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10 Responses to “What should the government do about the recent jump in gas prices?”

  1. Aaron Young

    seriously where do you people get your information from?  We’re running out of oil?  Who says?  We currently sit on top of one of the largest oil beds in the world in Alaska and our tree hugging hippie liberal friends won’t let us get it.  We could drill off the west coast but the rich movie stars don’t want their pristine ocean views disturbed.  We are currently fracking oil shale right here in Ohio and western Pennsylvania and all i hear is complaining about that.  If you people want to believe we are simply out of oil then it won’t do a darn bit of good complaining about the government.  Instead you should all take a look at yourselves and the lies that you have taken in as the truth.

  2. James Price

    go back to what the laws where before deregulation that would be a start do the same with elc. but this will never happen because we lost our rights throw the years we have to do what wall street whats us to pay there is no short in oil lies ,lies stop the lies people are lazy we should be rasieing he$# that is what should be done then something would happen but as long as we dont do any thing they will steal avery penny we have dont look for your leaders to do any thing there owned by oil

  3. Tae T. Denimore

    I say use it all up. Use every single last drop of oil, then on to something new. BUY GAS!!!!!

  4. Manticore

    Why bother carrying on with oil? We’re going to run out, and relatively soon, so instead of wasting time ruining the environment, and drilling for more and more of a finite amount of oil, why aren’t scientists REALLY working on alternative fuel?

    Oh right, there’s no profit to be made on it.

  5. Jason Bennett

    The government can’t do much about it. The world has passed the peak of oil production at just the time when oil consumption is also rapidly expanding. We’re on the downward slope and have to find ways to use less oil for our energy supplies.

  6. Joyce Hunter

    TAKE AWAY USELESS AND UNNECSSARY REGULATION of our oil and gas industries and let them drill here and drill now!!!  Allow drilling in ANWAR and in the Gulf (as they are allowing Brazil to do, which makes no sense).  And reduce the absolutely ridiculous EPA regulations that are stifling all American energy independence!