A new crossover road will begin to take shape soon between Yauger Road, top, and Coshocton Avenue, bottom. The road will use the current entrances to Knox Community Hospital, center, and cut through the corner of the land near Lowe’s parking lot, top right. A preconstruction meeting was held Wednesday to finalize plans for the road, which will be built starting Monday.

Final plans in place for crossover road



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9 Responses to “Do you think the connector road between Coshocton and Yauger roads will be beneficial to east end traffic?”

  1. Guest

    Now theres something the city needs to do. Seriously!  Connect S. Sandusky st to S. Main. Make a brige over the river. The traffic on that end of town is terrible.

    Its impossible to get out of Neffs or Wendys. I have to go around behind Neffs & take the alley to get out on Mt Vernon ave.
    Not to mention how it would put a stop to people sideswiping your car on that stiff curve coming in to Newark rd.

     No one seems to remember theres no stop sign if your coming in on from the curve. Only the Main st side has a stop sign.

  2. berta43jean

    No.  I think it’s a total waste of money and totally unnecessary.  Besides, I’m really upset that they are getting rid of one of the last pieces of green space left on Coshocton Road.  The only time I cut through the existing hospital road is when I’m visiting the doctors on Yauger and want to get to Coshocton or visiting the ER or testing in the Pavillion. 

  3. Aaron Young

    hmmm, based on these comments maybe we do have some smart people in this community after all, too bad theyre not in city hall.  A connecter road will only make this situation worse, it will funnel more people off Coshocton Avenue to the intersection at CVS and make the entire situation that much worse.  Way to go City Council!!!!!!

  4. James Coffey

    Its a waste of Tax Payers money. Mount Vernon City School could use the money and pay it back over 3-5years.
    Now Mount Vernon City Schools will have Pay to Play, No High School busing….

    That road is only being made because, someone part of the County or City wants a access road.
    There is nothing wrong with going down to CVS or up to Gilchrist road to get on Coshocton Ave….

    Good Job Mayor ! Hope you don’t get re-elected, time for Fresh Eyes & Different Way of Thinking ! :)

  5. JC

    It is a total waste of money!! What benefit would anyone in Mount Vernon besides all the people living on Yauger Rd. ever get out of a connector road there? The answer is simple……NEVER!!!! MTV wants to spend all that money just so a couple lazy people don’t have to drive around the block. Besides, let’s say you decide to take the connector road to get out of traffic. You run over to Yauger and turn right……1/4 mile and your right back where you started sitting at the same light that you could have been thru ten minutes ago! You turn left…..your right where you could have been if the road wasn’t there not saving anytime whatsoever. Which engineer has thought this winner up? Maybe you can interview that person and have them explain why there is such a need for this road. The real question that should be asked is how KCH feels about the city getting ready to congest both and their only entrances for EMERGENCY VEHICLES to go in and out! Someone really needs to think these through a little bit before they act on them. I’m not impressed. How about applying that to repairing the streets we already have? Or putting to the other now forgotten connector project…..Connecting S. Sandusky across the river to S. Main St. or has that idea been axed because it make too much sense?

  6. Crystal Williams

    I think it is a complete waste of money. The intersection by CVS should be made safer. Putting in a new road is not going to change traffic flow enough to matter.