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Mount Vernon News
May 5, 2012 8:52 am EDT


“I’m all for it. Talking or texting while driving causes accidents. It’s unsafe.”

Brenden Moore, Mount Vernon

“I think people will still do it; it doesn’t really matter. It’s another way to get revenue for the state. Everyone knows it’s dangerous but will do it anyway.”

Andy Lane, Bladensburg

“I’m against texting while driving — it’s unsafe. Even using cell phones is no good.”

Robert Stepp, Mount Vernon

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“I agree (with the ban), I think texting while driving is dangerous.”

Kira Rafferty, Newark

“I think the ban is a huge safety issue. It’s why we have hands-free devices — to keep your eyes on the road.”

Jimi Flynn, Newark.

“I love it — I drove 3 million miles in a semi and I didn’t like seeing people talking on cell phones. A CB is different. I worry about people getting hurt.”

Happ Henthorn, Mount Vernon

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