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7 Responses to “What do you think about fracking waste from Pennsylvania being disposed of in a Knox County injection well?”

  1. silversun1

    Fracking is a terrible idea. The companies do NOT disclose what chemicals they use with the high pressure water to fracture the rock. There are documented earthquakes happening in the areas of fracking and I really worry about our groundwater. Many people in this area have wells that provide their entire water supply and if the groundwater becomes polluted from these chemicals, we are screwed! It is not needed. Thanks.

  2. Aaron Young

    once again, a new industry moves into the Knox county area and instead of embracing it with open arms the citizens of Knox county push it away.  Then in three or four years when the rest of the country is rich from it Knox county residents will sit and whine because there are no jobs and we’re still broke……its sad.

  3. Sally321

    I dislike fracking totally. It will and has caused problems with fault lines and quakes. What about our wells for drinking? The disposal water does not stay in the injection well….

  4. votefree

    Not that I’m totally against it but why don’t they dump it way out in the ocean? The ocean can handle it better I think. The environment isn’t anywhere near as fragile as some people make it out to be. I mean, if the Gulf of Mexico can handle billions of gallons of oil like they say went in there recently, it can handle millions of gallons of waste water. So dump that stuff in the middle of the Atlantic!

  5. JoHio

    I think it is a very bad idea, for many reasons. First, this is the very activity that has caused  Earthquakes, not only recently in Youngstown, but in may places it is being done. (Oklahoma springs instantly to mind.) 
    Second, due to the so called “Halliburton law”, the exact contents of the fracking fluid are considered proprietary, meaning the cocktail of poisons being injected are completely unknown.
    Third, do we really want to be importing pollution for money? Especially when the risk is to everyone’s water, but only a small clique of individuals are getting paid? That is called socializing the risks while privatizing the profits. One might excuse this away as being within the rights of individual landowners, but I would ask if they are allowed by law to dump toxic chemicals in the surface water; the creeks and rivers?  How are our underground aquifers any less deserving of being protected?
    Water is maybe our most important resource.
    If it is poisoned, so is our food, and our health, and our children’s health.
    At what point do you just say NO, this is unjustifiable?
    Please read this article, interviewing a NY regulator, who has the inside scoop:

  6. virg617

    who is going to fix the roads this spring when they get tore up by all the semis that are hauling water in

  7. virg617

    another thing that is going to happen is all the semis that are hauling water into the well site,come this spring they are going to have this road tore completely up ,and who is going to pay for that ?