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May 14, 2013 10:39 am EDT


FORT COLLINS, Colo., — Carole Jordan passed away April 9, 2013, in Fort Collins, Colo.

She was born April 10, 1934, and grew up in Mount Vernon, Ohio. She met her husband, James Albert Botten while he was a student at nearby Kenyon College. They had three girls, Margaret Sue, Kathleen Ann and Susan Carole. After James passed away, at the young age of 38, Carole married Paul Jordan. Carole and Paul divorced in the early ’80s and from there Carole chose to live her life as a single, carefree woman. She lived in Florida, California, Arizona and finally settled in Fort Collins. During those years, she lived life to the fullest. She traveled the world. She laughed a lot. She cried some but most importantly, she loved and was loved.

Besides her three daughters, Carole is survived by her granddaughter, Amanda James; four grandsons, Griffin Ciluffo, Benjamin Valentino, Samuel Valentino and Stephen Valentino; son-in-law, Adrian Valentino; and great-grandson, Jesee Travis. She also leaves behind her “adopted” children, Kelly Wilcox, Marcia Maus, Tommy Maus and Jeffrey Wahl.

An online memorial to Carole can be found at:

Submitted by Susan Valentino

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