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Mount Vernon News June 14, 2013

Heifers rescued from damaged barn

FREDERICKTOWN -- Firefighters with the Fredericktown Community Fire District were busy rescuing Holstein heifers from a section of collapsed barn at Fawnacres Farm on Sparta Road on Thursday morning following extensive damage to the barn from Wednesday night's thunderstorm.

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Prohibitionist makes visit to Danville

DANVILLE -- "I'm here to save you from a drunkard's fate,"a hatchet-wielding Carry A. Nation told the puzzled people inside the merchant's tent at the Danville Turkey Festival.

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'The Crucible'comes to Mount Vernon this weekend

MOUNT VERNON -- Sixty years after its premier, Arthur Miller's classic drama "The Crucible,"loosely based on the infamous Salem Witch Trials, endures as a relevant story.

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Chrispin, Hartley top two for Fredericktown

FREDERICKTOWN -- The Fredericktown Board of Education has narrowed its search for a new superintendent to two -- Matthew Chrispin and Scott Hartley.

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Softball league finds success in Mount Vernon

MOUNT VERNON -- On any given day of the week, a person walking through Memorial Park in Mount Vernon can hear the sounds of children at play, along with parents cheering them on.

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