend our heart felt condolences to Sarah and her family may Kody Tina and Stephanie rest in peace and young Sarah be able to have closure and be able to move on and have some sort of a normal life with all she had to endure. this tragedy as sad as it is has pulled our community together and now we need to not let our guards down and take care of eachother and keep our community safe from further tradgedies like this. we all never thought that these kinds of things happen to small tight knit communities like ours but sadly it does so please everyone be aware of your surrounding and make sure this doesnt happen again and thanks to all that helped in the search and the law enforcement and agencies that put all their time effort and lives on hold to try to find these people and may God Bless all of you

  12. Barb

    What a horrible tragedy! It makes my skin crawl! Instead of a suicide vest,now that they have been found,the jailer needs to give him a rope and stool to play with!

  13. northeast_ohio

    I am so sorry for the tragic ending of this situation. I am deeply saddened. May God bless these innocent souls and may they rest in peace now. My thoughts are with the families and with Sarah. I am so disheartened that there are monsters like Matthew in this world, but there always have been and I guess there always will be. I will never understand it.

  14. Natassia

    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the families for their loss. I cant imagine the heart ache they must feel in this horrible time. I hope the man who is responsible for their murders, is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What kind of person kills a child, let alone a mother and a close friend infront of another child? A very sick individual that does not appreciate life, love, or family. I hope tax payers do not have to pay for him to be in prison for life, for him to only reep the benifits most americans can’t get in this economy. I feel for that poor little girl who won’t have her mother around for all the things a little girl needs a mother for. Her graduation, her wedding, ect. This is just not something that happens where we are from. Again, I offer my sympathy for everyones loss.

  15. mv homeowner

    We have all been traumatized by the events of the past week.Pull together people.Love,time and justice will heal this horrible wound.

  16. Jessica Schneider Chance

    I am deeply saddened by the events of this week, and my heart go out to everyone touched by this tragedy. Especially Sarah, who has already overcome more obstacles than most of us will ever face. I know this community will rally around her and give her hope in support in this very difficult time.