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14 Responses to “Should schools be funded through a sales tax rather than a property tax? Why?”

  1. Anonymous

    I find it rediculous that this county still has dirt roads in it, who does this? you expect us to fund these schools and we cant even get a decent road to drive on? that is what our property taxes should be going for so our property values stay up and the school taxes should be a income tax so everyone pays a fair share and things would be alot better. If the system is not changed this whole state will fall apart…. roads,property values & schools.

  2. mrbill

    I’m for the sales tax. No matter who in Ohio is purchasing items they all support the local schools. Distribution of the monies collected. An average price per student will be established from all the districts in Ohio. Each school will receive that amount for each pupil enrolled. The money to support “YOUR” child will be portable. No matter where you decide your child should attend Public or Private. The parent who purchases and lives in Ohio can direct their money to any qualified school. Should the local communities wish to pass additional levies in their local district to raise additional monies…that is up to each community. But they will only receive the evenly split State funds for each child enrolled.

  3. mrbill

    I’m for the sales tax, everyone would pay doing business in Ohio, the only difference…the tax collected would be distributed among the various school systems across the state. An average cost per pupil would be established throughout the state. The “SAME” amount per pupil would be sent to all local school districts. Now if the people of various communities are willing to pass even MORE tax levies on themselves in the form of an Income Tax or Property tax that is fine. But from the sales tax, each school district would get an equal share per student. That amount per pupil should also be “PORTABLE” for parents wishing to send their child to private schools. So they are not breaking their back only supporting public schools and this opens up true competition for the best schools public or private.

  4. Anonymous

    You wouldn’t find it so ironic if you had to live on ‘senior income’. If you had to live on a fixed income that hasn’t increased in over 2 years and probably won’t this year either, if you had no way of earning any extra money and already had to deal with outrageously increased gas and heating and electric for your car and home then you would realize that there is NO MONEY LEFT!! We simply don’t have anymore to give anyone. Some of us have NO health insurance other than Medicare and believe me, you end up with a lot of unpaid medical bills with Medicare. The food prices have gone up, that or they have reduced packaging size and kept the same price, everything that is a necessity has gone up, EXCEPT our incomes. We struggle to pay our property taxes now, if they go up any further we will lose our home and be one of the renters some of you hate so much. Yes, we almost own our home, but you can lose it over unpaid taxes. If the schools REALLY need more money, and if they did they would cut some of the administration that does nothing for our kids but use up the money. But if you REALLY need more money for the schools, do it the fair way, INCOME TAX!!! That is the fair way for everyone! Make it based on what we have as income and then nobody can complain, the way it is now simply doesn’t work and is very unfair.

  5. Anonymous

    I honestly believe that it may be some what easier on our people in Knox Co if we would do the funding as a half and half deal. It may be a little bit easier as our town is growing and multiplying. Our children need their education and we need the sales tax to make up the diferance for many items that have been taken by society. People in town are struggling to make it day by day. It is not getting any easier as time pass’s by. I know it may not happen but Maybe in the feature, our economy by a good chance to recover. The crime is on the rise and it is not getting any easier for any of us. Tax and education are two things we need. Our children in school now may be the ones that run our great nation so what better way than to pay part of funding for school and our housing in Knox Co.

  6. Valerie

    Yes, then it is everyone’s responsibility to support the school system instead of punishing those that choose to own a home. By having it part of the property taxes it takes away the contribution that should be made by the 75% of the county that rents and pays nothing.

  7. Anonymous

    Yes, but your problem is based in the reality of renters. A renters rent is FIXED for the duration of the lease, and renters are the most transient. They often move in and out of school districts. So if they vote in a levy, and a year later their lease is up and rents increase, they often move – and yes – yank their kids into new schools. Happens every day. nnRenters only pay RETROACTIVE property taxes. The property owners charge them based on current tax rates, not future tax rates. So if they vote for the increase, it won’t effect them until the lease is up. nnAlso, the reality is that renters are often less educated about the impact of property tax issues than homeowners. This could be for a variety of reasons, but in practice it means that they never see the potential impact to them and are statistically FAR more likely to vote in support of property tax increases. If they were as wise as you project them to be, they would be voting for tax levys at statistically the same rate as property owners. But they aren’t.

  8. Anonymous

    When will people stop making this stupid claim about renters? It only shows your total lack of knowledge. Every property has an owner and that owner pays property taxes. Owners who have tenants in their properties collect rent from the tenants. Owners take a portion of the tenants rent and pays the taxes. Today’s quiz: Where does the money come from to pay taxes on a rental property? Answer: From the tenant’s rental payments. Got it? Just because it isn’t a direct, in the tenant’s name, tax payment doesn’t mean that renters don’t pay property taxes. No, I am not a renter either.

  9. Anonymous

    You wouldn’t find it ironic if you took the time to understand two things: 1. inflation. 2. Fixed income. You’re clueless about reality.

  10. Anonymous

    pay per head, people that rent and live on welfere pay nothing, grandma and grandpa that owns property and have there kids threw school pay there bill, why should people that work hard to have things pay for people that don’t own any land ?

  11. Anonymous

    Say there are two school districts, one where many people live and work, and one where the majority of people from both districts shop. The latter would have a well-funded school from sales tax and the former, serving more people, would have a poorly-funded school. School district boundaries are not drawn to consider a sales tax base, nor should they be. I agree schools funded through property tax are inequitable, but so would sales tax. Schools funded through income tax, which all residents pay if they live or work in the district, is the most equitable.nnAnd as for “tightening the belt,” the schools are doing this anyway, but with absolutely draconian cuts in state funding to our local schools, the schools are left to ask us to make up the gap to provide even the most basic services. This is why I’ll vote for the levy. Good schools make good communities. If you’re looking for someone to blame, look toward the Governor and his budget, which cut funding to our schools.

  12. Phil Beeman

    Why not? Why should the property owner be the only one to pay, so all kids can go to school. I think a sales tax would be the best way to go. Better yet, put a special sales tax on toilet paper. That is something everyone uses. We are living in tough times, whether or not some people wish to admit it. I have to tighten up my belt. So should the schools. n

  13. Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter. School administration and government will always find a way to take more and more from people who are making less and less, as is happening now in our so-called community. There is a second revolution on its way……maybe not in our lifetimes, but it is coming.

  14. Anonymous

    No. It should be funded based on an income tax. Sales tax is collected from anyone shopping in the school district, whereas income tax is collected from people who live here and send their children to the schools. School funding through property tax is unconstitutional, as the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled several times. Most other states fund their schools through income tax, a burden a community should happily share to have excellent schools, even if they do not currently have children in school. We should follow that model as the most equitable way to fund our schools. Suggesting schools be funded through sales tax is ridiculous.