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4 Responses to “What do you think of hydrofracking to get natural gas out of the ground?”

  1. Derek

    I have mixed feelings on this but ultimately I’d say NO DRILLING.  I am a fan on creating jobs, don’t get me wrong.  I would be a bigger fan if the drillers did this in a SAFE and CONTROLLED manner – as opposed to plopping and drilling wherever – with fully disclosing what it is exactly they are doing when they drill and the chemicals that are honestly being used.

    I’m directly linked to a “fracking gone wrong” in New York.  The house I grew up in (30 yr old home) is deemed not liveable right now because they do not have clean, drinkable water and currently my parents can not sell their house.  The house was worth around $120,000 but now is worth about $20,000.  Right now, they are in a major lawsuit with 9 other familes in the neighborhood, unwillingly, because they are all suffering consequences that the drillers have created and the drilling company is not taking responsibility.  Fortunately for them they have the same lawyer that won the multi-million dollar lawsuit in PA that some of you may have heard about years ago.  The drilling company claims that the 9 families miraculously came down with health issues at the same time.  These 9 families are all on the same water well.  This is 1 year and 2 months from when the drillers began drilling and all 9 families’ water has a foul odor, is fizzy, has a mild yellow color to it, and definitely LIGHTS ON FIRE!  I had to try this on my and when I did I was stunned.  If you take the well cap outside off, the fumes of gas is breathtaking.  The toilet, shower and sink have an unimaginable stain on them.  My question is if this is doing that to those everyday usages, what in the world is it doing to their skin?!

    Neighboring water wells are just now beginning to have the same thing happen to them.  To add to the problems these families are having, including mine, health issues such as skin, organ and respiratory problems.  There are children of other families in this lawsuit who are also having the same issues and none of these families are rich enough to just go buy another house with having a “non-liveable” house to also make payments on.  Some say, “just get out of there”…but to where?!  and how will they afford two homes?  Luckily my parents’ church is providing portable drinking water to all of the families. 

    I share this to not create a major debate but to instead expose to you all that this stuff is definitely real and people of Mount Vernon and surrounding areas’ health will be jeapardized if drilling happens in this area – that’s a guarantee!  The consequences from our “chances to create jobs” will be much greater, believe me!  I hope nobody goes through what my parents are going through right now.

  2. quingal

    If we human aren’t screwing up our air we breath already, now were going to try and mess up the ground we stand on. Can’t wait till I die and go to heaven. Then all u idiots can deal with the mess were gonna be in…

  3. Joe Murnane

    This is to further expand upon my previous post.   This is a very critical issue.  Fact is that millions of gallons of water mixed with unidentified chemicals are forced into shale creating multiple cracks. Some attempt is used by certain companies to contain flowback but not all.  Despite any flowback control, the gas is still released.    Consider methane migration/ gas release into the air, intrusion into ground water as well as spills into well water, long and short term effects on human health…   I could go on about this further.  But, I would encourage everyone in any community to review what Dr. Anthony Ingraffa from Cornell Univ has to say about hydrofracking. He is an expert on natural gas. Also, a 2010 documentary called Gasland directed by Josh Fox addresses this quit well including many of the ill effects being reported. 

  4. Joe Murnane

    This is a very bad idea. First of all there are too many unanswered questions. For example, what are the names of the chemicals mixed with the water used to create these fractures? How do you keep the chemicals from seeping into the surrounding land? Where do we dispose of the water/ chemical/ etc.. slurry that is extracted after the fractures? What % of this slurry is actually extracted? Release of radiation?? Radon gas which is known to naturally be released from shale would undoubtedly be released in higher quantities (no study needed to confirm this). Now, exactly how much additional radon is calculated to be released based on any given area expected to be “fracked”? What calculation methods are used to arrive at these conclusions? Where are the numbers coming from? And, are there any numbers? What about the already known overall effects on the environment (animals, humans…)? Have we not seen devastating effects in areas such as PA? Cost vs benefit? When the cost includes increased physical illnesses, destruction of wildlife and no doubt an increase in death from cancer resulting from long term effects, there IS NO BENEFIT.

    Here is a post with sreenshots of several major polls that have been removed since Ron Paul was winning.