Mount Vernon News

Election 2012 November 6, 2012

  • Josh Mandel R

    Jobs and the economy are important enough for Josh Mandel in his campaign for the U.S. Senate that he has it in his web’s domain name.


  • Sherrod Brown D

    Jobs and job creation is the key to a better Ohio, said Sherrod Brown, Democratic Party candidate for U.S. Senate.


  • Scott Rupert I

    Scott Rupert believes it’s time to return to our roots — the U.S. Constitution.


  • Bob Gibbs R

    The mounting federal debt and budget deficits were the issues that drew Bob Gibbs of Holmes County into the race for Congress two years ago and he still sees those as the biggest issues facing the country.


  • Joyce Healy-Abrams D

    Frustration with the way Washington politicians were not getting anything done propelled Joyce Healy-Abrams into running for Congress.


  • Margaret Ann Ruhl R

    Throwing her hat into the ring for re-election as Ohio 68th District State Representative, formerly District 90, is Margaret Ann Ruhl.


  • John Ryerson D

    Representing the Knox County Democratic Party in the race for Ohio District 68 State Representative is John Ryerson.


  • John Booth D

    When John Booth says he is no “Johnny-come-lately” in local politics, he has a record of 36 years of service backing him up.


  • Thom Collier R

    If the field of candidates in the race to replace Allen Stockberger as a Knox County Commissioner had to be summed up in one word, it would be “experienced.”


  • Jim Hughes I

    Many people would say it’s difficult to grasp the big picture unless you have a handle on the small ones, and that logic seems to apply to Jim Hughes’ campaign for Knox County Commissioner as an Independent candidate.


  • Issue 1

    Issue 1 asks if there should be a convention to revise, alter or amend the Ohio Constitution?


  • Issue 2

    Issue 2 is a proposed Constitutional amendment that would create a state-funded commission to draw legislative and congressional districts for the state.


  • Bell Stores — Fredericktown B, Local Option

  • Buffalo Wild Wings — Mount Vernon 3-C, Local Option

  • Centerburg School District — Renewal 1.50 mill, continuing period, permanent improvements

  • Central Ohio Joint Fire District — Renewal 5.50 mills, Fire and EMS, 5 years

  • East Knox School District — Income tax 3/4 of 1 percent, current expenses, continuing period of time and property tax of 2.92 mills for necessary requirements, continuing period of time

  • Fredericktown Community Joint Ambulance District — 0.60 mill, Fire and EMS, 5 years

  • Fredericktown Park District — Renewal 1.5 mills, Parks and Recreation, 3 years

  • Hilliar Township — Replacement and increase 2.8 mills, roads, streets and bridges, 5 years

  • Jackson Township — Additional 2 mills, Roads, streets and bridges, 3 years

  • Knox County Board of Health — Replacement and increase 0.08 mill, health services, 5 years

  • Knox County 9-1-1 — 1/4 of 1 percent sales tax, operation of system, 5 years

  • Knox County Park District — Renewal, 0.35 mill, Parks and trails, 5 years

  • Milford Township — Renewal, 3 mills, Roads, streets and bridges, 5 years

  • Mohican Cabins Jefferson Township — Local option, beer, wine and spirits, also Sunday sales

  • Morgan Township — Renewal, 0.80 mill, EMS, 3 years

  • Mount Vernon City School District — Additional 4.72 mills, emergency requirements, 5 years

  • Ashland-West Holmes JVS — Renewal, 0.5 mill, permanent improvements, 5 years

  • Ashland-West Holmes JVS — Renewal, 1 mill, current expeneses, 3 years

  • North Fork School District — Renewal 1 percent income tax, current expenses, continuing period

  • Knox County Commissioner — Teresa Bemiller (R)

  • Knox County Prosecutor — John Thatcher (R)

  • Knox County Clerk of Courts — Mary Jo Hawkins (R)

  • Knox County Sheriff — David Shaffer (R)

  • Knox County Engineer — Jim Henry (R)

  • Knox County Coroner — Jennifer Ogle (R)

  • Knox County Recorder — John Lybarger (R)

  • Knox County Treasurer — Shelley Coon (R)