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September 1, 2012 3:06 am EDT


MOUNT VERNON — Pedestals are being installed for the new traffic control masts being erected at the intersection of Coshocton Avenue with Brown and Sychar streets.

Mayor Richard Mavis said the traffic lights at the offset intersection are being reconfigured to better handle the traffic flow and to make it easier to get from Brown onto Coshocton.


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Safety-Service Director Dave Glass said the new lights are part of the safety improvements being made along Coshocton Avenue. The lights will be controlled by the same kind of camera system the city has been using elsewhere, such as Sandusky Street intersections near Rolls Royce.

A green light will be maintained on Coshocton Avenue except when the cameras detect cars waiting on Brown and Sychar. The most noticeable change, however, will be that lights will also be facing Brown Street.

Before this, Glass said, there have been times when it is almost impossible to turn left from Brown onto Coshocton.

Dice honored

Flags at city offices and buildings will fly at half-staff Tuesday in honor of the late Chuck Dice, the former Mount Vernon City Council member whose funeral will take place that day.

Flags in the city were at half-staff Friday, as proclaimed by President Obama, in honor of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon.

Fountain fixed

The fountain at Riverside Park, which had been overflowing its retaining wall, is fixed. What it amounted to, the mayor said, is that a drain had simply become partly blocked, so it was an easy fix.

Coshocton Road

Mavis said Engineer Cameron Keaton had reported the Coshocton Avenue widening project is proceeding on schedule and traffic will move to the north two lanes Tuesday as previously announced. While traffic is on those two lanes, the curbs, gutters and sidewalks will go in on the south side.

Mavis said he has had people ask him where the traffic lanes of the rebuilt road will be. He said the right eastbound lane will be approximately where it is now. Most of the additional space for the widening came from the north side of the roadway.

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