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18 Responses to “Do you feel safe?”

  1. john

    Nick your story just doesn’t make sense…………………most of us suspect a different story………and I bet the police do too.

  2. nick wallace

    Do I feel safe? Heck I’m the one that got shot on Divan Rd. I’ve felt safe my entire life. Born and raised in Mt. Vernon. It takes just a couple of bad apples to bread like rabbits and boom. Look at what your surrounded by. Then you have those couple of good apples who get around the bad apples and get hooked on hard drugs and next thing you know there shooting guns at giant rabbits in the city or robbing their neibors to fund their new habbit. I feel safe now because I have my 45 ACP with me any time I’m not in public. Now that people are paying attention to what is going on around them they are acting like neibors again. The public catches criminals not the police.If we hired 50 more police officers in this town we would just have more DUI’s.

  3. John Q. Public

    I feel safe as far as my neighbors’ and local community goes…however, I do not feel safe as far as what the federal government is trying to do to take away my Constitutional rights.

  4. jt

    now that’s what i’m talking about. becky and family sound truly aware. and maybe the best is to help protect the children. parental guidance is a very helpful thing as it should be. and this is not like teaching a kid how to drive. which don’t get me wrong, is dangerous..just the experience of doing it is sometimes all it takes to make a difference. we all have the right to be safe

  5. Becky

    We feel safe, because we all know how and when to use firearms. We taught our kids how to shoot, and they enjoy it. I never want my daughters to be afraid to potect themselves with a gun. We’re like others, you come into our home with the intent to harm us, it’s going to get messy. Where we live it would take too long for the cops to get out here, we’d die waiting.

  6. jt

    i like the eye for an eye theory. you broke into my house. i just shot you in the chest with a 44magnum. and we are all even. sounds fair to me.
    and dave, did you say you live in gambier?? ok. cuz i’ll stay on the other side of the county thanx.
    but let your wife know their is a big artery(femoral, i think it is) in the thigh. or is that why you told her to shoot there????

  7. dave

    wendi, i gave my wife a copy of the concealed carry laws. she knows how to shoot quite well and our dogs obey her. i feel comfortable leaving her at home. i know a stranger wouldn’t get past the dogs without killing them and in that case this person would fit the “afraid for my life” catagory. i have stressed to blow their darn leg off and not put one in their chest. preutty simple, thanks though.

  8. Ann

    To go along w/hazeleyes’ comment…the question asks “Do you feel safe”…it is vague. I feel safe at home w/my big dogs and security but generally I don’t feel safe, and with the way this worlds condition is it would be rare to hear that someone could feel completely safe in all environmental settings. The bible teaches us that this world is passing away along w/this system of things…and I believe this to be true, and all you have to do is look around you.

  9. Wendi

    There are reasons we do not live in the big cities. Had to get a security light because when I called the police after I yelled at the people to get out of my yard the police said “what do want us to do you already scared them away.” Let your wife know you can not shoot them (already have one) unless they enter your house with the intention to harm you and you can not let your dogs out to bite the scumbags either. With the economy the way it is we can not sell and just move to the country.

  10. jt

    please don’t take it all out of context lynn. odviously you don’t comprehend what dave meant. you must not have ever lived in a big city. most people look the other way in big cities.
    they keep their blinders (yeah, horse blinders is what i mean) on and focus only on what they do, not the next guy, not the neighbor 2 doors down, nothing. just their own little existance. which does not help make a city safe. people would see more if they woke up, paid attention, and took the blinders off.
    or maybe if they didn’t live in fear of retaliation(big city specifically).

  11. Lynn

    So in response to Dave, in other words, if you live on Divan Rd., you deserve to be robbed? Thats bogus, a lot more than Amish live out there. Forget google, drive down the road. Your logic makes no sense. If it’s easier to get not get caught doing crime in “no mans land” as you say, why do you site Cleveland and Toledo as unsafe? Pretty sure the poplulation there isn’t sparse….

  12. dave

    they say location, location, location……easier to commit a crime and not get caught out in no-mans land i would imagine. google this…..what is out on divan rd. in martinsburg?????? not to be rude, but
    if your not amish you don’t belong there. get it?
    someone likes to think of the “trash” that has moved INTO the county. nonono…read the paper, it just happens to be the local trash doing this stuff. and the denial part, what are you talking about????
    i’ve lived in pheonix, toledo, detroit, columbus, and cleveland. served in iraq and pakistan..
    i feel safe in gambier. VERY safe. to understand not safe think of this. go to the cleveland zoo and park outside the gate. get out of your car and walk 10 blocks west. now you might understand not safe. and forget locking your car cuz’ if they want it they’ll get it. or get lost outside the toledo sports arena. twenty years ago that was not safe. sure it hasn’t changed any.
    welcome to home ownership, darn security light out of pocket, boohoo. be glad your car is still in the driveway.
    it does not please me that my wife asked me to teach her how to shoot a handgun after 16 years.
    but this makes her feel safe. and if momma bear ain’t happy, then no-one is happy.

  13. Wendi

    NO there is so much crime around Columbus Road that I have not felt safe since living in Mt Vernon for 6 years. I have hadmy kids bikes stolen people around my vehicles at night and in my yard I had to have a security light put up and pay for it out of pocket.

  14. Loretta

    I moved here from a community smaller then most around here. I have lived here just 7years and in that time there have been MANY changes. We used to leave our doors unlocked and now it is no longer safe to do so. We are forced to lock our doors due to the Trash that has moved into our county and have taken away that sense of security we all had. We all have families to protect! and protecting my family is my main objective. To simply answer the “Do you feel safe” question NO!!!! And if you still do after all that has been going on lately you are in denial…. Turning the other cheek in this day and age is NOT going to make everything go away or better. It is time for EVERYONE to stand up and take part in helping make this once nice quiet community into that once again.

    They say it takes a village to raise a child well in this case it is going to take a village to make said village a safe and great place to live…

  15. John C. Davidson

    You’re never really safe if you have a telephone, meet a stranger on the street or open a letter from a government agency.

  16. jt

    safety is in the eye of the beholder.. today is sunday. you feel safe right????
    wake up, shower, cup of coffee, get the kids ready, meet the in-laws at the diner for breakfast, and then off to church, right?????
    then, in the middle of church someone blows a pipe bomb!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is not knox co. thank heaven. the true question is do you feel safe here? i do.
    remember, before you answer, there are ALOT worse places to feel safe.

  17. hazeleyes

    In what respect? Walking the streets of Mount Vernon? Yes! As a single woman I do! I know how to protect myself! Now if someone approaches me with a gun and orders me to undress, well then he will have to kill me then, because it won’t happen from this woman! It’s pretty sad when it gets to a point you can’t walk outside your home at night let alone during the day without worrying someone is going to shoot, kill, or possibly rape you! It is time we all come together as a Community and stick together and watch each others back instead of bad mouthing each other, not saying that you do. We also need make a special effort to watch for our elderly population who seem to be the most vunerable. I was raised in the small community who is having all the high crime right now, and it is beyond me, why they can not find the criminals??? Are the criminals really that good at hiding their identity? Or perhaps something else has gone wrong with our system???