MOUNT VERNON — Two people were arrested Thursday morning by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office following a break-in at a Danville business.



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7 Responses to “Two arrested after break-in”

  1. .500 s&w

    Old school, I couldn’t agree more. All it would take is one public hanging on the square of mt.vernon and I GUARANTEE the local crime rate would be non-existent. Well since that will never happen lets move on to the next best thing. Everyone should buy a gun,LEARN how to shoot it,and when you catch these low life,drug dealing,welfare thieves in your house,show them what you LEARNED.

  2. OMG

    These 2 have got to go down in the books as the DUMBEST thieves in Knox county!!!!!!! To dang funny

  3. Old School

    In many other cultures, thieves have a hand cut off for each offense, or worse. After the second, they find it increasingly difficult to STEAL that which doesn’t belong to them. Murderers are put to death-no ridiculously lengthy prison stay. In our nation, criminals (and ILLEGAL aliens) are catered to so that THEIR rights aren’t infringed upon. What is wrong with this picture?
    Some screwball defense attorney (taxpayer paid for, no doubt) will have this case stretched so far out of proportion that if the perps get a slap on the wrist, the law abiding community will be lucky.
    It is past time for the community to band together and watch out for each other. Stolen weapons such as these are giving pukes tools for more horrendous crimes-home invasions, rapes, shootings, and murder. And for what? Enough for the perps next high? Enough is enough. Throw the book at them. Public hangings were proven to be an effective deterrent–

  4. Nick Wallace

    I can just imagine the stories people have heard about my incident. When I got out of the hospital, after a 5 day stay, I at least 10 different stories. My friends, family, and the detective’s know the real story but I can’t exactly tell the public the details of what happened due to the investigation. I would love to tell it in its entirety once the case is resolved. I will say this though. I will be able to sleep a hole lot better after reading this article and so should you. But don’t go back to your ” pre 911 mentality” if you know what I mean. There are still alot of theaves out there and people have to be willing to watch each others backs….