MOUNT VERNON — Meeting in special session on Monday, the Mount Vernon City Schools Board of Education unanimously voted to place a five-year 4.7-mills emergency operating levy on the May ballot.



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7 Responses to “MV board unanimously approves levy request”

  1. Anonymous

    You see the THREE recent studies saying US education is getting even WORSE? All the way thru college. Look’em up. Only God can reform all this & He left us long ago. Pretty obvious, isn’t it.

  2. Anonymous

    The facts are in plain sight. If the board had done its job, there would not have been nearly $1,000,000.00 spent on the mess. Look at that amount! Now they want us to make up what they wasted. Freshwater is just one matter where money has been wasted. But it’s no big deal, they’ll just raid the taxpayers pockets to cover it. So they thought. Face it, people have wised up (a good thing to come out of this crappy economy). We are not the suckers we once were. We are demanding answers on how they spend the money they already have before we give any more. We aren’t paying for excess adminstrators, bloated budgets and all the foolish things money is wasted on! Serious adjustments on how schools operate have to be made.All schools need to focus on education, not sports, clubs, and the rest. Pay to play should have been in effect years ago. We’re all living with a lot less, and the schools should be expected to do the same. I haven’t heard Mr. Short say he’s taking a cut in his $115,000.00 pay. With the MVSCD it’s all take and no give. WE ARE DONE!!

  3. Anonymous

    If you believe the Board actually mismanaged their finances during the Freshwater trial, state for us specifically where they did. I saw absolutely no evidence to indicate what you claim. Also be specific where the board has mismanaged their finances in the past. It’s easy to make those claims, but be more specific and back up your claims with facts.

  4. Anonymous

    Like I wrote, too little, too late. The district has had its head in the sand for years when it came to finances. It was taken for granted that we would continue to hand over money, no quetsions ask. I think the Freshwater case brought to light the poor job the adminstration has done. If we managed our money like they do, we would all be bankrupt!

  5. Anonymous

    the distric has been making cuts for the last 3 years or more. you should probably check on things like that before you day them. Just saying

  6. Anonymous

    I place Freshwater as being the one who is partially responsible for this. I don’t remember exactly what it cost the school board to defend itself against this self desribe “Christian”, but as I recall it was a large percentage of what the school board is asking. Freshwater should not be looked upon as being a hero in the Christian community, but as one who has tarnished and embarrassed those of us who refer to ourselves as Christians. I’ll vote for the levy and hope other Christians do the same

  7. Anonymous

    Given the years of economic depression, why didn’t the district make the cuts before now? My family have been cutting for years, as things continue to get worse, we cut accordingly. Too little, too late in my opinion. I greatly need money too Mr. Short, and I have no one to give it to me or our family. Once again, I will be voting no.