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5 Responses to “Should Congress be trying to repeal the health care plan? Why?”

  1. Anonymous

    Well, I finally unloaded the 2500 page document to determine for myself what is really in H.R.3590 – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which by the way was sponsored by Rep. Charles Rangel, D-NY [The one who was censured this past autumn.] I am interested in facts, not rhetoric. So I went to what I think is an objective source, both the GOP Blog and are biased. My source is I haven’t gotten to the portion on funding. However, there will be an excise tax on ‘cosmetic’ surgery.

  2. Anonymous

    The largest Federal budget busters are entitlement programs. Adding another Trillion Dollar entitlement program is a luxury that the U.S. can ill afford. n Harp on the ruthless insurance companies if you will, but profit should NOT be a derogatory term in the U.S.. Let the government operate healthcare, or whatever, there won’t be any profit, just more deficent spending adding billions to the national debt. n Take responsibility for yourselves Americans. You dependents of the Federal Government are beginning to outnumber the productive Americans. Beginning of the end of the U. S. as an economic power.

  3. Adam G

    No. The Affordable Care Act was a vital series of reforms–not all perfect, but nonetheless important steps in reforming a flawed system that costs too much and doesn’t provide enough people with adequate care. Rather than being a government takeover, as some have described it, the ACA was designed to work with and retain a private system of insurance and care while setting rules and providing structures to extend insurance to more people. The ACA cuts costs, reins in abuses of the health insurance industry, and extends coverage to people who cannot afford it.nnThe Republican Party is wasting time through this repeal effort. Our representative, Bob Gibbs, is shamefully lying to us all by claiming that these reforms eliminate jobs (they don’t). Rather than focus on issues that matter to us, like lowering the unemployment rate, the Republicans in Congress are engaging in hollow political theater. It’s disgusting.

  4. Phil Beeman

    We are all ready in debt up to our yen yang. We need to stop giving out hand outs to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Obama care isn’t even in to full effect yet, and our health care cost has all ready risen by fifty dollars a month. Besides that it is a violation of the Constitution of the Untied States to force people to buy something that the Federal government insists upon. This is just one step closer to our country being controlled by Marxist’s. The Feds all ready are in control of Banking, auto industry and the internet. They want to tell us what we can and can not eat. What light bulbs we should use. Now I hear on the news today. The government wants complete control of health care. Every time the government is in charge of any program it ends up a complete failure. Look at Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, or Social Security and Medicare. All failures. And no I’m not blaming it all on the left. It is both parties that are screwing up this country. The worst is yet to come if we let these tyrants continue to destroy our country.

  5. Anonymous

    No. It should, instead, improve upon it and expand it until we have a single-payer system. Insurance companies are ruthless in their zeal for profit and have no interest in your long-term health.