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20 Responses to “How do you think the proposed connector road will ease traffic at this intersection [Coshocton Avenue, Vernonview Drive and Yauger Road]?”

  1. Ryan Newman

    I heard Lowes didn’t have a problem with the connector road untill they were informed by the city that they would be responsible for the upkeep, How about we spend the money on a traffic study instead of wasting it on some dumb project. Maybe then they can figure out how to program the traffic lights to where yo won’t get stopped by every single one even at 3:00 in the morning. Thats the major cause of congestion in this small town anyway.

  2. Anonymous

    I live off Yauger and would never use this connector road unless going to some store on Coshocton Ave that was nearby the other end of the road, like Lowes or Ruby Tuesday. If I want to go toward Walmart, I’d use Upper Gilchrist. If I want to go toward Friendlys, I’d use Vernonview. Who would choose a road where they’d have to make it through more stop lights? Nobody living over here wants a stop light on Yauger either. It won’t fix anything by CVS. I am glad that car dealer moved. That has helped immensely with the visibility in that area.

  3. Anonymous

    I live off of Yauger and would never use that connector road unless going to some place like Lowes or Ruby Tuesday…some place that is right off this new connector road. This road will not help alleviate the CVS area. No one is going to choose to drive down this new connector road and want to pass through more stop lights to do so. If I want to go toward Walmart, I’ll use Upper Gilchrist. If I want to go toward Friendlys, I’ll go down toward Vernonview. A road in the middle is unnecessary for the few businesses it will get you to quicker.

  4. Anonymous

    Yes, they can seize private land if there is a public benefit. There is no public benefit in this case. We aren’t talking about the Eisenhower Interstate system here. We are talking about a connector road so that the Mayor keeps his friends at the hospital happy. Why not just add connector roads ever 100 yards on Coshocton Ave? I support eminent domain when there is a real benefit, like public sewer and the interstates. This is neither. nnThey are selling us a false bill of goods here. I drive that route 2-3 times a day for five years and have NEVER waited at that intersection for more than 3 minutes. If you can’t wait 3 minutes to get through an intersection, you don’t need a connector road, you need some patience.

  5. Aaron Young

    I think Yauger Rd. should be relaligned just like South Main Steet was curved to meet Mount Vernon Ave. Vernon View Dr. could then be curved to meet the new Yauger Rd. and Teryl Drive could be brought down the hill and meet right with Coshocton Ave. The litte road that runs back behind the now empty used car dealership should be taken out completly, it serves no real purpose and just complicates the entire intersection.

  6. Anonymous

    Just close off the exit/entrance to CVS on Vernonview that never should have been allowed in the first place. Bad engineering. That should be the starting point and would alleviate a lot of problems.

  7. Anonymous

    This project is being paid for through property tax revenues from Coshocton Avenue’s TIF district. Funds set aside through this program are intend for transportation improvements like this one.

  8. Anonymous

    Pull out your pocket Constitution (you surely have one) and go to the section on eminent domain. It’s right there in the fifth amendment–that a government must provide just compensation for a property taken for public use. It’s a time-honored exercise of government power to take land for public improvement.nnNow, reasonable people can disagree whether this particular project is a necessary public improvement. Regardless of your view on that issue, it is unreasonable to suggest that the possibility of using eminent domain on a public roadway is some sort of overreach.

  9. Anonymous

    the traffic on coshocton ave is horrible… something needs done to relieve the amount of traffic. plus the lights seem to be in sequence to change at the same time or just enough when trying to pull out (especially turning left) it’s near impossible certain parts of the day. i think this will connector road will help.

  10. Doug Nofzinger

    I live off Woodlake and drive through everyday. It’s better since the used car lot is gone and the view is not obstructed. The intersection was just a bad idea from the beginning where you have a crossing street very close to another crossing street. The problem is that this connector street won’t cure a problem when you don’t fix the problem. Adding another street just adds another street.

  11. Anonymous

    I am in total agreement with Berta43Jean, just find a fix for the intersection. Use the money that’s going to be spent on building this road and purchase the property across from CVS and then fix that intersection’s issues. If we make an access road that still leaves the problem of that intersection. It might lessen the traffic, but cars will still be going through there and we have a lot of senior citizens going up that way to get to the retirement village, other housing and drs offices. that intersection is not easy to navigate even if your aren’t a senior yet.

  12. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t direct all your anger at the Mayor, since the connector road was approved unanimously by city council.

  13. Anonymous

    Do you mean a connector between Teryl Drive and E Gambier Street (OH-229)? I don’t see why Teryl Drive would connect to Upper Gilcrest…

  14. Anonymous

    To add a counterpoint to all the other comments here, I value interconnectivity among our road systems. Plenty of people use Yauger Road as a short-cut. Traffic studies revealed about 5000 to 6000 vehicles per day, and the Yauger Road intersection with Vernonview Drive is unnavigable sometimes during the day, especially when traffic backs up at the light at Coshocton Avenue. There’s also uncertainty when pulling out of the CVS parking lot. Building the connector road will take the pressure off the Yauger/Vernonview intersection, which I see as a good thing.

  15. Mike Rowe

    Typical wast of money. Quit wasting the “Peoples Money”, fix current roads and put in a connector between teryl dr and upper gilcrest. That would make a good and useful connecting road…

  16. Anonymous

    What traffic? Only in a very small town would anyone consider that to be “bad traffic”. As someone who drives through that intersection several times per day I can tell you this is a waste of time, taxpayer money, and above all – the threat our Mayor made to Lowe’s to seize their private property via eminent domain for a pointless project. Our Mayor even said he wouldn’t “let anything” stop him from taking Lowe’s property to create this road. That should make anyone a little uneasy when their Mayor thinks he has the right to just seize property at will to build a road nobody needs. nnCongratulations. Taxpayer money spent to answer a question nobody asked.

  17. Anonymous

    It is a total waste of taxpayer money for a project not needed. Besides, it ruins some pretty green space, of which there is so little left. Just figure out a “fix” for that intersection AT that intersection.

  18. Anonymous

    its a waste if city money ….. ive been in this city for 20 yrs. and have never been on Yauger Road… there is nothing down that road but doc offices … and who goes to a doc. in this town … go to a real doc. go to zanesville ….