MOUNT VERNON — Megan Peterson will be sentenced on May 16, after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges of vehicular homicide and assault in Mount Vernon Municipal Court on Monday.



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4 Responses to “Attorney: Cell phone not in use during crash”

  1. Anonymous

    You know I find it truely sad that you want to make sure that Megan has said her apologies and that she hasn’t taken responsibilities for her actions. Have you spoken to Megan??? Do you know her on a personal level?? Have you been in the court room to hear for yourself??? I have, she is truely sorry, and she has said she is sorry. I think that pleading guilty is taking responsibility for her actions! Never once has she denied any of this happening?? She will deal with this for the rest of her life. She too will have to find a way to deal with what has happened, not only to herself but the very dear friend that she lost in that car. Yes someones son, grandson, brother and very dear friends life was taken tragically in an ACCIDENT but it was not anything done on purpose or her plan for the day. So until you have walked a day in Megans shoes, give the girl a break! How about some of you start giving apologies for all the accusations, comments and nasty rumors that have been spread and told that were not even the truth.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow! It just amazes me how u can call someone names and stomp them down with out even knowing the whole story or even the person for that matter. Your only going off of what you have read or seen on the news. Well I’m here to tell you, your info and theory is SO WRONG!!!n But I guess you wouldn’t know that she didn’t even have her phone near her. I guess you wouldn’t know that her phone was crushed in her purse in the back seat of her car and later found at the body yard. Oh but your so right I bet she hit send, grabbed her purse and then threw it into the back seat, right?! Or wait I bet you have her cell records, well adjust your glasses take another look and check the minutes and last time she used her phone sent or received a message.nnPeople get a grip she is a 19 year old girl, 18 at the time of the ACCIDENT. She had an ACCIDENT. They call them ACCIDENTS for a reason. She is far from a murderer! If your ready to throw names how about you take a look in the mirror and think of all the names someone could call you.

  3. Aaron Young

    I think the sad thing about this entire case is that Megan has never once came out and taken responsibility for this that I can think of. She and her attorneys have spent a lot of time and effort to get her as little a sentence as possible for this. Regardless of whether or not she was on the phone or texting or whatever, she ended someones life, thats someones son, grandson, and friend that nobody will ever get back, could we all at least hear a “im sorry” for this. I havent heard one as of yet. Instead we hear of her getting into another accident involving a car and possibly a phone. How long till you have to learn Megan?

  4. Docile Jim Brady

    u00b6 An interesting theory.nnu00b6 Provider records showing that her cell phone was “not in use at that time” means that her cell phone was neither transmitting data nor receiving data, whether voice or ascii characters or pictures.nnu00b6 A driver could easily be entering text for a text message, adding a picture to attach to that text message, and be typing away for several seconds or several minutes; without the carrier’s software being aware that data was being entered into the phone.nnu00b6 Should the driver crash into a group of school children, a semi, a train or bridge abutment before the SEND command is given; the carrier’s records will reflect that the cell phone was not in use.nnu00b6 Decades ago, a young chap was searching for an apple on his car seat. Forensic evidence would clearly show that he was not EATING his apple when he crashed into my stopped vehicle.nnu00b6 I have been typing a few moments here, and had I been doing so as an air traffic controller, yet not clicked on the “SUBMIT” icon, there is no way that would know that my attention was distracted from my controller duties.nnu00b6 Were a couple of 747’s to collide on the runway because of my attention diversion to the keyboard, I and the Mt. Vernon News could honestly state that its records do not show that I was using a computer to send a message. nnu00b6 There might be a huge mess on the runway, but MVN’s would show I no message receipt.nnAs ever, all rights reserved, all wrongs denied.n2011.04.27 T1448 -0400 [EDT]