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19 Responses to “How do you feel about allowing offshore drilling in the United States?”

  1. bill

    the reasons for our massive population increase is because of more factors than just immigration. to say that immigration is the only reason for our “massive” population increase is just naive. why not blame our population increase on the catholic church because they dont believe in contraceptives. or blame the CDC or doctors because we havent had a major epidemic that has destroyed our population, or why not blame Obama because he hasnt taken us into a war that has devastated our population.

    to say that population is a major reason of our increased need for more energy is also just a minor part of total picture. and dont just blame republicans for not getting on the oil. Republicans are just as lazy. remember they had the chance to take the lead on this issue for the last decade, and what was it that they got accomplished. umm. thats right nothing.

  2. John Q. Public

    What’s wrong with nuclear power plants? If every country on this plant has them, why don’t we? How come third-world countries have nuclear power and we stop ours under safety concerns? We all live on the same earth, so…if a nuclear plant blows-up in China, it will still effect us here in the United States on raditation effect regardless of where the plant is located. The only example here in the U.S. of a nuclear accident was 3 mile island, in which nobody died. Russia has exploded a nuclear plant, which affected the whole world. Do we feel, as a country, that we are above everybody else in this world…that we are so smart on the ecology that we refuse to build any more nuclear power plants?

  3. netjim66

    Off shore drilling is fine. Our country has to get wealth from somewhere to offset the debt we are creating. Inland drilling is better still.

  4. John C. Davidson

    John Q is right. People that have mineral rights on their properties should be aware of the restrictions to build on their property contained therein. Four years ago, a homeowner was forced to tear down his garage because it was too close to a well-head. This newspaper detailed that incident appropiately.

  5. Carbon Footprint

    jt, it’s not the “footprint”of a windmill I’m concerned with. Portugal blames much of it’s insolvency on it’s subsidization of windpower.Hasn’t worked. Big windfarms on Calif’s coast have been shutdown because of ineffeciency of windpower. My point,which is never discussed , is growing US population(almost entirely thru immigration)can ONLY increase demand for energy & all other resources. The democrats simply won’t discuss it. They talk only of “alternative energy” which is far into the future & of questionable validity. At the same time they prevent even inventorying what oil we do have on promising portions of our coasts. Some estimate US population to be half a BILLION in 40 years,over a billion by century’s end–most from immigration.We’ve increased by 30% since the 1980s alone. Why is population(ie,energy DEMAND) NOT an issue in this debate??? Many early environmentalists (see Edward Abbey)thought THE cause of environmental destruction IS population growth. Moderns won’t touch that point. Politics,pure & simple. Chickens.Rather threaten America’s future than be called “racist” by the immigration apologists.

  6. John Q. Public

    People whom lease their mineral rights have no voice in whether or not a well is capped. Only the oil pump was shut down, we still had the gas flowing. We sold the farm years ago. Further, we only got 8% of the money for the oil and gas produced.

  7. Thomas Jay

    This depends on (1) whether anything is produced and (2) the environmental impact on the coast. I don’t want a bunch of oil killing the east coast’s fishing industry. Especially if this is only going to reduce our energy dependence by 1% or something marginal. I also want any oil produced to help the US economy, not pad the pockets of the rich oil companies.

  8. Helpful Guy

    It appears to be about politics again. I believe we are well past the time to very closely evaluate any money and resources we are spending – on anything. Alternative energy research needs a lot of money to produce results we can actually use. Maybe the drug companies can use some of their advertising budgets to help!

  9. jt

    the answer is “about darn time!”
    to JQ Public: why don’t you have your well uncapped?
    it is yours right? on your land? if you haven’t noticed,
    let me fill you in on something. gas is more than a dollar per gallon.
    my neighbor has a capped gas well. i smell it just about every morning.
    i could heat my house all winter long probably with what he is losing.
    and to install windmills to power a farm or put into the grid is a good idea.
    those in the gas industry will tell you that wind and solar can’t sustain
    the american way of life. but they are in the gas industry, of course
    they would say that. that’s the sales pitch. i personally think they are full of poop.
    the footprint of a windmill is probably smaller than carbon boy would believe.

  10. dick

    Just a ploy to cut the anti-HCR publicity by the administration. When push comes to shove Zero won’t drill. Too much of his support is anti-drilling and he has lost so much of the indie support that he can’t afford to lose the rest of it. The indie support is probably lost to him now for good. His policies and the way he and Pelosi and Reid got the JCR passed really ticked off the indie crew because it was so obvious that he was bribing the congressmen and senators to get just enough support to get his passed. Now he is going to try to do the same with card check and cap and trade and from what I read of the meetings that the congressmen are having with their constituents he is going to really have to give away the store to get any more of their votes. The home folks are really up in arms and are not going quietly any more. Look at that Illinois congressman who actually walked out of the meeting rather than answer the questions. The ones in New Hampshire were even worse. The ones who funded the congressmen came out and told them no more money and no more support. How is Zero going to handle that one.

    Actually the people have been in favor of drilling for years. It is just trying to play that card right now that is the issue given the way Zero is lying about almost all his program. He has sacrificed his credibility, the credibility that the ones who did not pay attention during the campaign still believed in, and he is not going to get it back easily. This won’t do it..

  11. John Q. Public

    In Ohio there are literaly hundreds of oil wells capped that were drilled in the 80’s. How do I know this?… because my well was capped along with all of my fellow neighbors because at that time the price of a gallon of gas was around $1.00 per gallon. These were all new wells that were producing alot of oil. So, why don’t they simply uncap all these wells? Must be something political going on behind the scene that we don’t know about.

  12. snopes

    According to snopes the Bakken area has 503 billion barrels of oil and even if 10% were available it would be a major find. This is from a report from the USGS

  13. Carbon Footprint

    Mr Barkhurst, your reference to “racist comments” may refer to my comments about our huge immigration rate–both legal & illegal. That is racist HOW? Love to see your answer. When millions of high breeding,illiterate immigrants(both legal & illegal) exchange their sandals at our border for the vastly increased US per-capita energy uses,ie,carbon footprints, that is not relevent to a discusion of USA oil(resource)use WHY??? Increased demand for energy is an inexorable result of immigration(the SOLE engine of our fast rising USA population). When Obama asks us to “air up our tires” to conserve energy ,then promises hispanic groups more amnesties for millions(who have a 50% school dropout rate), that is NOT a contradiction WHY? Irrationallity in pursuit of HIS political agenda but not America’s future. Explain please. And the ONLY reason we aren’t drilling more in Alaska ,Utah & offshore is the GOVT won’t allow it. Obama loaned billions to BRAZIL to drill there—-& sell the oil to CHINA. Explain that too,please. And Obama favors covering evermore scarce Iowa farmland with windmills decreasing farmland even more ,adding to the loss of life giving TOPSOIL which already has declined from 15 inches in 1850 to 5 inches in 2000. How many windmills for millions oh NEW high breeding immigrants? Especially if we don’t drill here? You have number? And you ignored mt mention of our exploding balance of payments problem(buying abroad–not here).

  14. M Barkhurst

    The comments presented here by Jerry Carter on April 3rd are correct. One commenter made an incorrectly statement by saying “we have more oil in the northwest than all the middle eastern countries put together.” Unfortunately we don’t, but if we did we would’ve already have tap into it instead of going for the more expensive offshore oil. Canada’s oil shale is one of the most recent resources we have developed recently which was known of many years but the technology was not available until recently to economically extract the oil from the shale. The off shore oil Obama is refering to is expensive to tap and only shows limited potential for us, but it also demonstrates how far and at what cost we are now willing to invest inorder to extract oil.

    Another commenter made some racist comments that clearly demonstrates his lack of knowledge of our energy situation as well as other unrelated topics, and it appears his only purpose was to announce it and so that everyone would know.

  15. butch

    let me start with your question. They would be drilling 50 miles off shore and although any oil spill would drift with the currents and the most powerful current at that point is the Gulf Stream. By the time it could spread to shore it would be past all North American shores or be in open ocean. There is always a chance of a spill but modern day rigs have many more safety features than rigs of old. This does not mean that I am for it which I am not since we have more oil in the northwest than all the middle east countries put together. The only problem is our country has become such whimps that says they don’t want to anger anyone when one person or group says something. Well let me tell you I am angry along with the majority of the country. According to several research tests there is 2014 billion barrels of oil there. With the new drilling technics very little enviromental impact would happen.

  16. Carbon Footprint

    So, we have become the nation of “no” when it comes to oil. “We can’t” instead of the traditional “can do” that made this country. All the while bringing in millions of illiterate ,high breeding immigrants(legal & illegal) that will exponentially INCREASE our energy demand. We have lost our sense. Nobody knows how much oil we have here & the democrats won’t even let us find out. Just INVENTORYING oil we might have off much of our coasts is ILLEGAL. Meanwhile, we send billions a day to foriegn oil producers ,put upward presure on interest rates while in a deep recession, increase our indebtedness while we sit on oil that we could buy HERE thus strengthening our own economy & create jobs for Americans & the hordes of new immigrants. I’d guess our growing irrationality is often found in a declining culture. We have lost our way.

  17. Jerry Carter

    Anyone who really wants to know about oil can easily find the information on the internet.Drilling in and around the USA on land or off shore will not make a ripple in the availability picture.You will find that the oil discoveries of today(oil sands, shale , deep water) require a very high price to off set the cost of the small obtainable extraction. You will also find that there are no more fields like those in Saudi Arabia whose fields as well as almost all the other big fields are in a gradual decline which cannot be covered by the small (in comparison) new discoveries. The many experts around the globe are coming into agreement that this resource is peaking in the rate of extraction and will begin a decline.
    Those grandiose headlines about new discoveries with grandiose amounts oil just waiting to be extracted are a red herring that anyone with enough curiosity to dig into will realize.

  18. Rosie

    Don’t hold your breath. Drilling will never take place on Obama’s watch; he’s been against off-shore drilling all of his political life–until now. It’s all smoke and mirrors; he wants/needs Republican support for Cap and Trade which was shot down by the global community. Watch this one very closely.

  19. Jacob

    Basically a useless move, but whatever. The U.S. is beyond peak production. We can drill on every city block if we want, but the fact is that the easily recoverable reserves of petroleum in the U.S. are gone, gone, gone.