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25 Responses to “What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?”

  1. his love

    im so thankful for my husband to be home this year for thanksgiving with our son and I instead of being over 1000 miles away in afghanistan. I also am thankful for the men and women serving their country and the ones who are away from their familes during the holiday season..

  2. Jenny

    I don’t need Thanksgiving to be thankful for anything. I’m thankful every day for my family’s health, a warm place to live, and food to eat.

  3. tracy brown

    I am thankful for my beautiful family, i love them all, my grand kids, proud of my kids. and i am thanking the good lord up above that he made it possible to catch that so so terd that took sara’s family away from her. god bless her soul…Sara stay strong hun.. god loves you

  4. Frank

    I am thankful for God, my family and my country. In that order. This year I am especially greatfull to God for my wife. We experienced some health challenges earlier this year and by God’s grace she came through well. Any other country, especially a third world (underdeveloped), this probably would not have been the case. I am also thankful for my country and the freedom that is has afforded me over the years and pray that this will continue as our founding fathers and service men and women have fought and died for.

  5. francis

    I’m thankful for whatever life brings me for I know the LORD will guide me

  6. mike

    No job, No insurance, almost out of money…. Just waiting for the Lords’ Blessings…

  7. Marshmallow

    Thankful For My Mom, Now 80, My Son, Grand- daughter, My Favorite Sister , Gwen. Thankful For Being Alive, And That I Still Have A Roof Over My Head, And Food, And Television , So I Can Do My Workout, Every Morning With Gilad, ( Fit TV ) Channel 93. And Thankful For Our God Above.

  8. Sherry

    I am thankful that me and my Husband both have jobs.I am Blessed with 3 children and a wonderful Daughter in law.I have God in my life…What more coul I ask for?

  9. Marblecake

    Seems like it sometimes.

    As for third world countries, allow me to reword, I mean undeveloped nations. I guess you could say third world isn’t the bad one, undeveloped is.

  10. Melissa Mobley

    I am thankful that I have my family and friends to share the day with.

  11. Paula Frost

    My careing husband of 4 yrs, My Beautiful Daughter, Family & Best friends . Being alive !

  12. pat anderson

    I am thankfull that Jesus Christ died on the cross so I could have this life with my loving family
    and they are all safe

  13. Sookie

    I am thankful for so many things. I am thankful for my boyfriends 7 year old daughter most of all. I am thankful for my family, friends, and boyfriend. I don’t know where I would be without these people. I am thankful I have a job as I was on unemployment for 6 months which was barely enough for my lifestyle, so I am very thankful for this! I am thankful to be alive today and healthy and that the people around me are healthy! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  14. Concerned Citizen

    I am thankful for having a job and a great loving and supporting family. Also God’s love and mercy. We all need to be praying for the families that have lost their loves ones because holidays are times that are the hardest to bear with having missing family members. Also prayers need to go out to our solider and people that are protecting our country and cannot be with their families during the holidays.

  15. me

    My Family! My cloths,the food I have, a bed, clean water,a house, a car, My health and everything else in between. We all have it so much better than a lot of other people in other places.

  16. Jeff

    I am thankful for living in a 3rd world country. I have the freedom to do basically whatever I want as long as I don’t hurt anyone or steal.. I also have access to complete quality medical, including medicines, via government national program for a whopping $23 per month, which also includes a future pension. I can comfortably live on $500 per month eating some of the healthiest food in the world. My wife, a citizen, has full medical coverage for the price of $1.00 per event. I have wonderful employment compared to nothing in the US. It is always warm and the golf courses are better than anything in Knox country. Don’t knock living in a 3rd world country when you haven’t a clue of the standard of living available in many, especially with the state that America is in right now.

  17. tim bowers

    I am thankful for my kids and there health. There is nothing else to be thankful for cause everybody wants to use you or take what they can from you. If they don’t the gorvernment does.

  18. Marblecake

    My friends and the fact that I don’t live in a third world country.

  19. Squirrely

    Julie took the words right out of my mouth . . . God, Family, and Country! This says it all!

  20. Uncle Sam

    When I look around at the people I love and care about. The recent horror has been a further reminder of how quickly and how suddenly those we love can be taken from us.