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Mount Vernon, Ohio


Saturday 2:26 pm



Wind: SSW at 12 mph

Pressure: 30.07


A thunderstorm in spots

A thunderstorm in spots

87° 67 °




A t-storm; not as warm
A t-storm; not as warm

78° 67 °



A thunderstorm in spots
A thunderstorm in spots

84° 68 °



A couple of thunderstorms
A couple of thunderstorms

82° 62 °



Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

81° 60 °


NATIONAL SUMMARY                   
It was a dry day across much of the East Coast yesterday with 
sunshine and patchy clouds from Maine to Georgia. Temperatures across 
this area typically ran a few degrees below normal, although some 
spots in the Deep South still climbed well into the 90s. Widespread 
showers and thunderstorms were seen along the Gulf Coast, over the 
Plains and into the western Great Lakes with some storms producing 
severe weather. Heavy downpours were the primary threat with storms 
closer to the Gulf Coast while the severe weather threat was focused 
farther north. A few thunderstorms produced wind gusts as strong as 
65 mph over Iowa with one thunderstorm spinning up a tornado over 
northern Wisconsin. Thunderstorms also dotted the central and 
northern Rockies, but otherwise, the rest of the West was dry with 
above-normal temperatures.         
SPECIAL WEATHER                    
On this day in 1986, there was record chill over a large area. 
Record-low temperatures were tied or broken in at least 47 cities 
Allentown, PA: 41 degrees tied the August record (1934)
Baltimore, MD (airport): 45 degrees, new August record
Indianapolis, IN: 42 degrees, tied record for date (1946)
Philadelphia, PA: 47 degrees       
Pittsburgh, PA: 43 degrees         
Roanoke, VA: 42 degrees, new August record
Scranton, PA: 41 degrees tied record for the date (1934)
Washington, DC: 50 degrees, tied record for the date (1896)
Youngstown, OH: 40 degrees         
Greensboro, NC: 45 degrees, new August record
WEATHER HIGHLIGHTS                 
--Wheeling, Ohio, set a new record low on Friday morning when 
temperatures dropped to 50 F. The previous record was 56 F from 2012.
Adverse Weather Reports from Earlier Friday:
--As thunderstorms came onshore, a wind gust of 45 mph was measured 
at Freshwater Canal Locks in Freshwater City, Louisiana.
--A downpour, which dropped visibility to less than a half mile, led 
to minor street flooding on Wisconsin Highway 35 near Webster, 
--Flood waters covered a highway near Osceola, Nebraska.
Cool Friday Morning (Actual Low/Normal Low):
--Bradford, PA: 40/50              
--Elmira, NY: 43/54                
--Williamsport, PA: 50/59          
--Scranton, PA: 50/58              
--Altoona, PA: 48/57               
Rainfall Totals on Friday (in inches):
Paynesville, MN                    3.78                               
Sugar Land, TX                     2.97                               
St. Cloud, MN                      2.03                               
Lancaster, TX                      2.00                               
Mineral Wells, TX                  1.92                               
Corsicana, TX                      1.89                               
Lincoln, IL                        1.72                               
Willmar, MN                        1.72                               
Siren, WI                          1.69                               
Antigo, WI                         1.58                               
McAllen, TX                        1.53                               
Mexia, TX                          1.49                               
Biloxi, MS                         1.41                               
Des Moines, IA                     1.38                               
Fort Worth, TX                     1.33                               
Mora, MN                           1.32                               
Weslaco, TX                        1.32                               
Newton, IA                         1.28                               
DAILY EXTREMES                     
National High Yesterday 117 at Death Valley, California
National Low Yesterday 32 at Angel Fire, New Mexico
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PLACE              YEAR                  EVENT
California         1929    Coastal steamer San Juan (over 2,000 tons)
                           was rammed off Pigeon Point near Santa Cruz,
                           by the oil tanker S.C.T. Doss which was
                           proceeding at "excessive speed in fog without
                           sounding fog signals". Around 70 passengers
                           and crew on the San Juan drowned.

West Virginia      1989    Lightning set numerous house and trailer
                           fires. Firefighters could not keep up with
                           all the fires that were burning.