MOUNT VERNON — The old Mount Vernon Middle School was again on the agenda at the February meeting of the Mount Vernon Dilapidated Buildings Commission.



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8 Responses to “Fogle: Work progressing on old middle school”

  1. John C. Davidson

    Selective law enforcement at its worse. Then, they wonder why we don’t trust them.

  2. Miriam St. Jean

    Bechtel has been ignoring Mt Vernon regulations, ordinances and laws for a decade – does anyone really believe that he’ll do as he promises?

    Check out his record in other counties – he hands out the same all city officials in this state – his non-compliance with state laws is becoming almost legendary – am just wondering who is paying off who in this city – and why no one has the guts to charge this idiot with a crime –

    I guess we could ask Mayor Mavis – but all he does is make excuses for Bechtel………….

    this has become more than tiresome……’s a travesty

  3. MtV May & Prosecuter = JOKE !

    The City Knows That Kids Are Gonna Throw Rocks At The Windows. That there gonna get broken.
    They know that this guy isnt gonna get it fixed up. Even if the outside was fixed up, That school building it self, will not bring anymore business to Good Ole’ Mount Vernon. Mayor is always askin for grants for the city.
    Why dont he ask for a Grant to demolish the school, cause the owner of the school cant afford to fix it up. Too much money needs to go in. Dude needs to walk away and settle for his losses, or have it demolished & sell the land back to the city or realator company.

  4. Paul Smith

    There are two houses directly across the street from 17 Cottage St. that the commision should take a look at. I have lived at 17 Cottage for two years now and one of the houses has never been occupied and the other was occupied for a few months by a drug dealer.Both houses are now occupied by the neighborhood cats. As well as mice and rats I’m sure.

  5. Ronda O'Brien

    You know this middle school thing is starting to get ridiculous to me, my mom and step-father living directly across from this “thing” and its more of a hazard then it is a help. i mean really, does it really need to be rebuilt into something else this retirement home that the owner keeps claiming he is going to do with it, i mean even then if it gets built it will still be a problem expecially with the home owners around that place, and where is everyone going to park? i just think it is pointless just get rid of it kids keep breaking in it and destroying it and one of these days someone is gonna get hurt because of the holes in the floor i mean everything is falling apart and i dont see the use. and please lets do something about it!

  6. John C. Davidson

    These problem aren’t going away because the landlords have no control over how their tenants treat rental properties. The city forces landlords to abide by their standards and even assume respocibility for tenants utility bills. I know Mr. Sptzer means well, but he’s spinning his wheels.

    By the way, what is that old building going to be when it is done? At the moment, it must be a tax right-off.

  7. Jacob

    Isn’t 14 E. Ohio the old Corner Grill? If so, it’s already been demolished.