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7 Responses to “What do you think of the conditions of the city streets?”

  1. laksja

    Well the Coshocton Road ruined my car!!! I have so many problems with it now! The stupid pot holes! MOUNT VERNON hired some horrible people who did a terrible JOB FILLING IN THE HOLES! It looks horrible and who ever was hired to fill them in should get fired! They spend our tax money and this is what we get? Do a better job at filling them in. They need to fill them in with better tar and do a better job!! They should have not let the roads get so bad. I have to swerve to try to miss the pot holes so it will not ruin my car. The EXACT same problem as someone else who posted that they had to do the same to so it wouldn’t mess up their tires or car! I spent tons of money fixing damages that the Coshocton road has done to my car. Even when I slow down the holes make something go lose in my tire rods and more! n

  2. Anonymous

    You know, its funny. The government still takes all of our tax money, yet stops providing services. Last time I checked we are all still being asked to pay a fortune in taxes to maintain roads, including a lot of money in hidden gasoline taxes, yet there is never any money to fix the roads. That is because the politicians steal from one bucket to spend on something else, and that is wrong. Quit wasting our money and fix our roads. The government doesn’t have an INCOME problem, it has a SPENDING problem, and the roads are a great example. If you are going to stop doing the work, stop asking us to pay taxes. n

  3. Anonymous

    Well past time for a by pass for the big trucks. Until that is accomplished the streets will continue to be torn up on a regular basis. n

  4. Anonymous

    I think the city is doing the best it can. The state has significantly cut funding to local governments, which has, in the past few years, caused cities to scale back projects and simple maintenance that they would otherwise be doing. So we have two choices here: Complain to our state government that it should restore funding, or we can ask the city to raise taxes to pay for road maintenance. There is no point, however, in complaining about road conditions without realizing the road maintenance budget has been cut in half from its peak a few years ago, a direct result of state cuts to local governments. You want roads fixed? Do something about it – lobby the city to put out a road improvement levy.

  5. Anonymous

    The majority of the roads are not being attended to at all! Coshocton Avenue is a dreaded mess! And when the roads get patched, they do it and the next day it rains and creates a new hole…I mean come on! Don’t they check the weather forcast BEFORE spending our money to fix the holes…DUH! If I did my job half @ssed as they do-I would get fired. I refuse to drive over the bad spots because that means I would have to fix my car, my money-for their neglect. Typical actions of incompetence on their part! n

  6. Angel Turner

    I think that the majority of the streets in Mount Vernon need some major repairs. There are a few pot holes that I have hit lately that I thought were going to take my tires on my car off, luckily they didn’t. n

  7. Anonymous

    I think that it’s a bunch of bull. The city should focus on fixing them more than what they do. More potholes means more vehicle problems, and then you have to worry about the cops pulling you over for trying to avoid the potholes. Come on, Mount Vernon! Stop buying NEW patrol cars and do something for the citizen drivers!