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May 12, 2012 8:43 am EDT


“Registered voters. I’ve always been a registered voter and maybe it will encourage more people to register, if they are interested in being on a jury. Anything that helps get people registered and involved in our government is good. Hopefully it would go together.”

Jay Catteau, Wooster

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“Any citizen should do it. Everybody has a right to be selected for a jury.”

Jacki Lang, Mount Vernon

“If one person has to do it, the rest of us should have to do it. It’s our duty.”

Christopher Lang, Mount Vernon

“I think it should be any citizen in the county. Just because they are not registered doesn’t mean they shouldn’t participate in things that go on in our community.”

Penny Mierzejewski, Howard

“I think everybody should participate.”

Macneil Freeman, Mount Vernon

“Everybody should be in the pool. It’s supposed to be of your peers, so just because not everybody is a registered voter ...”

Jackie Anders, Mount Vernon


  • Before a felony case can be heard in Knox County Common Pleas Court, the Knox County Prosecutor must take the state’s evidence to a grand jury, which determines if there is enough evidence to prosecute the case.

    Grand jury first step in process

    One of the essential protections afforded American citizens by the U.S. Constitution is the right to a trial by jury.


  • Juries of 12 citizens selected from voter registration lists are seated to hear felony criminal cases in the Knox County Common Pleas Court.

    Jury duty less dramatic than TV version

    In an age of popular “procedural” television police dramas, real-life attorneys sometimes have to deal with what they call the “CSI Effect.”

  • Municipal Court has large workload

    Mount Vernon Municipal Court is tucked away on the third floor at 5 N. Gay St., an address it shares with, among others, the police department and city law director.


Editor’s Note: This is a series of stories detailing the jury process including grand jury, Common Pleas Court and Municipal Court.


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