MOUNT VERNON — Knox County Common Pleas Court Judge Otho Eyster ruled Friday that Megan Peterson, 19, can retain her driver's license while she is free on bond from a felony indictment of aggravated vehicular homicide.



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17 Responses to “Peterson keeps her driver's license”

  1. Anonymous

    Shoplifting? Not paying her fines FOR shoplifting. Driving on the white line, the officer probably thought it was a drunk, thats what I always think when someone is over the line. nIts not the courts job to keep up with where “unpayers” have moved to. If she had paid her fines, this would not have happened in the first place….Or better yet, Not been stealing, this would not have happened!

  2. Matthew Hart

    The courts can take away any state issued license they want to. Case in point, my wife, who lost her license over an unpaid court fine FOR SHOPLIFTING back when she was 18. Judge had issued a summons for her to appear in court again to answer for why she hadn’t paid, but sent the summons to her old address under her maiden name, so obviously she never showed up. Why the court didn’t check for updated records (ie the name and address on her driver’s license for starters) who knows. When she didn’t show up they suspended all state issued licenses under her name and put out a bench warrant for her arrest.nBut flash forward to her driving through Ashland, cop pulls her over for crossing the “white line” on the right ( I didn’t even know that was illegal). Runs her license which comes up suspended and tosses her in jail.nSo yeah, why this girl with no God given common sense in her head still has a driver’s license is beyond me. Because obviously she is a FAR greater danger to the public, while behind the wheel, than my wife will ever be.

  3. Anonymous

    By law then, this woman could NOT have been denied her licence? What is the controversy about then? Somebody ask the judge,maybe. True,texting while driving is legal. Is killing while driving legal? Is a seatbelt violation any worse? Not sure anymore. About our legal system either.

  4. Miriam StJean

    As I asked before, please share with all of us the law that allows Judge Eyster to suspend Ms. Peterson’s license as a condition of her bond – that is what Assistant Prosecutor requestednnHint: There isn’t onennNow, you might become angry with the BMV and send them an angry little ditty, or write a nasty letter to Judge Spurgeon (neither of which suspended Ms. Peterson’s license due to her driving record, and both of whom had the legal right and jurisdiction to do so) if you wish – however, to state unequivocally that Judge Eyster had the authority, under the law, do so is ludicrous.nnYou asked me to “get real”nnI’m asking you to please educate all of us as to which State law gives Judge Eyster the authority to now suspend this woman’s license.nnHint, again: There isn’t onennnn

  5. Misty Walser

    Ummmm do you not know that judges take the licenses of people all the time because they have been in multiple accidents or have multiple tickets or citations within a given amount of time? I do and guess what she has exceeded hers! I know of someone right now who is losing their license because of ONE speeding ticket and ONE non injury accident! She has how many? FOUR accidents and multiple speeding tickets in just THREE years and yet is still driving around! Are you kidding? I would love to change the system so that people who obviously have no business driving cannot and do not drive but unfortunately people like you will never allow that to happen. Wouldn’t want to be too hard on them now would we?

  6. Miriam StJean

    Really Misty? Please cite the Ohio Revised Code Section (the law) that states that the Judge had jurisdiction to suspend Ms. Peterson’s license as a condition of her bond.nnThanks in advance.

  7. Misty Walser

    Actually she has had a long list of accidents and speeding tickets (at least 4 accidents and several speeding tickets) and that is just in the past 3 years! I know people who have lost their licenses for a lot less. Even without the accident that caused a young man’s death there is still more than enough cause to take her license. Get a clue!

  8. Miriam StJean

    I understand your angry responses, BUTnn1. Texting while driving is not against the law. If you don’t like it, call your legislator and demand that it so be.nn2. As of now, the charge of vehicular homicide is considered a third degree felony, and those charged under a third degree felony have a constitutional expectation of a reasonable bond. If you don’t like it, call your legislator and demand that the crime of vehicular homicide be changed to a second degree felony.nn3. There is no provision in the law that states that someone charged with a third degree felony may have their license suspended. Again, if you don’t like it, call your legislator and discuss it with him or her.nnThat said, to complain about a Judge following the law is ludicrous…..he’s doing his job, and has no legal authority to step outside the laws of this State.nnThe woman has the right to not only a reasonable bond, but a fair trial. She has not been convicted of this crime. One cannot be punished without a conviction in this country. Unless, of course, you’d rather throw out the Bill of Rights and the Constitution itself because you’re “mad.”nnIf you don’t like the system, do something to change it, rather than complain about a Judge who did his duty under Ohio law.nn

  9. Kathy

    All I can say is “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING”. Now I know these small town and County court systemsnare REALLY messed up.!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    Yeah REALLY, What are you waiting for? Some other innocent life be taking?? A slap on the hand is NOT going to teach her anything.

  11. Anonymous

    Oh, Ok wait until she kills someone else???? Hmmmmm, I don’t know how you can give her driving privlages back after her stupidity of TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!!!! Because of her STUPIDITY a life is GONE! Don’t pitty her! I see it ALL the time people texting WHILE DRIVING, How stupid can you be. She is going to get a tap on the hand, and WON’T learn.

  12. Miriam StJean

    Since when has it become “acceptable” to wish to punish someone before they’re convicted of a crime? Ms. Peterson has been charged, but not found guilty. I take it you two don’t subscribe to innocent until proven guilty, or the due process of law?

  13. sdew

    death sounds like a strong reason to suspend driving mount vernon courts have destroid many lives for less than that

  14. Anonymous

    I fail to see how this minor slap on the wrist to Peterson is going to do anything to modify her behavior. Does she have to kill a few more people before the court takes the proper action and takes her license for a period of time? And texting while driving a misdemeanor? Should be a felony.