MOUNT VERNON — Knox County Sheriff David Barber talked to the media Tuesday afternoon, filling in few additional details regarding the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Apple Valley residents Tina Herrmann, 32, Tina's son, Kody Maynard, 11, her friend, Stephanie Sprang, 41, and the abduction of Tina's daughter, 13-year-old Sarah Maynard, who was rescued by law enforcement Sunday morning at the Columbus Road home of Matthew Hoffman, 30.



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4 Responses to “Mystery continues, search expands”

  1. my2centsworth

    Fred…. who do you think called in all these people from all over the place to hunt down these three? Sheriff Barber! Who was smart enough to take one tiny little piece of info such as Matthews name, & direct police to go break down the door & get the girl? Sheriff Barber! Who had this event on the tv continually to inform us of whats going on? Sheriff Barber!
    Do you think Matthew was such a nice person he decided to tell where they are to help us?
    NO!! Sheriff Barber is behind that too.. somehow got him to tell it through his lawyer!
    Many more things the sheriff has done but we just dont know about them.
    What have you done to help?!!

    Besides sitting there complaining, as if you could’ve done better!
    Dont be so arrogant! This was not done in any way as a re-election thing. You know it as well as I do!
    Just be thankful we have someone who is a determined official to get the job done.
    I can GUARANTEE YOU, those family members aren’t complaing about the sheriff one bit!!!!

  2. fred c dobbs

    almost forgot, i hope the sheriff reads the comments residents have put in the media they make some very good points…

  3. fred c dobbs

    why dodent the blabbermouth sheriff check out the wood chippers where he worked? just wasting time with tv appearances, for re election purposes…..i know it sounds morbid, but it may just solve this case….

  4. Bullseye1956

    Thinking Out Loud from Texas:

    *Family dog – missing? Where he is found may tell us something.

    *Car photos – damage may signal a struggle if damage is confirm not to have been preexisting.

    *Auto found at college – is it possible the two ladies would have met him there? Could have went voluntarily in his vehicle and been killed some where close. Maybe they were breaking the ice trying to get to know each other, all the time this young man having the plan to get them out of the way to get the young girl.

    *Tarps and tape – Tarps and tape says dead bodies in shallow graves. Search eroded areas with lots of trees that produce natural ground cover, ditches, wells, septic tanks.‚Äù They are not in a lake or river”

    *Posible locations- north-east side of Apple Valley, all off roads from Howard to his home in MtVernon.

    Clarifying missing dog: if the dog is missing? Pictures and searching for the dog holds clues. If the dog is not missing clues also are possible.

    ‚Ä¢ “Other places to search” There is a dump site a mile or two from his home on state rout 36 on the West side a short ways on a county road where tree limbs and such are dumped for mulching.

    Thinking Out Loud from Texas:

    Found alive yes! Where? Apple Valley vacation homes, they could be bound and gagged and still alive. Boat houses and boats. Sheds or barns in these areas.

    Thinking Out Loud from Texas:

    Found alive yes! Where? Apple Valley vacation homes, they could be bound and gaged and still alive.

    Other places to look

    * RV
    * abandon cars/trucks