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10 Responses to “Candidates for Mount Vernon Mayor debate”

  1. jthomas52

    How is it a “wise move” to pay someone their salary while they are investigated for felonies?  How is it a “wise move” to give a letter of recomendation to someone and then charge them with 19 felonies?  If I stole from my employer do you think they would pay me while they figured out how much I had stolen from them?????  Why do we pay robbers after they steal from us and them give them a letter recomendation so they can do it again and again and agian and again????????

  2. jthomas52

    How can you have integrity and then give someone a letter of recomendation in exchange for their resignation and then charge them with 19 felony counts????  How can you just “pass-along” a felon to another mayor ????????????????  If I stole thousands of dollars from the company I work for and lied about it, do you think they would give me a letter of recomendation and let me resign????????  This is politcal correctness gone amuck.  Right and wrong have been trashed.

  3. jthomas52

    If he cares so much about the people of Mt. Vernon, then why does he surround himself with people who do not care about the people?  If he had integrity he would get rid of them.

  4. Miriam StJean

    do you realize how many lawsuits there are in which Mavis has been named a defendant?  give me a break hamtramck22 – In addition to that, Mavis knew about Lang; Mavis knew about Hess; Mavis knew about Christy – and he didn’t implement the whistle blower program that the State Auditor strongly recommended – and don’t give me any spin about being his afraid of being sued for “wrongfully terminating Christy” – if an employe deserves to be fired, FIRE THEM – the guy’s been there too long and thinks his constituents are stupid – the city has been scandal laden lately – time to clean house – starting at the top – 

  5. hamtramck22

    Two comments on this one:

    1. Regarding Chief Christy: It was a wise move for the mayor and other city officials to remain mum on Chief Christy while the investigation took place. Perhaps you didn’t notice, but within the span of a couple months, Christy resigned his position (which meant there was no possibility of the city being sued by him for wrongful termination), and he was indicted by a grand jury. The grand jury indictment came after the city police department (a unit of the city administration, don’t forget) diligently conducted an investigation. The mayor didn’t grandstand. He let his employees do their work, and that work led to the wheels of justice turning.

    2. Regarding Jay Maners and his integrity: Jay Maners talks about his business credentials, but he neglects to mention that a court, earlier this year, declared that he had to pay over $70,000 to the former owner of his business. It’s a complicated case, so go read the judgment. Essentially, Jay Maners stole his business. He thought it was just fine to operate a business and collect profits on it without making payments–for YEARS–from the former owner of the business. Do you want a guy like this running the city?

  6. Don Williams Jr.

    Mount Vernon needs a change.  A change for the better.. A better Mount Vernon, safer, and more business in this town. I wish Jay Maners the best… Good Luck, you have my vote!

  7. TellMeTruely

    I listened with interest and have also absorbed the information in the recent Opinion page of Mt Vernon News.  (couple of weeks ago).   A comment was made by Mr. Maners and I would like to hear a response from Mr. Mavis on it.   Dick Mavis made it perfectly clear that he” “follows rules”.  However, recent events indicate that this Administration has set a “pattern” of turning a deaf ear to complaints of theft and fraud.  It was also noted in this debate that some 15? months ago, the administration was told by the Auditor of State that they need a whistle blower policy set so employees who steal and commit fraud can be held responsible.  Thank you Mr. Maners for bringing this to our attention.  However,  I beleive there was no response on this from Mr. Mavis today?    All businesses have work rules in place to prevent these actions.  This City is NO different.  So we  really need an explanation as to why some employees are not reprimanded when they should be.   Are we being told….well he’s such a GOOD Guy….or  he just made this small error in judgment….or oops!   When you steal time, money, equipment, or anything from the City, it comes from the pockets of the CITIZENS.    And when this occurs often and over a long period of time it is IN NO WAY a mistake.   Let me add, when administrators allow it to continue I believe it may constitute malfeasance or theft in office?  (I would need to consult with my legal eagle on that one?)   I KNOW one thing to be absolutely true.   Jay Maners is one of the most honest men I have ever  met.  Jay does not fit the description of a “Politician”.  Thank you Mr. Maners for bringing this to light.  Thank you Mt Vernon News, as well.  I am waiting to hear a response from the current administration relative to ‘accountability:’ for their errors in judgement.   WAKE UP MT VERNON!

  8. Mvbro

    Such as continuing to pay a fraud of a Fire Chief for months while he couldn’t provide verifiable certifications and/or credentials? That’s not courage or integrity…it called wasting tax payers’ money because you lack the courage to do the right thing. the chief should have been suspended without pay until he could provide verifiable documentation that he was qualified for the job. This wasn’t a custodial position. Not qualified…no job or pay…unless of course it is taxpayers’ money, then it’s no skin off the *** of the mayor or local politicians.

  9. gmturney

    Richard K Mavis is not now, nor has he ever been, a politician.  He is now and always has been a man of integrity, a man of courage, a man of honesty, and a man who really cares about your Knox County and Ohio’s Colonial City, your  Mount Vernon. Mayor Mavis will tell you he loves his job.  Yes, he has challenges just as everyone else has in their job.  He receives criticism from those who oppose his opinions and decisions.  But one thing should be made very clear to his constituents.  Mayor Mavis gives every challenge or request a great deal of consideration before making decisions. Decisions that are based on principles and facts that will benefit the most people and do the most good for your city of Mount Vernon.  I have known him longer than anyone else living today.  He is the best of the best and Mount Vernon residents are very blessed to have him living and caring for all their people.