Motorists traveling through Mount Vernon on South Main Street were greeted by an OVI checkpoint Friday evening between 9 p.m. and midnight.



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8 Responses to “Walking the line”

  1. red_dragon_hawk

    yes i was one who traveled the road of sobriety check point alpha, and constanstly thinking of my rights and 4+$ gas during that 15 minutes and endured an illegal search of the eyecheck….but managed to slip past, by eluding the thought police…on my way to work…

  2. Anonymous

    I love it.nThe streets are full of drunks & dope heads, driving behind the wheel. Its like playing hop-scotch trying to stay out of their way.nWhy should some of us who have NEVER drank or taken drugs have to put up w/ these fools?nnIf thats what they like to do…fine. But if you get caught in a random stop….. I sure hope you go to jail. I dont back anybody in anything regardless of who they are….if their wrong.

  3. Anonymous

    You have a potty mouth! Couldn’t you make your point w/out cussing? Shows your intelligence to everyone.

  4. Anonymous

    You need a lesson on constitutional rights. How about we take away your right to freedom of speech because it causes pain and suffering to a few or even more. Exercising freedom of speech has caused numerous deaths, including suicides…let’s ban that one too. I don’t condone drunk driving either but that doesn’t justify the authorities trampling our rights because they can’t find another way to combat it. Probable cause is written into the constitution with regard to searches and seizures and this is obviously in violation of that stipulation. But, as I pointed out earlier, judges and law enforcement have colluded to violate this constitutional provision.

  5. Anonymous

    you are complaining about these check points. the h ave them all over the USA. if your not out there getting drunk and driving around then you have nothing to worry about do you??? and you would not be complaining if it was your family member. that was killed by some stupid mf that was out drinking and driving!!!!

  6. TaeTae Denimore

    I think this is terrible! I am so against drunk drivers – I want that to be known first, however this is such a violation of our rights. I mean I noticed earlier in the day them setting up for this and they were all so excited and right then and there I thought it was odd to see a bunch of officer’s and state troopers gathering in one spot. The state troopers love towns like Mount Vernon. They played the MVPD and the MVPD is that lame that they fell into the trap! I hope they made no arrests because I think generally most people do not go out driving drunk. I think we need to trust in people a little more than that and how can you trust officers like the MVPD and State Troopers is this is how they react to some bikers passing thru!!!!??? This is not a police state this is Mount Vernon Ohio USA! We have rights!

  7. Anonymous

    As much as people might like this idea, it is a violation of your constitutional rights that law enforcement and the judges have colluded upon. Law enforcement IS NOT permitted to stop you without just cause. Randomly stopping citizens in vehicles does not fit the just cause rule test.