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11 Responses to “What do you think about the allegations against OSU and the resignation of Jim Tressel?”

  1. Wendy J. Wagner

    You said it, KIDS, no respect, no pride, and think everything should be handed to them. So spoiled they can’t even see beyond their own greed.  They knew the contracts and were very aware of what they did was not permitted and did it anyway because they had to have what they wanted.  Well, look where their at now. To bad the coaches have to babysit kids in college,  what about all the drinking and partying their doing, is that ok to. Come on parents , you aren’t that nieve that your kids are angles in college do ya?????

  2. Wendy J. Wagner

    I do not agree about Tressel resigning.  It’s the players fault not his.  What coach hasn’t known about what their player’s do.  It’s hard to watch over 90+ children, (not adults yet).  It was them who messed up and they were suspeneded 5 games.  The coach even suspended hisself, now lets get real people.  He should still be at OSU and I feel the college did him so very wrong. Now he’s gone and Terrell has quit, (coward) what’s wrong with this picture.  Sounds like a set-up to me.  Very dissappointed in how this was all handled.

  3. Dee Hall

    In response to Miriam StJean’s comment….

    Place the blame on coach Tressel some of it YES!!  All of it??  No way.  Let’s call a spade a spade here.  The players involved are COLLEGE AGE STUDENTS NOT ELEMENTARY ONES.  They as well knew right from wrong.  They should have never EVER placed the man that coached them in such a precarious predictament.  They brought SHAME TO THE ENTIRE OSU athletics as well as for all their faithful BUCKEYE NUTZ fans.  I believe and will forever say Tressel took the fall for something that shoulda taken others with him.  Shame on OSU for not supporting him better. 

    Jim Tressel is a “class act” and will be successful at whatever he pursues next.  He will be missed.  What he done for OSU Football no other was able to do. 

    I bleed Scarlet and Gray.  GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dee Hall

    I believe the players made bad choices as well and should be removed from the school as they caused as much disgrace and anyone that failed to come forward only to protect them and their bad choices.  Come on let’s call a spade a spade the players failed to follow NCAA guidelines then the MOST AWESOME FOOTBALL COACH EVER SEEN BY OSU failed to be a “tattletale” so to speak. 

    These are not elementary students that made bad choices they are men make the tally even the coach is gone the players should follow suit.  And just to set the record straight. I BLEED SCARLET AND GRAY but fair is fair here. 

    MR. Tressel you will be missed by the entire OSU NATION THAT ARE TRUE BUCKEYE FANS!! 

    I rest my case. I hope you enjoyed my take on this tragic situation. 

  5. Docile Jim Brady

    More than one person has been a victim of another’s silence.

    Silence in and of itself is not as serious as the misstatement of facts to cover up the reason for the initial silence.

  6. Susan Martin

    I think jim tressell is an awesome coach and he did what he thought was right at the time. I also believe tyrell pryor should be kicked out of school, he obviously already had money somehow!!

  7. Miriam StJean

    The players are the ones are the ones responsible?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    Tressel knew of their infractions and ignored them – by doing so he not only broke ncaa rules, but gave them “permission to do so” with his silence over the years…

    You people who blame the kids, and not the coach who KNEW he and they were breaking the rules, drive me nutz

    better a corrupt coach and a winning football team than having an ethical coach who follows NCAA guidelines, eh?

    it’s all about being #1, right?

    society has some serious, serious issues when they subscribe to this mindset

  8. Docile Jim Brady

    I agree with Squirrely2.

    Tressel’s initial silence was error.

    Many professions have ethical obligations requiring colleagues to report transgressions of others in their profession.

    Quite a bit of failure to report goes on in almost all professions

  9. Squirrely2

    I think his sacrifices should be matched by the players who caused all this to happen.  I do not think I can ever respect any of them as OSU players again!  They are the ones responsible!  I think Tressel will land on his feet and spread his goodness elsewhere! 

  10. debbyied

    He’s the fall guy for a corrupt sports program. The school looks the other way, as long as hundreds of millions of dollars continue to poor in from football. They recruit some of the worst low life thugs just beause they can run or throw a ball. There should be  more than just Tressel to lose their jobs at OSU.

  11. Ray Metzger Sr.

    It’ a sad sitiuation, but I hate to see him go, he did alot for the OHIO STATE football program and he is not the only one that has had problems with team members over the years !!!!!!!!!!!!!