MOUNT VERNON — According to the preliminary autopsy report released Saturday by Knox County Coroner Dr. Jennifer Ogle, the deaths of Stephanie Sprang, 41, Tina Herrmann, 32, and Kody Maynard, 11, were caused by multiple stab wounds to their chests and backs.



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5 Responses to “Autopsy report gives details into deaths”

  1. QB

    There was certainly luck involved, but somebody had to put the right dots together. There were also sales receipts and other factors that the police evaluated.
    Without these cops Sarah would be dead now, plain and simple! Do you have any idea what kidn of stress these cops were under after seeing that crime scene? Make a mistake, follow the wrong lead, and having to live with the consequences?

    Great Monday morning quarterbacking! Maybe you should work for the police! We would not have any unsolved crimes?

  2. gary

    For me “the story of Sarah Maynard’s rescue will forever be remembered as one where law enforcement got lucky (thank god) with this moron being at the scene when police were investigating the truck. I think the girl would have ended up with the rest of them eventually.
    I mean, you dont put bodies where he did with intent on someone finding them. No one would have found them had he not told his lawyer where they were. When he got caught with the girl, he probably knew that he would get linked with the murders anyway. I dont think there was any benefit to him to keep it a secret at that point.

  3. Karen

    I believe that another person is involved. Hoffman could not have done all of this by himself. I agree with M.S. Things just don’t add up.

  4. gary

    An absolute tragic story. Im glad this animal was caught. They should fry him asap. One note from a quote…”Thanking law enforcement for their ‚Äúincredible and heroic work,‚Äù Ogle said ‚Äúthe story of Sarah Maynard‚Äôs rescue will forever be remembered as an example of extraordinary detective work and bravery.‚Äù …Uh…I dont think I would use the words ‚Äúincredible and heroic work,‚Äù or “extraordinary detective work”. What im getting at is if the animal wasnt sitting in his car, watching the police investigate the truck he dropped off, they never would have noticed him and we would probably would still be looking for this creep and the daughter probably would be dead also. Im glad this creep was that stupid or he wanted to get caught

  5. M. S.

    Seems to me that the boyfriend made statements to the effect that Tina sent him a text early Thursday morning that she had fed the dog. According to the report she would have been dead by then. Why would Hoffman send such a text? Something doesn’t add up.