10 Responses to “Have you had any problems with potholes?”

  1. Anonymous

    West high street west of the marathon station is terrible! This area is always chewed up every year, time to plan on repaving that area and possibly lowering the grade. Think snow plow blades are digging in. Kroger parking lot is a joke by Bob Evans and Firestone.

  2. Mike

    LOL What street in Mount Vernon dosen’t have potholes, That seems to be the safer question.

  3. Anonymous

    All the roads are bad! but when turning right from McGibney onto Sychar there are 3 potholes and i swear its looks like a laughing face. you laugh but go look you will see what i mean. the turn off into poppa john’s pizza off of coshocton is absolutely horrid!!

  4. Terra Ferres

    The potholes are terrible this year! Coshocton Avenue needs patched pronto!!!! I mean now! One cannot go on either side of the street without tearing up your car, tires, etc. I am so angry about this. I feel that if you can swerve from side to side and still potholes are on either side that it is certainly time to fix them. I think our city needs priorities and making Foundation park look good (on the wrong end of town) is not #1 priority! Spend some $$ on your roads man!

  5. Anonymous

    I agree the whole town is one big pothole.Buying new equipment isnt going to fix these holes.Maybe if my car hits one again and it puts my car out of line or give me a flat tire,ill bill the city with it,hows that,we all canta fford to keep putting our cars in the shop because Mt.Vernon wont fix them.Hamtramk is the worse street in this whole town without the potholes,it needs something done to it.Please Mr.Mayor fix our roads.

  6. Anonymous

    Turning into Krogers by the their new gas station is terrible. It’s difficult to avoid all the potholes..you have to pick & choose which ones is better to hit, & which ones is beter to avoid, because your going to hit them no matter what you do.nSome will swallow your front tire, others will knock your allignment out, or bust up things underneath.nIt’s like playing hop-scotch. I get so mad at myself everytime I forget & turn into that same spot again…but can’t get out, so have to bounce through it.

  7. Killa

    All the roads are messed up, I would avoid the whole town if I could its horrible! More than half the roads in town I drive down it feels like its tearing my tire right off of my car! Its pathetic that they have no money for salt and no money to pay for more salt drivers, but they have money to buy brand new equipment the irony in that is why buy new equipment when you cant afford to run it. So therefor how stupid is knox county??? They should of took that money and saved it for paving the damn roads and not JUST patching it up cause that does not solve the problem!

  8. Anonymous

    West High St. is REALY bad, going toward 229 you can’t even avoid them if another car is driving east bound.