HOWARD — The small town of Howard has always been a quiet, safe community.



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22 Responses to “Incident scares resident”

  1. John C. Davidson

    You pointed out the difference between social justice and equal justice. Social justuce is based on your status in the community.

  2. Rosie


    It doesn’t matter if she IS known to the S.O. They still have a duty to check it out. You never know when it is a real incident. The dispatchers are acting like deputies and deciding who comes to your call and who does not. I have had it happen to me. Their job is not to decide, their job is to log and forward the call on to a deputy.

  3. John C. Davidson

    That’s a nice thought, now the department should make a list of all those that they deem nuts should be ignored. It is an easy way for them to cop out.

  4. Josh

    Here’s a different perspective. Does anyone know this woman personally? Is it possible that she has dementia, alzheimers, or some other disease of the mind, and she is known by the Sheriff for false alarms? This wouldn’t excuse them not coming out, but it could be a possible explanation.

  5. sue t

    never thought of that bill …..yes it was home invasion and also the other comment about the sheriffs can only do what barber lets them do is true also. the people of knox co. need to get he out of there how many more murders will it take?

  6. sue t

    well another example of knox county’s great sheriffs dept. the saying goes if you want to get away with murder do it in knox county. it seems there is a ring of truth there. where is the sheriff dept? this woman was assaulted in her home. even if not physically harmed she was mentally assaulted. where is the sheriff dept? they should have been out there looking for these guys immediately. since barber was elected its been the knox co. dave barber dept. what has he done for the citizens of knox co? NOTHING. this poor woman has to continue to live at her home everyday thinking if those men are coming back. and what of the information they got about her family? hey barber you going to wait until these guys really do harm someone?

  7. my2centsworth

    All people need to do to ANYBODY’S attention in mt vernon is say…. “someone just shusshed a cat”.

    Anything “cat related”, & they call in the national guard, & FBI. :)

  8. ginnagirl

    could these have been the same fellows that shot a woman at her home near Bladensburg before she went to church? Don’t we owe it to Jeanie Davis to check out these fellows or tips? Another angel went to heaven that day….

  9. Rosie

    This is not uncommon. I have lived in a lot of places, but law enforcement in Knox County is next to non-existent and like no other I’ve ever encountered. If you DO happen to get a deputy to come, he’ll tell you whatever you want to hear (just like a good politician), then get in his cruiser and never make out a report. Call again and get a different deputy who will tell you he is unaware of your prior call and tell a completely different story as to why they can’t do anything about your problem, get in his cruiser and never make a report.

    Pat Seward: The sheriff is accountable only to the county coronor; the commissioners set his budget.

  10. Tina Furnis

    Just another example of the worthless Knox Co. Sheriff’s Dept. I’m so glad I don’t have to depend on them anymore! Now if some kid was out after curfew they’d be all over it……….

  11. sheila

    Barber and the whole sherriff’s department should be ashamed of themselfs for there actions and lack of respect they are giving to the residents of this county. the commisioners need to do there job as well and see that there non-actions should be accounted for..I for one as a voter refuse to put Barber in office again..there is absolutely no excuse for the sherriffs office not to do there job and protect the residents of this county..

  12. JPE

    If someone comes into my home uninvited, they’ll be looking at the working end of a 12 gauge. I know how to use it and my wife knows how to use it. Protect yourself. You simply can’t trust government to do so.

  13. Phil

    Rosemary is right on the money. As for B.H., I would have told your friend to go get his stuff back. What are they going to do? Call the sheriff’ws office?

  14. Bill Miller

    Strange and creepy. And no thanks to the police! Let’s see, I think we have a home invasion here plus an instance of kidnapping and possibly several other crimes- too petty for the cops to be bothered?

  15. Rosemary

    Just another incidence of Barber’s incompetence. I’m starting to think he likes controversey and thumbing his nose at people who are asking for pro-active justice. He must have a lot of people in his pocket or people who are afraid to go against him for some reason. Any time a “good potential sheriff” runs against him at election, Barber seems to get to the right people to keep him in office! It’s pathetic. Unfortunately, the deputies can only do what he tells them to. I’m sure many of them know what “should” be done in their private thoughts.

  16. B.H.

    I have a friend who had numerous things stolen out of his garage. A few welders, numerous tools, and other things. His sister saw the guys leaving, got the license plate number and a detailed description of the perps. About a week or so after, my friend was driving around, and saw a car that matched the description. He glanced in the guys garage and saw all of his stuff. He called the Sheriff’s office, and they did nothing. Are they wanting people to start taking matters into their own hands? What are we paying them for, other than removing animal carcasses?

  17. Becky

    this is ridiculous. that’s Knox county for you tho, why do we keep re-electing him i wonder?
    even if they were not there to hurt her, this is about as weird as it gets & what happens at the next house they decide to “check out” if that person can’t keep their heads as this woman did, it could be a completely different ending for them, so why would the sheriff not investigate this matter??????
    Barber certainly should have to answer for this act of pure negligence & ignorance.

  18. John C. Davidson

    When the father of one his own deputies was harassed at a local apartment house, he didn’t reply to my own complaints about the matter so I knew I eventually I would have to move to a county when at least some justice was evident.

    You know, I enjoy restored rail stations and seeing jogging trails expanded, but isn’t the safety of the residents an issue, too.

  19. MJ

    Unfortunately the lack of concern from Barber does not surprise me. It is very sad this woman had this experience with no sense of security or concern from the individuals who are supossed to serve and protect the community!! There is NO excuse for the sheriff departments failure to do their job!

  20. Pat Seward

    I think she needs to report this to the county commissioners. I believe Barber has to answer to them??

  21. Liz Daubenspeck

    We should honestly evaluate our sherriffs duties. Parts of the department have also been neglectful, disrespectful and un-professional with incidents i have incountered as well.