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Mount Vernon, Ohio


Friday 5:26 am



Wind: NNE at 3 mph

Pressure: 30.07


Sunny and pleasant

Sunny and pleasant

80° 60 °




A couple of thunderstorms
A couple of thunderstorms

84° 68 °



Heavy thunderstorms
Heavy thunderstorms

80° 62 °



Cooler with a shower
Cooler with a shower

71° 52 °



Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

74° 53 °


NATIONAL SUMMARY                   
Severe thunderstorms will shift from Minnesota to Iowa tonight with 
damaging winds and torrential downpours. Storms will die down across 
the Carolinas and Southeast with spotty storms in the Four Corners.
An area of high pressure will keep the Northeast and much of the 
mid-Atlantic dry tomorrow. However, this will not make all areas 
exempt from thunderstorms in the East. The end of a front in the 
Atlantic Ocean will extend into the Southeast and the Gulf of Mexico, 
allowing for just enough energy to produce thunderstorms from the 
Carolinas to Florida and westward along the Gulf coast to Louisiana. 
Parts of the Mississippi River Valley will be dry, but showers and 
thunderstorms sinking southward from Minnesota will bring some 
thunderstorms into Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. From Texas and 
through the Plains, dry weather and sunshine are in store. However, 
monsoonal moisture will bring afternoon thunderstorms to areas across 
the Four Corners. The West Coast will remain sunny and dry.
SPECIAL WEATHER                    
Record Heat Grips the Plains       
The nation's heartland was the target of a heat wave on this date in 
1934 with Detroit, Chicago, Corpus Christi, Texas and Milwaukee all 
topping out at the 105-degree mark. Another heat wave centered on the 
Plains just two years later with Alton, Kansas hitting 121 F, tying 
the all-time record high for the state. Minden, Nebraska, reached 118 
F which set an all-time record high for the Cornhusker state.
Local Storm Reports on Thursday:   
-Strong winds from a possible tornado in Northampton County, Virginia 
wreacked havoc at Cherrystone Campground, killing two and injuring
more  than a dozen others Thursday morning. Emergency managers also 
reported overturned RV Campers.    
-Early Thursday morning, thunderstorms produced hail ranging from one 
to two inches in diameter across eastern Montana.
-As of Thursday morning at 7 a.m. EDT, several places in Lincoln 
County, Nebraska saw between 1.50 inches and 2.50 inches of rain.
-Midday on Thursday, a 50-year-old man was injured near Clearwater, 
Florida by an indirect lightning strike and suffered from non-life 
threatening injuries.              
-Thunderstorms Thursday afternoon in Hamlin County, South Dakota 
produced golf ball-sized hail.     
-60-mph wind gust in Glasgown, Montana
-Estimated wind gust to 80-mph blew shingles off of a roof and broke 
a window                           
-Measured 80-mph wind gust 5 miles northeast of Porcupine, S.D.
24-Hour Rainfall Amounts (in inches) as of 8:00 p.m. EDT...
Lynchburg, Va.                     3.88                                   
Beaufort, N.C.                     3.35                                   
Wakefield, Va.                     3.26                                   
Rock Hill, S.C.                    2.40                                   
Richmond, Va.                      2.22                                   
Hampton, Va.                       2.20                                   
Atlanta, Ga.                       2.10                                   
Bogue Field, N.C.                  1.97                                   
Goldsboro, N.C.                    1.82                                   
St. Petersburg, Fla.               1.79                                   
Jacksonville, N.C.                 1.73                                   
Suffolk, Va.                       1.69                                   
Newport News, Va.                  1.68                                   
Fentress, Va.                      1.53                                   
New Bern, N.C.                     1.51                                   
Fullerton, La.                     1.35                                   
Louisa, Va.                        1.28                                   
Fort Eustis, Va.                   1.27                                   
La Grange, Texas                   1.19                                   
Bartow, Fla.                       1.16                                   
Emporia, Va.                       1.15                                   
Smithfield, N.C.                   1.14                                   
Rocksprings, Texas                 1.12                                    
Mobile, Ala.                       1.05                               
DAILY EXTREMES                     
National High Today (through 9 p.m.) 118 at Needles, California
National Low Today (through 9 p.m.) 30 at Lakeview, Oregon
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PLACE              YEAR                  EVENT
Tucson, Ariz.      1952    Winds at 60 mph ripped roofs off an apartment
                           complex and an airplane hangar, sweeping dust
                           and sand through the city and leaving 200
                           persons homeless.

New York           1975    Severe thunderstorms developed in western and
                           central New York; lightning struck a city park
                           in Rochester injuring 12 children, all were
                           playing on a metal jungle gym. One patrolman
                           described the scene as if "someone threw a
                           stick of dynamite in the middle of the crowd
                           and it blew."