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15 Responses to “Is the contract dispute between Knox Community Hospital and Anthem causing you to change where you go for healthcare?”

  1. Bonita George

    Having worked in healthcare for 30+ years, the writing was on the wall a while back and no one wanted to pay attention.  I have tried for many years to have friends and relatives take issue with KCH buying up physician practices.  It has all come home to roost now.  The routine doctors office visit that used to include the nurse taking your blood or urine sample would be billed for around $100.  Now, you have a $155 dr office charge, have to go to a KCH facility for blood work and pay that charge, have a lab charge for the urine, and the list goes on and on.  The prime example would be a routine yearly pap, pelvic and mammo.  in 2008 it cost me $51 after the insurance paid.  in 2009, same insurance, the doctor is now part of KCH and my out of pocket expense was over $200. WAKE UP  Knox County!!

  2. Bonita George

    because it is medicare administered by anthem it will still be accepted.  my mother has medicare thru anthem and it has NOT been a problem for her.

  3. kaymi

    Shame on whoever created this problem. When a community hospital purchases all of the local doctors facilities and refuses to accept Anthem insurance- what are we to do? I guess to  a different city to receive medical assistance. What in the world are they thinking? In that old movie about a baseball field – “If we build it – they will come” – But in this case – the buildings are there- they won’t accept us – so we should go elsewhere. So, how will they survive if everyone goes elsewhere?

  4. Judy Moffitt

    My husband and I who are both retired are thinking about moving back to Mt. Vernon, a town we resided in for 5 yrs. nearly 25 years ago.  I grew up in Mt. Vernon, and my husband and I lived there for 5 years after we were married.
    We have good memories of our life there and still share existing friendships.  However, we are now having second thoughts because of the KCH & Anthem issues with medical coverage.  You guessed it—our Medicare carrier is Anthem!  We have no problems with insurance coverage where we presently live, but it appears we would certainly have big problems if we did move to Mt. Vernon.  (Don’t you wonder how many other people and/or businesses are rethinking their plans because of this conflict?!!!

  5. cloyd1

    First, I want to state that I think our health care in Knox County is excellent, however because of the KCH and Anthem dispute, I  no longer am able to use our facilities, Doctors and Specialist, because they are out of network. Prior to this problem I used and was most satisfied with the care at KCH and the Doctors.  Recently, I have gone to Newark for surgery and all my Lab work. By they way Newark is very good  and not that far.  Most disputes have two sides and it is a shame that two companies cannot come to an agreement that will benefit not only themselves but the customer. Cloyd Yough 

  6. Claire

    This is an issue, KNOX VS ANTHEM and should have been scrutinized and addressed BEFORE Knox bought out these little family practices. The whole idea according to KCH, is for the community benefit. Yes, I agree with every comment. It saddens me to see this happen to the community, shame on the culture values and ethics in our Health Care Management. Those of you who have Anthem, but even more so the one’s who actually are paying for the whole premium as I am, and then not to have access to a physician is or has not been for the good of the community. Just another note, those of you having the luxury of having insurance,and Knox Community monopoly of physician’s offices are providers, doesn’t mean you hit 3rd base and heading for a home run. Wait till you get the bill. If you pay out of pocket, because you need to reach the deductible, you will note KCH billing has increased what they bill to insurance’s which means more money WE THE COMMUNITY PAY OUT OF POCKET….It is win loose situation. The hospital gets a cut, the physicians are happy, and the community gets the leftovers. A food for thought and please listen: One of my professor’s shared a quote with me and feel it is a good time to share. When an organization’s mission and vision does not meet the needs of the stakeholders, then it no longer serves a purpose and becomes ineffective. Leadership will need to,in the end, learn the culture of not only the organization, but the COMMUNITY that is trying to serve. I am sure Knox has good intention’s, but what about providing this community with good mental health care providers, at least one psychiatrist, and counselors who get paid fairly for their hard work. Not sure I can be to proud of a community who picks and chooses.  What about those people in the community who have been waiting in line, for a much longer time just to be acknowleged, let alone served. Think about that one……….CONCERNED CITIZEN 

  7. ktyson

    You should be interviewing people who have Anthem. IT DOES HURT US!  I don’t go to the doctor as I am still paying bills where I went to the doctor for one visit when they contracted with Anthem my office visit was $40 now that it is out of pocket it is $155 just to go in for an antibiotic. I now either go to Fosters walk in clinic, or if something urgent happens I will go to St Ann’s.

  8. ValJo

    Yes it is…. I can’t afford to pay out of networks amounts. I have had 5 surgeries and given birth 2 times at the Mount Vernon Hospital. I will now have to drive to Mansfield, Newark or Columbus for all treatments

  9. wdidinger

    It cerainly has! It has been terrible. We have Anthem and we have been forced to change doctors, and we cannot go to the new Urgent Center, as it is owned by KCH and is out of network. It has been very inconvenient for us, and has forced us to have to lose physicians that have taken care of us for many years and knows our medical history. We have always stayed local whenever possible, and this feud between KCH and Anthem has been a nightmare. It is not the insurance company or the hospital that is suffering the most, it is the patients.

  10. michelle kimball

    yes…. who wants to go somewhere your health insurance is not excepted. they will end up not getting our familys business

  11. n8smr

    Yes.  My husband also has no primary care physician due to no contract with Anthem as well. 

  12. ktyson

    You should be asking Anthem Insurance holders. Yes it does affect us. When I went to the doctor in 2011 it cost me $155 verses $40 because we are out of newtwork and out deductibe and out of pocket are much higher. I cannot afford this so I don’t go to the doctor unless it is absolutly necessary and then I only go to walk in clincs or St Anns Hospital.

  13. zorks

    Yes it is. I had Anthem for years, I just switched to United Health Care because we can not risk not having a local hospital to go to. The bad is several years ago there was a similar dispute with United Health Care which my employer only has Anthem or UHC, so either way we are at risk. I am wandering if the issue is not with the insurance companies and it is KCH.