MOUNT VERNON — Knox County Prosecutor John Thatcher might not like the results of a plea deal or the details of a confession, but you will never see that on his face in a court of law.



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12 Responses to “Thatcher: Imperfect justice better than no justice”


    LOL, I love your sense of humor. Self defense I think you and I have a different interpretation of that word. The perp   didnt have any injuries, or gun shot wounds, he is a criminal and a liar. The victim had six gun shot wounds, a bag over his head and was thrown in a well. Hmmm . Please look up the definition of the word of self defense.


    Oh please just an excuse. I have never read of a case like this one. How could he claim self defense when the victim was shot six times and a bag was placed over his head. Then thrown into a septic tank. I believe this man could have been found guilty of first degree murder. Just not willing to do your job huh. I think its time to elect a new prosecutor. 

  3. Docile Jim Brady

    I believe some are forgetting that at least Bruce Malek, Esq. is in the equation.

    I do not know him, but he has over 30 years under his belt, is an Ohio Supreme Court Certified Rule 20 [R.20] defense lawyer, a member of the Ohio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and has ready access to another R.20 defense lawyer Frederick Mayhew, II, Esq., with over 40 years under his belt.

    I respectfully submit that those who believe that a “shot gun” prosecution of the defendant would be a cake walk, are seriously mistaken, uniformed or both.

    R.20’s are trained to handle capital defense cases. Their job is to represent the Constitutional and statutory rights of their client.
    The R.20’s that I do know, do exactly that; and they do it well..

    The plea was a negotiated plea among season attorneys in an adversary justice system.

    It’s not perfect. It’s not easy.
    2011-08-02tu 1542 -0400

  4. Sherrie Baxter

    I hate reading the comments because they pull me many ways, so I dont know why I do that to my self. However I personally would take any justice over no justice. As far as the Hoffman case sinc it involved my family we all agreed to the plea to get our loved 1s bodies back. Otherwise the search of hope would have went on and on and tormented family members and friends longer if not forever – noone would have ever thought to look where the end result was. Some times you gotta take what you can get – as bad as this sounds. Its not just about the prosecutor -its about convincing a jury with concert proof. Thats where thngs get tricky. Look at the Cailey Case- she got away with murder cas they could not prove it – so sometimes u have to go by what u can deal because crimals 90% of time wont sell themselves out. I think he did a great job with my family and hoffman case. Was his confession bull – yes it was but thats all he would give. So just step back as much as it sucks and think about those things. Thathcher can only get what he is giving without taking chance to prove reasonable doubt.

  5. Matthew1987

    This reminds me of what occurred with the Matthew Hoffman case.

    Did Thatcher really honestly believe that Hoffman’s confession was “consistent with what they know”?

    Hoffman’s confession was so STUPID.

    I’ve wondered why Thatcher said that about Hoffman’s confession.  Now I know why.

  6. debbyied

    Are you serious?  I hope when this vile man gets out, he doesn’t come bursting through your locked door. If he does, I wonder how “wise” you’ll think the decision was.

  7. debbyied

    So Thatcher says imperfect justice better than no justice? He wouldn’t feel that way if it was his family member on the receiving end of “imperfect justice”. But then again Thatchers son got “imperfect justice:, but in a good way. Remember this crap at election time. , ok?

  8. Dayna Legg

    Can you explain Mr Thatcher why the Family wasn’t contacted ? why the family didn’t have the chance to face him in the court room ?  if he was shot in the torso and neck that still doesn’t explain why he had a bag on his head , When I was reading the paper it said he died from the gun shots if that is the case then why was the bag put over his head ? Do you think his friends and family feel better now that we have his body [cremated] and we are still unable to hold a service for him cause of money that is due to the funeral home ? Do you think we all feel better knowing that he was only given 4 years for MURDER but double that for the theft charges ?  How would you feel if this was your family member ? This story explains very litle to us all and We have a paper we are asking everyone to sign to make sure Raymonds Law is put into place and YOU CAN’T  do this to another family . I sure hope you are able to sleep at night cause we aren’t sleeping well knowing that this was handled the wrong way and that we are feeling so powerless .

  9. Guest

    Nice write? Jim Brady must be very docile.  Help me out here, folks. Did the guy die of the shot to the torso or of asphyxiation?  What would be the point of trying to contain bleeding from the neck (after the fact?) and not trying to contain bleeding from a fatal torso shot?  “John Stidham didn’t want to report the crime right away because he had
    all of this stolen property.”  So he was just worried about being caught with stolen property, not with the dead body of a man he had just killed?

    This is really the best that Thatcher could do? It seems to me that this article raises more questions than it answers.  Something still smells to high heaven about this whole thing. Stidham must feel like he hit the jackpot.

  10. Docile Jim Brady

    A nice write and timely.

    The decisions made by the prosecution and defense appear to be wisely made., given the circumstances of this case.

    Not easily made, but wisely made.

  11. Miriam StJean

    Baloney Mr. Prosecutor; let’s take the body out of the equation

    You had indicted Stidham on 30 charges, including felonies and gun specifications, and had him dead to rights looking at 35 o 50 years

    You COULD have put him away for the rest of his life

    The body COULD have waited – there is no statute of limitations of murder

    You sold the County out